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How to become a beer snob in 5 easy steps


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How to become a beer snob in 5 easy steps. Created for HUGE Offtopic Live 4/14/10

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How to become a beer snob in 5 easy steps

  1. How to become a beer snob! in 5 easy steps. By Kelsey Schwenk, up-and-coming beer snob extraordinaire
  2. Step 1:! Know your Beer.!
  3. Beer
  4. Beer =
  5. Barley +
  6. Barley + Hops +
  7. Barley + Hops + Yeast +
  8. Barley + Hops + Yeast + Water
  9. Barley
  10. Barley Wheat
  11. Barley Wheat Rice
  12. Barley Wheat Rice Corn
  13. Color is determined by the grain chosen.!
  14. Step 2:! Know different types of beer.!
  15. Ale vs.! Lager
  16. Ale. n. (ˈāl) 1. A beer brewed with top- fermenting yeast, brewed at warmer temperatures (60-75F).
  17. White Beer Hoegaarden Blonde & Cream Ales Kölsch, Genesee Wheat Beer Blue Moon, Hefeweizen Pale Ale Sierra Nevada, Fat Tire IPA (India Pale Ale) Harpoon, Dogfish Head Amber Ale, Red Ale Killians, Smithwick’s Brown Ale Newcastle, Ithaca Nut Porter Samuel Smith, Anchor Stout Guinness
  18. Lager. n. (ˈlä-gər) 1. A beer brewed with bottom-fermenting yeast, brewed at cooler temperatures (45-54F).
  19. Light Lager Lite Beers American Pilsner Coors, Miller, Bud, etc. Lager Boston Lager, Corona Bohemian Pilsner Pilsner Urquell Oktoberfest October fest beers Bock Shiner Bock, Winters Dunkel Lager Sly Fox Schwarzbier Sam Adams Black
  20. Step 3:! Know who makes your beer.!
  21. Big Brewery
  22. Big Brewery Cra Brewery
  23. Big Brewery Cra Brewery Microbrewery
  24. Big Brewery Cra Brewery Microbrewery Brewpub
  25. Over 2M.! Cra Brewery Microbrewery Brewpub
  26. Big Brewery Over 15k.! Microbrewery Brewpub
  27. Big Brewery Cra Brewery Under 15k.! Brewpub
  28. Big Brewery Cra Brewery Microbrewery Enough for the restaurant.!
  29. 139 in the North East
  30. 31 in New York State
  31. 5 in NYC
  32. 5 in NYC (3 in Brooklyn)
  33. NYC Breweries Brooklyn Brewery Six Point Ales Kelso’s Brewery Chelsea Brewing Company Heartland Brewery (5)
  34. NYC Breweries Brooklyn Brewery* Six Point Ales* Kelso’s Brewery Chelsea Brewing Company* Heartland Brewery
  35. Step 4:! Know who serves your beer.!
  36. “The best place to drink beer is…!
  37. “The best place to drink beer is with your friends.”
  38. “The best place to drink beer is with your friends.” - Carl Collins, Beer Enthusiast
  39. Where to Drink Manhattan Brooklyn Pony Bar Barcade Rattle n’ Hum Brouwerij lane Stag’s Head Luckydog Stanton Public Spuyten Duyvil Blind Tiger Ale House Mug’s Ale House Valhalla The Brazen Head Hop Devil Grill Union Hall Amity Hall Bar Great Harry Bronx Ale House* Cherry Tree Bar *Actually in the Bronx
  40. Step 5:! Know who you like.!
  41. Show them some love,
  42. Show them some love, and then brag about it.!
  43. Dogfish Head.!
  44. Thanks!!