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Procurement Services | EVP Solutions


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Fleet procurement can seem like a dark art for generalist procurement professionals. The fleet category involves a complex stakeholder map with finance, payroll, human resources and operations all being involved in the management of the category. With changes to legislation and taxation coupled with new vehicle technologies the procurement process can seem complex.

Specialist knowledge is therefore important either to supplement internal resources or to run the exercise outright. Deep market knowledge helps reduce the timelines for the tender process. Knowing how to frame the specification is essential to drive the best commercial outcome from the supply chain.

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Procurement Services | EVP Solutions

  1. 1. Procurement Services EVP Solutions Ltd
  2. 2. Procurement
  3. 3. Engage Stakeholders Engage the Market Supplier Management Source Manage Plan 1 2 3 Procurement Services Establish Baseline Analyse Processes Review Strategy Review costs Develop Options Procurement Process Contract Negotiations Change Management Benefits Tracking Management Information Benchmarking Process Efficiency Procurement Services
  4. 4. 1.1 Project Charter 1.2 Cost Baseline 1.3 Project Plan 1.4 Stakeholder Mapping 1. Identify Opportunity 3. Sourcing Strategy 5.Implement 6. Control4. Sourcing Execution2. Supplier & Market 3.1 Strategic Analysis 3.2 Portfolio Analysis 3.3 Value Levers 3.4 Options Generation 3.5 Risk Assessment 5.1 Contract Implementation 5.2 Implementation Governance 2.1 Supplier & Market Profile 2.2 SWOT 2.3 Business Requirements 2.4 Supplier Profile 2.5 Value Chain Analysis 2.6 Request for Information 4.1 RFP 4.2 Evaluation 4.3 Negotiation 4.4 Contracting 4.5 Contract Award 6.1 Supplier Relationship Management The Process
  5. 5. The Benefits Reduce Cost Increase Control Risk Reduction Lower Environmental Impact Engaged Drivers Speed of delivery
  6. 6. Nick Jones| Director Nick has over 15 years experience in the fleet marketplace working on behalf of both suppliers and customers. His first steps into the fleet market were with GE Fleet Services where he was a Consultant in the Key Solutions team. From there he moved to help set up a Consultancy offering for HSBC Vehicle Finance which was part of a white label deal run by Lex Autolease. After Lex Nick moved into purchasing fleet services on behalf of clients, firstly at Optimum Procurement, then assuming a Global Head Of Fleet Category role for procurement outsource company Xchanging. Prior to joining EVP Nick was Head of Category, Logistics at the COOP. Nick is a CIMA qualified accountant. Andrew Cronin | Director Andrew is an economist by trade, started working life as an equities analyst for JP Morgan Chase. He moved into the Fleet sector 16 years ago and worked in consultancy roles for 13 years for lease companies (three of the UK top 10), and more recently as an independent consultant and business owner. Andrew has delivered 170+ client projects in the UK & Europe across public and private sector organisations. He has vast experience in fleet cost reduction, asset utilisation, policy benchmarking, fleet funding, employee mobility and CSR strategy. Andrew is also a member of the Energy Savings Trust Consulting panel; delivering client fleet reviews on behalf of the Department for Transport in areas such as fuel efficiency, Electric Vehicle adoption and carbon footprint reduction. Meet The Team
  7. 7. Client Experience
  8. 8. Consultancy Strategy S S C M Procurement Consultancy Source Fleet Manager+ Manage Fleet MI Control Solutions to meet all your fleet needs Our Service Portfolio