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Overview and what is sap hana 1.0 online training


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Newyorksys is the leading online IT training company engaged in the training of SAP HANA and other SAP modules like BW/BI , ABAP , FICO , SD , FSCM and Datawarehousing courses like OBIEE , Informatica 9.1 and all major software courses
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Overview and what is sap hana 1.0 online training

  1. 1. Introduction - SAP HANAIntroduction - SAP HANA Both at LasVegas and Berlin SAP TechEd’s weredominated by HANA. Interspersed with thebrand-new launch of NetWeaver 7.3 andBusinessObjects 4.0, HANA was the main pushat Berlin. HANA for High Performance AnalyticAppliance takes SAP from BW Accelerator asan BW performance appliance to HANA as abigger operational appliance.1
  2. 2. Introduction - SAP HANAIntroduction - SAP HANA The current version of HANA is designed as version1.0 and will enable high performance, in memoryprocessing from your SAP ECC system, and otherdisparate source systems. It is certain HANA will bring new frontiers inhigh performance analytical processing and newopportunities to SAP and their customers2
  3. 3. SAP HANA 1.0 –ONLINE TRAININGVisit us at
  4. 4. SAP HANA - OverviewSAP HANA - OverviewWith the introduction of SAP HANA, what was oncejust a possibility now becomes a reality. This nextgeneration of SAP’s in-memory technology provides amulti-purpose, in-memory appliance, giving organizationsthe power to gain instant insight into businessoperations while enabling them to react quickly tochanging business conditions. SAP HANA lets businessusers immediately access, model and analyze all of theirtransactional and analytical data in realtime – fromvirtually any data source – and in a single environment,without affecting existing applications or systems.4
  5. 5. Overview of SAP HANA:Overview of SAP HANA:SAP HANA is the next generation of SAP’s in-memory computing technology.SAP HANA is a multi-purpose, data-sourceagnostic, in-memory appliance that combinesSAP software components optimized onhardware provided, and delivered, by SAP’sleading hardware partners.5
  6. 6. Strengths of SAP HANA:Strengths of SAP HANA: A high performance in-memory computing engine and apowerful data calculation engine. Real-time replication service to access and replicate datafrom SAP ERP. Data integration services to access and index informationfrom virtually any data source. A data repository to persist views of business information. Highly-tuned integration with SAP BusinessObjects BIsolutions for insight and analytics. SQL and MDX interfaces for third party application access. A unified information modeling and design environment.6
  7. 7. SAP HANA – MeaningSAP HANA – Meaning Real-time decision-making by bringing all the data in yourenterprise within the reach of decision-makers in seconds,not weeks or months, in an easy-tounderstand and useformat so your company can run smarter and faster, andperform better. Enables innovative new applications, combining high-volumetransactions with analytics, to dramatically improve existingplanning, forecasting, pricing optimization and otherprocesses. Accelerate business performance while reducing TCO vialess hardware, maintenance, and testing. SAP HANA isbased on proven technology which are easy to implementwhether delivered on-demand or via appliances.7
  8. 8. SAP HANA - MeaningSAP HANA - Meaning High-performance analytics for SAP ERP – Access data directlyfrom SAP ERP or combine it with other data sources for real-timeanalytics and insight into the business. Accelerated business intelligence – SAP BusinessObjects BI clientsare integrated directly on top of the SAP HANA appliance. 360-degree view of business operations – Integrate and modeldata from virtually any data source for complete real-time insightinto the entire business. Next generation in-memory technology foundation for yourcurrent and future SAP BW and SAP ERP deployments, with plansto ensure an easy upgrade from SAP BWA to future versions ofSAP HANA.8
  9. 9. SAP HANA online training by Domain Expert.Should you require any further informationplease do not hesitate to contact usContact: trainings@newyorksystraining.comany queries are always welcomedPlease feel free to mail us for demo session orcall @+1-718-305-1757URL:
  10. 10. Newyorksys is the leading online IT training companyengaged in the training of SAP HANA and other SAPmodules like BW/BI , ABAP , FICO , SD , FSCM andDatawarehousing courses like OBIEE , Informatica9.1 and all major software coursesLabels: sap online training , sap hana online training,hana online training, sap hana tutorials, hana trainingmaterials, sap hana overview, sap hana certification ,sap hana courses10