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Best practices effective grant applications

  1. 1. Effective Grant Applications Matt MacDonald Deputy City Clerk City of Belleville
  2. 2. Effective Grant Applications PLAN Strategic/Priority Planning Asset Management Planning Pre-project Planning
  3. 3. Effective Grant Applications RESEARCH Contact funding program staff Ensure application fits criteria and intent of funding program Be realistic – do not submit applications just to submit
  4. 4. Effective Grant Applications DEVELOP/NURTURE RELATIONSHIPS Between Municipal staff and Provincial and Federal staff Between elected Municipal Officials and Member of Parliament & Member of Provincial Parliament
  5. 5. Effective Grant Applications PARTNERS Identify and engage individuals/groups that will benefit from project Seek support for project and include with submission
  6. 6. Effective Grant Applications PROVIDE THE GOOD NEWS STORY Provide the positives that will be achieved though the completion of the project Programs are designed to effect greatest number with limited available resources
  7. 7. Effective Grant Applications COMPLETING THE APPLICATION Start early Follow instructions Proof read
  8. 8. Effective Grant Applications COMPLETING THE APPLICATION Attach all related information Budget as accurately as possible Demonstrate a need
  9. 9. Effective Grant Applications WHY ARE APPLICATIONS UNSUCCESSFUL Applicant fails to clearly demonstrate a need Fails to demonstrate that project addresses an issue of the funding program/body Budget issues
  10. 10. Effective Grant Applications POTENTIAL FUNDING SOURCES Provincial Grants Portal Agri-Spirit Fund Ontario Municipal Program Guide
  11. 11. Effective Grant Applications Questions ? Matt MacDonald Deputy City Clerk City of Belleville 613-967-3256