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Dublin Craft Beer & Cider Cup Results 2018


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Medals awarded to winners at the Alltech Brews and Food Fair, Dublin Craft Beer and Cider Cup

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Dublin Craft Beer & Cider Cup Results 2018

  1. 1. MacIvors Plum and Ginger Cider MacIvors Tempted Strawberry Cider Tempted 2018 Dublin Craft Cider Cup
  2. 2. MacIvors Traditional Dry Cider MacIvors Longueville House Cider Longueville House Tempted Dry Cider Tempted Mooma Gold Cider Mooma 2018 Dublin Craft Cider Cup
  3. 3. Longueville Mór Cider Longueville House Ireland Legacy Medium Dry Cider Legacy Ireland 2018 Dublin Craft Cider Cup
  4. 4. Longueville Mór Cider
  5. 5. 2018 Dublin Craft Beer Cup 12 Acres Pale Ale 12 Acres Single Malt Lager 12 Acres Winter is Coming Porter Ballykilcavan Fresh Hopped Pale Ale Ballykilcavan Brickyard Red Ale Ballykilcavan Long Meadow IPA Blacks of Kinsale Marching Powder Cryo IPA Blacks of Kinsale Session IPA Blue Stallion Brewing Company Ya Damn Skippy Blue Stallion Brewing Company Helles Blue Stallion Brewing Company Hefeweizen Boyne Brewhouse Oatmeal Stout Boyne Brewhouse Amber Ale Boyne Brewhouse American Pale Ale Boyne Brewhouse Pale Ale Boyne Brewhouse Session IPA Brewdog Elvis Juice Brewdog Elvis Juice Brewdog Punk IPA Bridewell Brewery Bridewell Blonde Bronckhorster Brewing ALTernative Bronckhorster Brewing Ijsselbock Brouwerij Klein Duimpje Erik de Noorman Brouwerij Klein Duimpje Tulpenbok Brouwerij Klein Duimpje Blauwe Tram Brouwerij Klein Duimpje Quadrupel Carrig Brewing Company Coalface Black IPA Cassels & Sons Brewing Extra Pale Ale Cerveza Mica Cotarro Cerveza Mica Mica alcohol free vintage Cerveza Mica Rabiosa Gastronomica Crafty Brewing Company American Style Brown Crafty Brewing Company Golden Fields Saison Crew Republic In Your Face Crooked Spider R.I.B.A.C.S 2016 Bourbon Dundalk Bay Brewing Brewmaster IPA Dundalk Bay Brewing Brewmaster Beer Lager Fűtőház Sörfőzde M40-Pupos Fűtőház Sörfőzde 327-139 Galway Hooker Irish Pale Ale Guri Sörfőzde Sztahanov Hope Brewery Grunt Hope Brewery Tropical Sour Hope Brewery Underdog
  6. 6. 2018 Dublin Craft Beer Cup Hopfanatic Brewery Nohoplimit Hopfanatic Brewery White Hops Hopfully Lovemaker Hopfully Sakura Horsehead Brewery Brickyard Red Ale James Winans Piquenbauer Ginger Wheat Beer Kalternecker Kangaroo Kildare Brewing Company Beetroot Ale Kinnegar Brewing Scraggy Bay Kinnegar Brewing Bucket Brigade Kinnegar Brewing Black Bucket Kinnegar Brewing White Rabbit Lough Gill Brewery Dark Sunset imperial Oatmeat Lough Gill Brewery MacNutty Macadamia Nut Brown Ale Lough Gill Brewery Peaches 4 free – tart Peach Ale Lough Gill Brewery Barrel aged imperial stout Mourne Mountains Lager Blonde Naparbier Aker Nós Brewery Fox IPA O’ Connor Brewing Company Winter Pecan Porter O’ Connor Brewing Company Norfolk Canyon O’Connor Brewing Company Great Dismal Black IPA O’Connor Brewing Company Odis Dry Irish Stout Pisse des Gottes La Roja del Avila Poch’s Craft Beer Bruna del Pirineu Rascals Milkshake Stout Rascals Bourbon Milkshake Stout Rascals Happy Days Session Pale Ale Rascals Yankee Swankee IPA Rye River Company McGargles Belgian Export Stout Rye River Company McGargles Jim’s Stout Rye River Company McGargles Ned’s Retro IPA Rye River Company McGargles Grannies Red Ale Rye River Company Solas Belgian Wit The 5 Points Brewing Hook Island Red The Man Behind Berlin IPA The White Hag Brewing White Hag Puca Wicklow Brewery Wicklow Weiss Wicklow Brewery Wicklow Hell’s Wicklow Wolf Locavore Farmhouse Ale Wicklow Wolf Black Gold Wicklow Wolf Black Perle Porter
