Placemaking Conference: Better Block Project


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Placemaking Conference: Better Block Project

  1. 1. A New Bike Culture
  2. 2. SIDEWALK FLOWERSDallas Development Code.SEC. 43-115. ANNUAL FEEFOR USE OFPUBLIC RIGHT-OF-WAY.(a) Except as provided inSection 43-115.1, the annualfee for alicense to use a public right-of-way for the following uses is:(3) Fee for landscaping andappurtenant irrigation systems:$1,000.STREET CAFÉSDallas Development Code. SEC. 43-115. ANNUAL FEE FOR USE OFPUBLIC RIGHT-OF-WAY.(b) Except as provided in Section 43-115.1, the annual fee for alicense to use a public right-of-way foruses other than those listed inSubsection (a) is $1,000 or iscalculated in accordance with one ofthefollowing formulas, whichever isgreater:(1) Fee for use of public right-of-way,including but not limitedto sidewalk cafes: area X marketvalue X 85% X 12%.AWNINGS & ARCADESDallas Development Code.SEC. 43-115. ANNUAL FEEFOR USE OFPUBLIC RIGHT-OF-WAY.(a) Except as provided inSection 43-115.1, the annualfee for alicense to use a public right-of-way for the following usesis:(4) Fee for awnings andcanopies: $1,000 per awningor canopy.CROWDSDallas Development Code.SEC. 43-129. CAUSINGCROWD TO CONGREGATEON SIDEWALK.No person shall occupy anyspace on the sidewalk or anyspace near the sidewalkwhere the same attracts anycrowd or causes any crowdto congregate on thesidewalk or where thepatrons or customers mustremain on the sidewalk, forthe purpose of carrying onany kind of business whetherfor amusement or profit.(Code 1941, Art. 143-8)Dallas Development Code.SEC. 43-133. USE OFSIDEWALK FOR DISPLAY OFMERCHANDISE.No merchant or owner of abuilding, fronting on any street,shall be allowed the use of anyportion of any sidewalk for thedisplay of goods, wares ormerchandise. (Code 1941, Art.143-12; Ord. 3707)
  3. 3. The Better BlockFocus Area:•Safety•Shared / Inviting•Stay Power•8-80
  4. 4. • Commit to physicalchange in days, notyears• Out of the townhall,onto the street• Temp to Perm (removefear)• Permanent shouldpromote timeless form• Take away a zero• Co-Responsibility
  5. 5. 2009 Design Charrette for Fort Worth Ave.•Abstract only•Plans watered down after process bypublic works to over-compensate for worstcase scenarios•Fear of permanency•Assumptions on traffic modeling•Years to implement
  6. 6. Current traffic count:10,000 cars/dayBuilt for: 60,000 cars/dayMaintenance cost? Safety? Shared access? Stay power?Victim of land speculation?4 Years and hundreds ofthousands of dollars later…
  7. 7. Memphis Better Block - 2011
  8. 8. Fort Worth Better Block - 2011
  9. 9. Brownsville Better Block2012
  10. 10. Testing Cycle TracksDallas Better Block 2012
  11. 11. Testing Pedestrian BulbOuts, Cycle Tracks, and bikelanesWichita Better Block 2012
  12. 12. The best tools formoderntransportationplanning:Chalk & Cones•Removes guesswork•Immediate results•Easily adjusted•Real-Time trafficmodeling
  13. 13. Take away a zero
  14. 14. •Creative•Sustainable•Incremental (try before you buy)•Fosters community throughdirect involvement and localbuilding•Increases ownership•“We’re all in this together”Take away twozeros
  15. 15. •Test with chalk and cones•Demonstrate with paint/white duct-tape, straw wattles,planters, landscaping and bollards•Show how bike/ped infrastructure improves the economics•Removes fear of permanency•Scientific method – No more expensive assumptions orfaulty computer modeled traffic analysis projections•Fraction of the cost•Days, not years•Documentation (YouTube, Instagram, Blogging, FB, Twitter)
  16. 16. Focus on Predictability for Cars• Engineer roadways for safer speeds, and removepotential for dangerous weaving• Create parking, bike infrastructure, and pedestrianspace with reclaimed roadway• Makes sense of walkable building footprints
  17. 17. Upcoming National Better Blocks• Norfolk, VA Apr 12-13• Baton Rouge, LA Apr 13-14• Denver, CO May 11• Grand Rapids, MI May 18-19• Saint Paul, MN Summer 2013More info at
  18. 18. Tehran Better Block
  19. 19. SHOW UP!
  21. 21. •Challenge the Rules•It’s easier and moreprofitable to do thewrong thing•Don’t be afraid to getfired over principle“The time is always right to do what is right.”– Martin Luther King, Jr.
  22. 22. Set A DateAndPublish It(Blackmail Yourself)