Better block initiatives


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Better block initiatives

  1. 1. Urban Quality Consulting
  2. 2. Institute of Transportation Engineers’ Recommended Practice: Designing Walkable Urban Thoroughfares: A Context Sensitive Approach NATIONWIDEIt provides guidance for the development ofimprovement projects on major urbanthoroughfares, facilities that are typicallyclassified as arterial and collectorroadways in urbanized areas.
  3. 3. SIDEWALK FLOWERS STREET CAFÉS AWNINGS & ARCADESDallas Development Dallas Development Code.Code. SEC. 43-115. SEC. 43-115. ANNUAL FEE Dallas DevelopmentANNUAL FEE FOR FOR USE OF Code. SEC. 43-115.USE OF PUBLIC RIGHT-OF-WAY. ANNUAL FEE FORPUBLIC RIGHT-OF- (b) Except as provided in USE OFWAY. Section 43-115.1, the annual PUBLIC RIGHT-OF-(a) Except as provided fee for a Section 43-115.1, the license to use a public right- (a) Except as providedannual fee for a of-way for uses other than in Section 43-115.1,license to use a public those listed in the annual fee for aright-of-way for the Subsection (a) is $1,000 or is license to use a publicfollowing uses is: calculated in accordance with right-of-way for the(3) Fee for landscaping one of the following uses is:and appurtenant following formulas, whichever (4) Fee for awningsirrigation systems: is greater: and canopies: $1,000$1,000. (1) Fee for use of public right- per awning or canopy. of-way, including but not limited to sidewalk cafes: area X market value X 85% X 12%.
  5. 5. Tyler Streetbecomes a Place
  6. 6. Metrics Measure Before After Vacancy 60% 10% Rate Active 20% 80% Storefronts Community Occasion Monthly Events al Outdoor Two Twenty seating Revenue Double previous yearAttracted $500,000 in Public Investment
  7. 7. MetricsMeasure Before AfterVacancy 75% 10%RateActive 25% 65%StorefrontsOutdoor Four SixtyseatingAttracted $300,000 in Public Investment
  8. 8. What makes up a BetterBlock?1) Safety2) Shared3) Stay Power
  9. 9. BB Public & Private Space Survey (PPSS) - Survey of areapublic and private spaces, quality of these spaces, andidentification of rapid redevelopment potential. Team BetterBlocks PPS Survey provides a detailed analysis of acommunitys assets, potential stakeholders (propertyowners, activists, non profits, businesses, artists), andquick win opportunities that allow a jumping-off point for aBetter Block demonstration. The PPSS tool also identifieslocal materials and resources that can best be utilized torebuild a community while showcasing the areas naturalcharacter. BB Build Plan (BP) - Team Better Block will prepare a Building Plan that illustrates your block. The BP will include a rendering of the Block, material list, street cross section, cost estimates and powerpoint describing the Better Block. Permitting, traffic engineer approval and private property stakeholders will be coordinated with during this phase.
  10. 10. BB CBT (Community Build Team) - TheCBT replaces the Stakeholder AdvisoryCommittee in traditional planning projects.This group is made up of leaders andactivists within the community who willengage in the build-out of the Better Block.This activity replaces the townall meetingand puts us in the street defining quickwins and lasting changes that need tooccur for a place to be successful.
  11. 11. BB Starter Kit – This is all the good stuff!A refined build plan with a list of materialsto construct and rent will be assembledand final budget needs and donationsdetermined. Typically materials include,planters, plants, bollards, temporarypainted surface, bicycle lanes and parking,street furniture and lighting. We will identifyas many as possible local sources, defineopportunities for local craftsman, artist andDIYers to participate, build-out ourselves orrent the needed materials.
  12. 12. BB Market Analysis Survey(MAS) - Our MAS tool polls thecommunity to find what businessesare missing, and what could easilybe developed by and for thecommunity. Team Better Blockstresses the need to build up thelocal community to createsolutions for businesses or servicesthat residents feel are "missing" or"lacking". We use this informationto seed pop-up businesses for theBetter Block. Working withproperty owners we secure short-term access agreements and fillvacant storefronts with communityinspired and run shops. We havefound that many of these shopsbecome permanent after the betterblock!
  13. 13. Better Block / Incremental Planning Approach •  Commit to physical change in days, not years •  Out of the townhall, onto the street •  Take away a zero / Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper •  Co-Responsibility / Community Partners
  14. 14. How to get started?- Invite us to your city for a free Better Block evaluation- Training webinar on Jan. 24th
  15. 15. Jason Roberts Andrew @street_space Consulting: Non-Profit: