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Gender diversity in corporates to sustain their operations..

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  • Gender diversity

    2. 2. What is "Gender Diversity" ? Gender diversity refers to the variation of genes within a species. The genetic diversity enables a population to adapt to its environment and to respond to natural selection. The amount of genetic variation is the basis of speciation.
    3. 3. What is Gender all about in corporates.. Most of companies, even if they choose to address this, with a desire but not essential world view. If you come with this focus, it can never be central to your plans. On the other hand, many companies have the best intentions, because of preoccupation with the here and now, or lack of knowledge of how to go about it ,get into an inertia mode.
    4. 4. <ul><li>Gender diversity means the proportion of males to females in the workplace. </li></ul><ul><li>This can have an effect on how people interact and behave with one another in the workplace and would impact culture and social environment. </li></ul><ul><li>Similarly other demographics such as population, racial characteristics and such all contribute to the work environment  </li></ul>Gender Diversity in corporate world..
    5. 5. Gender Diversity in corporate world.. Continuous process of men working in manufacturing industries. Growing pattern of women in service industries.
    6. 6. <ul><li>Gender representation at the top of U.S. companies, by contrast, is far more equitable. Nearly 42% of management positions are occupied by women. Furthermore, 88 percent of Standard & Poor's 500 companies have at least one female board member, while 49 per cent have two or more women directors. </li></ul><ul><li>According to the results of a recent study conducted by Prime Database, 6,560 individuals occupy a total of 11,391 directorship positions in 1,069 listed companies in India. Only 311 of these individuals are women. </li></ul>production service
    7. 7. <ul><li>Diverse organizations will be successful as long as there is a sufficient amount of communication within them. Because people from different cultures perceive messages in different ways, communication is vital to the performance of an organization. Miscommunication within a diverse workplace will lead to a great deal of challenges. </li></ul><ul><li>Diversity is beneficial to both the organization and the members. </li></ul><ul><li>Diversity brings substantial potential benefits such as better decision making and improved problem solving, greater creativity and innovation, which leads to enhanced product development, and more successful marketing to different types of customers. </li></ul><ul><li>It provides organizations with the ability to compete in global markets. </li></ul>Diversity is important
    8. 8. The wage Gap
    9. 9. The Gender wage gap in top corporate
    10. 10. Despite similar ambitions, the number of women at the top remains low compared to the number of men. Although women make up 50.5 percent of the U.S. workforce, they hold only 15.7 percent of corporate officer positions in the Fortune 500 and 13.6 percent of board director seats. They hold only 7.9 percent of Fortune 500 highest titles, and represent only 5.2 percent of top earners. Furthermore, the majority of women corporate officers are in staff positions rather than line positions, which have profit-and-loss responsibility and more often lead to the top. Only 9.9 percent of line corporate officer jobs are held by women.
    11. 11. Audio and video notes
    12. 12. Women corporate officers of top earners- US
    13. 13. Diversity, a word synonymous with change and difference, is necessary for success in any business environment. Changing scenario
    14. 14. Sustaining operations in corporate ‘s is a brain game.. Employees with greater zeal of attaining higher positions will acquire greater heights.. Gender is not taken into consideration while at work. The Brain Game
    15. 15. Women and Men experience many of the same barriers to success They also experience a number of similar barriers along the way, such as lack of line experience, displaying a style different from the organizational norm, and lack of understanding of organizational politics. In reaching top, men and women have used many of the same advancement strategies, including exceeding performance expectations, successfully managing others, seeking high-visibility assignments, and demonstrating expertise.
    16. 16. Studies show that greater the diversity of a team in an organization, greater is the possibility for innovation and problem solving. Statistics also show that companies with women on their board are more successful than those without. Research indicates that a higher percentage of women have what is referred to by Daniel Goldman as Emotional Intelligence A set of competencies that distinguishes how people manage feelings, interact, and communicate. Analyses done by dozens of experts in 500 corporations, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations worldwide conclude that emotional intelligence is the barometer of excellence on virtually any job. With increasing diversity, the workforce has an array of leadership styles and can drive greater creativity and innovation. And how will the business benefit from a better mix?
    17. 17. Benefits of Gender Diversity in the Workplace
    18. 18. <ul><li>Equality at work </li></ul><ul><li>Satisfaction at work place </li></ul><ul><li>Dignity at Work </li></ul><ul><li>Motivation </li></ul>Employees point of view
    19. 19. Men and women are also similar in their desire for workplace flexibility, demonstrating that balancing work and personal responsibilities is not simply a women’s issue. Although women face more challenges in achieving work/life balance, women and men equally desire a variety of informal and formal flexible work arrangements. Clearly, workplace flexibility is no longer just about women and child care, but is more likely a quality of life issue for all employees. Equality at work
    20. 20. The majority of both women and men report comfort with their choices. In terms of work satisfaction – 75 percent or more of both genders are satisfied with their current positions, their employers, and the respect with which they are treated by company leadership Satisfaction at work place
    21. 21. Employees are viewed as big assets of the company now a days which increases operational efficiency. Companies are committed to implementing and promoting measures to protect the dignity of employees and to encourage respect for others at work. New policy of companies is to value the contribution of all our people and aim to create a work environment free from harassment, bullying and disrespectful behavior and where any complaints of such conduct that may arise are dealt with as quickly and effectively as possible.  Dignity at Work -policy
    22. 22. MOTIVATION Motivation is an integral part of business strategy by corporate’s helping employees to sustain work pressure. A few small and medium companies have also become aware and put policies in place. Most companies in this sector recognize the business imperative of having more women in their organizations. While the larger ones emphasize their diversity directives, resource constraints in these recessionary times have constrained many from formulating and putting in place gender inclusive policies and practices.
    23. 23. Organization's point of view
    24. 24. Gender inclusion is a matter of survival Gender is a very integral part of their talent base and investment in gender inclusion is a matter of survival. An inclusive culture helps both in retention and maximization of its human capital. For small and young organizations, inclusiveness initiatives will give them the added advantage of embedding it more easily into the culture of the organization. This helps organization to grow global and employees to be known globally.
    25. 25. Balancing Ratio of genders in corporate’s TCS, Wipro and Infosys, the top three IT service providers in India, alone employ over 1 lakh women, but most of them crowd the entry level. The industry as a whole employs over two million people, and industry body Nasscom estimates that the average male to female ratio has improved to 70:30 now from 76:24 in 2005.  Commenting on the state of gender empowerment in the country, Mr Narayana Murthy said that though the male-female ratio in the Indian IT industry seems to be encouraging (65:35), recently published global gender gap survey by the World Economic Forum is disappointing: India ranks 98th among 115 countries surveyed, lower Sri Lanka, Kenya and Algeria
    26. 27. “ WOW ” Women Of Wipro... Wipro’s approach to gender inclusively and equality reflects a holistic appreciation to the myriad facets of differences and their impact at the workplace, along with dedicated commitment at all rungs of the organization to facilitate a nurturing, learning environment for all. At the same time, our employees have not only appreciated but enthusiastically participated in all Wow initiatives, which reflects that we are moving in the desired direction with enthusiasm
    27. 28. Business Mantra Every man should contain a woman inside to do any business . Every woman should contain a man inside to sustain the operations.
    28. 30. Queries ?