  7. 7. 2018 Dublin Craft Beer Cup 5 point Brewing Company Brick Field Brown 5 Points Brewing Company XPA (Extra Pale Ale) 5 Points Brewing Company Railway Porter Avante Brewing Company Stargazer Ballykilcavan Brewery Weissbeer Lower Alcohol Ballykilcavan Brewery Extra Stout Blacks of Kinsale Rocketship IPA Blacks of Kinsale High-Vis Double IPA Blacks of Kinsale The Worlds End Blue Stallion Brewing Co. Milk Stout Brehon Brewhouse Ulster Black Oatmeal Stout Brehon Brewhouse Shanco Dubh Brehon Brewhouse Crann Beatha Bronckhorster Brewing Co. Symbiose Biere Pinot Brut Bronckhorster Brewing Co. Angus Triple (Barrel Aged) Bronckhorster Brewing Co. Hop into Winter Brouwerij Klein Duimpje Imperial Barley Wine Brouwerij Klein Duimpje B.A.I.R.S III Brouwerij Klein Duimpje Hillegomse Hangkous Bullhouse Brewing Co. Quest for the Milky Whey Cassels & Sons Brewing Milk Stout Cassels & Sons Brewing Milk Stout Craftwerk Brewery Harvest Edition 2017 Craftwerk Brewery Hop Head IPA Crew Republic Foundation 11 Crew Republic Rest in Peace Crew Republic Drunken Sailor Crooked Spider Vienna Dopplebock Crooked Spider American Amber Crooker Spider R.I.B.A.C.S 2016 Glenburgie ’95 Fűtőház Sörfőzde M61-NOHAB Galway Hooker Amber Lager Guri Black Ball Hope Brewery Tropical IPA Hope Brewery Flat White Stout
  8. 8. 2018 Dublin Craft Beer Cup Hopfanatic Brewing Jindilli Hopfanatic Brewing Christmas Hoppudding Kildare Brewing Company Brewpub Lager Kildare Brewing Company Weissbeer (lower alcohol) Kildare Brewing Company Extra Stout Kinnegar Brewing Big Bunny Kinnegar Brewing Swingletree Kinnegar Brewing Three Bagger Lough Gill Brewing Beezies Saison Lough Gill Brewing Old Coot Irish Sloe Barley Wine Lough Gill Brewing Rouge Cerise Barrel Aged Flanders Martin’s Off-Licence The Portrait Project Mica Brewing Company Cerveza Mica Oro Mourne Mountains Barrel Aged Stout 2017 Vintage Naparbier Oneka O’Connor Brewing Co. El Guapo Agave IPA O’Connor Brewing Co. Lil SIPA O’Connor Brewing Co. Red Nun Red Ale Pisse des gottes Pezon Rascal’s New England IPA Rascal’s Flanders Red Ale Rye River McGargle’s Dan’s Double IPA Rye River McGargle’s Daragh’s Session IPA Rye River McGargle’s Francis’ Big Bangin’ IPA Rye River McGargle’s Rosie’s Pale Ale The Craft Brewing Co. American Style Brown Ale The Man Behind Madrid Brown Ale The Man Behind The Man Behind & Hallundbaek The White Hag Brewing Co. Little Fawn Session IPA Wicklow Brewery American IPA Wicklow Wolf Poles Apart North Robust Porter Wicklow Wolf Born N Bread
  9. 9. 2018 Dublin Craft Beer Cup 12 Acres Brewing Farmer’s Tan Blacks of Kinsale Irish Giant Barley Wine Blacks of Kinsale Kinsale Pale Ale Blue Stallion Dunkle Boyne Brewhouse Boyne Brewhouse, Irish Craft imperial Stout Boyne Brewhouse Boyne Brewhouse, Irish Craft Saison Bronckhorster Brewing Nightporter Brouwerij Klein Duimpje Slobberbok Brouwerij Klein Duimpje Vanilla Maple Madness Brouwerij Klein Duimpje Black Jack Choco Ris Craftwerk Brewing Holy Cowl Belgian Style Tripel Crew Republic Roundhouse Kick Fűtőház sörfőzde M63-Bulldog
  10. 10. 2018 Dublin Craft Beer Cup Guri Pompeii Hope Beer Passifyoucan Kinnegar Brewing Yannaroddy Kinnegar Brewing Great Arch Naparbier Pumpkin Tzar O’ Connor Brewing Co. Ibrik imperial Turkish Coffee Stout Pisse Des Gottes Ginger Lynn Priory Brewing Venial Sin Priory Brewing Original Sin The Five Point Brewery Five Point Pils White Hag Brewing Irish IPA Wicklow Wolf Lobo IPA
  11. 11. Ale: Pompeii, Guri Sörfőzde Lager: Blue Stallion Dunkel, Blue Stallion Brewing Porter & Stout: Yannaroddy, Kinnegar IPA: Lobo IPA – Wicklow Wolf Pale Ale: Kinsale Pale Ale, Blacks of Kinsale Wheat: Weiss, Kildare Brewing Company Specialty: Ibrik Turkish Coffee Stout, O’Connor Brewing
  12. 12. Best in Ireland Boyne Brewhouse Imperial Stout
  13. 13. M63 BULLDOG Fűtőház Sörfőzde Hungary
  14. 14. M63 BULLDOG Hungary Longueville Mór Ireland