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An alternate viewpoint on council staff relations


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An alternate viewpoint on council staff relations

  1. 1.  Staff/Council relations as seen by a politician Effective politicians Dealing with staff in a proactive way
  2. 2.  Competing interest of governance and administration.
  3. 3.  Representing the public Developing and evaluating policies Determining services Maintaining fiscal integrity
  4. 4.  Maintain operations of the corporation Offer professional advice Provide written reports Undertake sound administrative practices
  5. 5.  Relationship between council and staff should be a respectful one of trust and one where there is a principle of joint ownership and teamwork. Both solitudes are charged with providing service to all citizens.
  6. 6.  Public Floggings Micromanaging Withholding information Failure to respect the chain of command Failure to defend
  7. 7.  Accepting ineptitude Failure to define council vision and goals Failure to review
  8. 8.  Listen more and speak less. Compromise and feel good about it. Are honest and ethical. Respect staff, political colleagues and the people they serve. Care about the work they do. Pursue justice.
  9. 9.  Player politicians are courageous. Player politicians are persistent . Player politicians are responsible. Player politicians are able to laugh.
  10. 10.  Fireside chat Council orientation Procedural By-law Councillor spending policy Councillor code of conduct
  11. 11.  Staff/council relations Dealing proactively with staff Effective politicians Balance Clerk/Treasurers do great work and together we can do fantastic things!
  12. 12. 