The Norton's Cask Ale options, Oct- Dec 2013


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The Norton's Cask Ale options, Oct- Dec 2013

  1. 1. 17 Ales Available until 29th November 201 3
  2. 2. Contents Pg Ale ABV 3 Guzzler..................................... 3.6% 3 AK............................................ 3.7% 3 Jarrow Bitter............................. 3.8% 4 Liberation Ale........................... 4.0% 4 Punter...................................... 4.0% 4 Ruddy Ram.............................. 4.0% Pg Ale ABV 5 Westgate Gold......................... 4.2% 5 Crafty Devil............................... 4.3% 5 Red Fox.................................... 4.3% 6 Gold Bullion............................. 4.3% 6 Blonde Ambition...................... 4.5% 6 Thunderbird.............................. 4.5% Welcome to The Brew Master’s Choice Selection Handpulled ale is a natural, crafted product that is a delight to drink and has been at the heart of the British pub since its beginnings in the Middle Ages. Pg Ale ABV 6 Dorset Gold.............................. 4.5% 7 Proper Job................................ 4.5% 7 Blunder Buss............................ 5.0% 7 Deuchars IPA............................ 3.8% 7 Theakston Best......................... 3.8% Cyclops Example: If you are a keen cask ale drinker or just fancy something a little different, you will find a great range of ales within the Brew Master’s Choice selection. Style: Blonde beer We will be serving some of these ales very shortly. However, if there is a particular ale that you would like to try, please let us know - if there is sufficient demand, we’ll get some in for you to try. Gold straw Cyclops & Handpulled Ale Delicate, citrus fruit Subtle, zesty The Cyclops scheme is a simple taste guide to handpulled ales. Bitter: It uses easy to understand descriptions and distinctive eye, nose and mouth symbols so you can see at a glance what different ales look, smell and taste like before you even try or buy one. Key: It also displays the style and strength of the beer and gives each ale a score out of five for how bitter and sweet it is. 2 = See Sweet: = Smell = Taste
  3. 3. Guzzler (3.6%) AK (3.7%) Jarrow Bitter (3.8%) Brewer: York Brewery Origin: York Founded: 1996 Brewer: McMullen Origin: Hertford Founded: 1827 Brewer: Jarrow Brewery Origin: Tyne and Wear Founded: 2002 A multi-award winning, beautifully balanced light golden beer with dominant hop flavours and pale malt character. An easy drinking session ale which is crisp and refreshing with grapefruit undertones and a citrus finish. This award winning bitter uses a carefully balanced mixture of pale ale and chocolate malts to give a soft malty taste, whilst WGV hops give a light fragrant aroma and clean finish. A popular and refreshing easy-drinking bitter. An easy drinking light golden bitter with a delicate hop aroma and a lingering fruity finish. Style: Golden Style: Bitter Style: Golden Golden Dark amber Golden amber Hoppy, zesty, grapefruit Light hop, light roast Pineapple, citrus, fruity Citrus, refreshing, crisp Delicate, mellow Bittersweet, floral, fruity Bitter: Sweet: Food Match: Great with fish and chicken dishes Available from 7th October - 29th November 2013 Bitter: Sweet: Food Match: A thirst-quenching partner to super-hot, spicy dishes! Or try with fish, be that beerbattered cod and chips or light summer salmon Available from 7th October - 29th November 2013 Bitter: Sweet: Food Match: Ideal with seafood and chicken 3 Available from 7th October - 29th November 2013
  4. 4. Liberation Ale (4.0%) Punter (4.0%) Ruddy Ram (4.0%) Brewer: Liberation Brewery Origin: Jersey Founded: 1871 Brewer: Upham Brewery Origin: Upham Founded: 2009 Brewer: Black Sheep Brewery Origin: Masham Founded: 1992 This award-winning golden beer is brewed with the finest Maris Otter and lager malt. Golding hops are used for bitterness, while Styrian Goldings and Hallertau Hersbrucker provide aroma. Punter offers a satisfying blend of flavours. A clean, refreshing bitterness with a balance of maltiness, followed by a distinctive dry fruitiness reminiscent of gooseberries. A porter style session beer that is exceptionally dark in colour with a warming, biscuity flavour. Brewed with a touch of barley and generous helpings of chocolate malt to give the notes of liquorice and chocolate followed by a dry and bitter aftertaste. Style: Bitter Style: Best Bitter Style: Porter Golden straw Amber Dark, velvety, black Tropical fruit Woody, soft, fruits, earthy Roast, coffee, slight chocolate Smooth, zesty, grapefruit Malty, smooth, coffee Warming, biscuity, bitter Bitter: Sweet: Food Match: A perfect accompaniment to seafoods, pasta and salads Bitter: Sweet: Sweet: Food Match: Perfect enjoyed in or with the traditonal pub classic, steak and ale pie Food Match: Enjoy with a tasty cheese board to include rich Stilton and blue Wensleydale. Also great with rich red meats such as venison Available from 7th October - 29th November 2013 Available from 7th October - 29th November 2013 4 Available from 7th October - 29th November 2013 Bitter:
