Crisis Action Planning for Diversity Practitioners

Global Human Capital Leader in Business Cultural, Diversity Strategy & STEM Talent Acquistion
Mar. 31, 2017

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Crisis Action Planning for Diversity Practitioners

  1. Nereida (Neddy) Perez D&I Creative Solutions Phone: 832-216-8836
  2. Neddy’s Background Gender/Race/Brand Crisis Blizzards, Supplier Diversity & Cultural Integration Hurricanes & Work Stoppages Company Shut Down & FL Department of Labor Gender and Cultural Integration University of Florida Native American Protests
  3. About You  Haw many of have dealt with a corporate crisis?  How many of you know your company’s crisis management plan?  How many of you serve on a Crisis Management Team?  Haw many of you are part of ethics and compliance teams?
  4. Our Objectives:  Understand what constitutes a crisis plan  Learn the components of building a plan  Not just tell but work on real scenarios  Become part of Crisis Planning Team or build one  Walk away with a Crisis Plan Checklist  Co-create Action Plans  What this session is not about:  How to engage and deal with employees who have lived through a crisis  EAP  Mary Frances  Mark Fowler  Howard Ross
  5. Why prepare for a Crisis  If you haven’t experienced a crisis yet you will.  The question is will you be ready to maneuver through it?  Is your company ready?
  6. What is a Crisis?  Any situation that puts employees in harms way  Any financial situation that causes a negative spike in the stock  Any situation that results in an investigation of the company (i.e. safety violations, immigration audit, fine of business operations by a federal organization.
  7. Types of Crisis •Loss of Life •Injury/Accident •Damage to equipment Safety Compromises •Loss of life •Loss of property •Impact to business operations Natural Disaster Government Decision & Impact Extreme Human Action •Loss of Credibility •Financial Impact Corporate Decision Goes Array • Federal, International Legislation may impact your ability to operate • Can include: tampering, shoot out, endangerment of life • Class action lawsuits from clients or employees
  8. How Leaders May React to a Crisis
  9. Key Components of Traditional
  10. New Approach is on Risk Reduction & Prevention Crisis situations have increased by more than 300 percent over the last 5 years. More and more crisis have a diversity component: • Religious persecution • Gender Orientation • Race Focuses • Gender Focused (India) • Safety from a Diversity Lens (Fox Industries)
  11. Typical Crisis Management Committee • CEO/COO or CFO (Executive Sponsor) • General Council • Public Relations/ Communications Leader • Marketing • Safety/Security • Human Resources • Information Technology • Investor Relations • Diversity & Inclusion
  12. Components of a Crisis Plan Identification of Scenarios •This should include evacuations; active shooter; natural disaster; etc. Assessment Checklist •Checklist of all key points that should be covered Spokes- person ID •Communications Leader •Subject Matter Expert (Plant, Operations, D&I) •Executive (CEO/COO/CFO/ General Council) Communications Plan •Speaking points •Relevant Fact Sheets •Controlled photo release if possible •Press Release •Social Media Plan
  13. Know & Prep Your Leader  It is important to know your leaders’ styles under stress  Understand their comfort with media  Understand the degree of prepping needed  Identify spokes people in your organization based on specialty and the issues to be address as well as the severity of the situation
  14. Crisis Scenario Planning • An out growth of wanting to be prepared. • Practice sessions designed to test your systems and resources for readiness • Critical to come up with scenarios that are relevant to you company • Practice doesn’t makes perfect There is NO Perfect Scenario. Just gets you comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  15. Role of D&I Leader • Review scenarios from a diversity angle (i.e. how evacuate people with disability) • Come up with potential scenarios • Areas to influence: • Who is the spokesperson to what community • Is messaging multi-lingual • Is the media training culturally sensitive
  16. External Relations is not a Fix All  Some organizations may try to increase positive media impressions by leveraging community relations.  Short term fix - if you don’t address key challenges  Need to align with broader strategy of the organization and values  Engage employees as advocates locally, national, globally  Leverage modern social media to come up with creative solutions (i.e. #Hashtag, hackathons, crow source ideas to find a solution (Quirky))
  17. Real World Cases - Action Studies  Review case study  Designate a recorder  Designate a speaker  Use Check List to come up with action steps and recommendations
  18. D&I Crisis Plan Template Action Item Process Owner Key Message Communications Vehicle Resources Needed Sign-off/ Approvals Key Messages Who is communicating What are the diversity angles to be considered How are we going to engage a conversation internally How do we create a space for people to cope emotionally and intellectually with the disaster. What the post actions we are taking What are we doing for families How are we incorporating cultural sensitivity into messaging
  19. Questions