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Best practices effective grant applications


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Best practices effective grant applications

  1. 1. Effective Grant Applications Matt MacDonald Deputy City Clerk City of Belleville
  2. 2. Effective Grant ApplicationsPLANStrategic/Priority PlanningAsset Management PlanningPre-project Planning
  3. 3. Effective Grant ApplicationsRESEARCHContact funding program staffEnsure application fits criteria and intent of funding programBe realistic – do not submit applications just to submit
  4. 4. Effective Grant ApplicationsDEVELOP/NURTURE RELATIONSHIPSBetween Municipal staff and Provincial and Federal staffBetween elected Municipal Officials and Member of Parliament & Member of Provincial Parliament
  5. 5. Effective Grant ApplicationsPARTNERSIdentify and engage individuals/groups that will benefit from projectSeek support for project and include with submission
  6. 6. Effective Grant ApplicationsPROVIDE THE GOOD NEWS STORYProvide the positives that will be achieved though the completion of the projectPrograms are designed to effect greatest number with limited available resources
  7. 7. Effective Grant ApplicationsCOMPLETING THE APPLICATIONStart earlyFollow instructionsProof read
  8. 8. Effective Grant ApplicationsCOMPLETING THE APPLICATIONAttach all related informationBudget as accurately as possibleDemonstrate a need
  9. 9. Effective Grant ApplicationsWHY ARE APPLICATIONS UNSUCCESSFULApplicant fails to clearly demonstrate a needFails to demonstrate that project addresses an issue of the funding program/bodyBudget issues
  10. 10. Effective Grant ApplicationsPOTENTIAL FUNDING SOURCESProvincial Grants Portal Fund Municipal Program Guide
  11. 11. Effective Grant Applications Questions ? Matt MacDonald Deputy City Clerk City of Belleville 613-967-3256