  5. 5. Westgate Gold (4.2%) Crafty Devil (4.3%) Red Fox (4.3%) Brewer: HB Clark’s Origin: Wakefield Founded: 1906 Brewer: Daniel Thwaites Origin: Blackburn Founded: 1807 Brewer: Fuller’s Origin: Chiswick Founded: 1845 Winner of the silver medal in the golden ale category at the Rotherham Magna beer festival, March 2013. Westgate Gold has a malty aroma and a sharp dry finish. Deliciously devily malty ruby red premium ale with a balancing late hop character. An autumnal favourite, Red Fox is tawny red in colour and bursting with delicious malty flavours. Brewed with toasted oats which lends distinctive biscuit notes and a mellow aftertaste. Style: Golden Style: Spiced Ale Style: Red Ale Golden Reddish Hue Tawny red Creamy, malty Spicy, toffee, malty Balanced malt and hops Malty, smooth, coffee Malty, rich, lingering hop Rich, biscuit, malt Bitter: Sweet: Food Match: Goes great with hearty flavours such as meat pies, burgers or English cheeses Bitter: Sweet: Food Match: Great with beef or game but also stands up well to any strong cheese Bitter: Sweet: Food Match: Great with slow cooked meats and stews 5 Available from 7th October - 29th November 2013 Available from 7th October - 29th November 2013 Available from 7th October - 29th November 2013
  6. 6. Gold Bullion (4.3%) Blonde Ambition (4.5%) Thunderbird (4.5%) Dorset Gold (4.5%) Brewer: Camerons Origin: Hartlepool Founded: 1852 Brewer: Samuel Adams Origin: Boston Founded: 1985 Brewer: The Kite Brewery Origin: Camarthen Founded: 2011 Brewer: Palmers Origin: Bridport Founded: 1794 A full-bodied, pure gold coloured ale. Bursting with powerful citrus hop flavours from a late copper addition of the outstanding North American Chinook hop. Blonde Ambition is a showcase of the best of American and English hops which give the beer a delightful combination of grapefruit and earthy notes, with a biscuity undercurrent from the pale malt base. Floor-malted Maris Otter Pale Ale and Crystal malts with a hint of roasted barley. English Challenger and First Gold hops give us clean, crisp bitterness. American and English hops give the fresh citrus/spicy aroma. Lightly hopped, golden premium ale. A refreshing, zesty and thirst-quenching beer from the heart of Dorset’s Jurassic Coast. Style: Golden Style: Golden Style: Premium Style: Premium Golden Golden yellow, straw Mid brown Golden Citrus, spicy Citrus, floral, vanilla Citrus, spicy Fruity, citrus Citrus, hoppy Smooth, scented, refreshing Full hop, dry, crisp Fruity, refreshing, zesty Bitter: Sweet: Food Match: Gold Bullion’s clean citrus taste and aroma make it the perfect partner to chicken or fish dishes 6 Bitter: Sweet: Food Match: Works equally well with savoury and sweet dishes. Try it with peaches and ice-cream for a tasty dessert treat! Bitter: Sweet: Food Match: Goes wonderfully with spicy food Available from 7th October - 29th November 2013 Available from 7th October - 29th November 2013 Available from 7th October - 29th November 2013 Bitter: Sweet: Food Match: Lovely with fish or shellfish but also works well with salads or chicken Available from 7th October - 29th November 2013
  7. 7. Proper Job (4.5%) Blunder Buss (5.0%) Deuchars IPA (3.8%) Theakston Best (3.8%) Brewer: St Austell Brewery Origin: St Austell Founded: 1851 Brewer: Wadworth Origin: Devizes Founded: 1875 Brewer: Caledonian Origin: Edinburgh Founded: 1869 Brewer: Theakstons Brewery Origin: Masham Founded: 1827 A golden ale with a malty aroma and a sharp, dry finish. A rich red Autumn ale, Blunderbuss is bursting with red berries and spice drawn from the addition of rye, crystal malt, Fuggles, Golding and Bramling Cross hops and a touch of Elderberry concentrate. A naturally brilliant blend of malt and hop characters. Solid gold colour, remarkably aromatic, smooth body with hints of fresh citrus. Dry delicate hop flower finish. A drink that is both distinctive and long on refreshment. The definitive English Bitter. This fine goldencoloured beer has a full flavour that lingers pleasantly on the palate. With good bitter sweet balance, this beer has a subtle hop character described as citrus and spicy. Style: Golden Style: Red Ale Style: IPA Style: Best Bitter Gold Deep red Solid gold Golden Pine resin, grapefruit Spice, berries Grapefruit /lemon sherbet Fruity hop, malty Resinous hops, grassy Red berries Crisp / citrus / refreshing Subtle, refreshing Bitter: Sweet: Food Match: Goes great with hearty flavours such as meat pies, burgers or English cheeses Bitter: Sweet: Food Match: The Elderberry edge will go wonderfully with vension, duck or turkey Bitter: Sweet: Food Match: Ideally paired with white meat, fish, curries and salads Available from 7th October - 29th November 2013 Available from 7th October - 29th November 2013 Available from 7th October - 29th November 2013 Bitter: Sweet: Food match: Perfect with a Ploughman’s lunch 7 Available from 7th October - 29th November 2013
  8. 8. Location of Brewers Beers 1 Guzzler York Brewery York 10 Gold Bullion Camerons Hartlepool 2 AK McMullen Hertford 11 Blonde Ambition Samuel Adams Shepherd Neame 3 Jarrow Bitter Jarrow Brewery Tyne and Wear 12 Thunderbird The Kite Brewery Camarthen 4 Liberation Ale Liberation Brewery Jersey 13 Dorset Gold Palmers Bridport 5 Punter Upham Brewery Upham 14 Proper Job St Austell Brewery St Austell 6 Ruddy Ram Black Sheep Brewery Masham 15 Blunder Buss Wadworth Devizes 7 Westgate Gold HB Clark’s Wakefield 16 8 9 8 Crafty Devil Daniel Thwaites Blackburn Red Fox Fuller’s Chiswick 17 16 3 10 17 8 Deuchars IPA Caledonian Edinburgh Theakston Best Theakstons Brewery Masham Discover the great taste of beer from around the country 6 1 7 12 2 9 15 13 14 4 Jersey 11 5