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Artificial Intelligence Optimisation - BrightonSEO April 2017


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Richard Neill Horie discusses why SEO is Artificial Intelligence Optimisation, and what that means for SEOs, marketing and the companies we work in.

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Artificial Intelligence Optimisation - BrightonSEO April 2017

  1. 1. Richard Neill Horie Home SEO & Artificial Intelligence Optimisation Twitter: @NeillHorie Slideshare:
  2. 2. #brightonseo Do you think you are intelligent? Don’t worry about being perceived as a narcissist. Do you know the airspeed of an unladen European swallow? SLIDESHARE VERSION
  3. 3. “Unladen European swallow’s airspeed velocity is eleven metres per second.” Source: Alexa can answer; Alexa knows the answer. Alexa is an Artificial Intelligence Assistant. SLIDESHARE VERSION #brightonseo
  5. 5. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE OPTIMISATION At Home, we have changed the way our business works, the way we think around technology, because of AI. We have changed from talking about Search Engine Optimisation to Artificial Intelligence Optimisation. And I think you should too. #brightonseo SLIDESHARE VERSION
  6. 6. Source: #brightonseo
  7. 7. Source: But what do I mean when I saw AI? DO I mean Wall-E, or the Terminator, or AI gods powered by Dyson Spheres? Do I mean the highly technical things talked about by other speakers in the AI stream? #brightonseo SLIDESHARE VERSION
  8. 8. Source: To talk about it properly, I first need to talk about intelligence, which I see as the ability to acquire knowledge and skills. To learn things like the airspeed velocity of an unladen European swallow. Based on this, AI is just a robot knowing things. #brightonseo SLIDESHARE VERSION
  9. 9. “In the US, on our mobile app in Android, one in five queries - 20% of our queries - are voice queries and that share is growing.” Sundar Pichai, I/O 2016 Keynote Source:
  10. 10. 2 trillion searches 2,000,000,000,000 Source:
  11. 11. 1 trillion non-mobile searches 1 trillion mobile searches Source:
  12. 12. 1 trillion non-mobile searches 500 billion other mobile searches 500 billion Android searches Source:
  13. 13. 1 trillion non-mobile searches 500 billion other mobile searches #brightonseo 400 billion Android text searches 100 billion Android voice searches
  14. 14. The Amazon Echo was the best selling product on Amazon for 2016. A colleague uses one to read bedtime stories to his children. Another has given one to his elderly parents for Christmas. Source: SLIDESHARE VERSION
  15. 15. Dozens of devices at CES 2017 came bundled with Alexa. These range from fridges to televisions to phones. The next Motorola and Huawei phones are rumoured to come with Alexa. Source: SLIDESHARE VERSION
  16. 16. VOICE SEARCH IS AI In terms of knowing things and answering questions, voice search is AI. But when you start to consider it, it’s more than just voice search. Source: SLIDESHARE VERSION
  17. 17. “[Google] would understand exactly what you wanted, and it would give you the right thing. That's obviously artificial intelligence… and that is basically what we work on.” Larry Page, October 2000 Source:
  18. 18. Google Assistant is the kind of AI they’ve been trying to develop. I could ask it for places to eat and it will show me breakfast places in Brighton. In fact, I don’t even need to ask – it will recommend some breakfast cafés proactively. SLIDESHARE VERSION #brightonseo
  19. 19. 2017 But that’s now. Let’s take a step back. #brightonseo SLIDESHARE VERSION SLIDESHARE VERSION
  20. 20. 2017 2006 In 2006, Google was answering our needs – it’s just that our needs were expressed as brute keywords. I would have typed ”breakfast café in brighton” to get the result, but I still got it.#brightonseo SLIDESHARE VERSION
  21. 21. 2017 2006 1996 Further back still, we can see that search was answering questions. Was Ask Jeeves bad at it? Yes, it was less sophisticated, but we also gave it very little to work with.#brightonseo SLIDESHARE VERSION
  22. 22. 2017 2006 1996 We had scrolling text, no structured data and our café probably didn’t even have a website. No wonder it struggled. Just because it wasn’t great, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t AI.#brightonseo SLIDESHARE VERSION
  23. 23. Source: My colleague was talking to someone at a conference recently, and AI came up. This person said, “You know, sooner or later, we’ll be marketing towards robots, not people.” To someone who has done SEO, it’s obvious that this has long been the case, but outside our bubble, AI is something different and new.#brightonseo SLIDESHARE VERSION
  24. 24. We are the gatekeepers of content. From all of our work on SEO, we should know what content our users need, and they’re trying to find out and what AI should tell them. #brightonseo SLIDESHARE VERSION
  25. 25. Don’t just rely on keyword research – look at live chat logs, call centre logs, standard question setups customer services deal with, user interviews, etc. #brightonseo KNOW QUESTIONS SLIDESHARE VERSION
  26. 26. Produce content, but write it to answer the questions being asked, not just vaguely talk about the same topic. Consider the structure of your answer, and look into how content is picked up by featured snippets. SLIDESHARE VERSION #brightonseo KNOW QUESTIONS ANSWER QUESTIONS
  27. 27. Build Brand Assistants, like Alexa Skills, Actions on Google or Facebook Messenger Bots. Don’t just leave it to customer services, or developers, without our input. Make sure whatever you build is better than Jeeves, if not than Google Assistant itself. SLIDESHARE VERSION #brightonseo KNOW QUESTIONS ANSWER QUESTIONS BUILD ASSISTANTS
  28. 28. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IS OUR DOMAIN And throughout all of this, we must remember that AI is not someone else’s job. It’s our job. It’s our domain. We have owned it since Ask Jeeves, we own it now, and we need to act accordingly. #brightonseo SLIDESHARE VERSION
  29. 29. BLOG SLIDESHARE @NeillHorie #brightonseo
  30. 30. RECOMMENDED READING Actions on Google Alexa Skills Facebook Messenger Bots API.AI #brightonseo AI Assistant Experiments Can Google Tell Us The Truth?
  31. 31. REFERENCES trillion-searches-per-year-250247 Google now handles 2 trillion searches per year. Sundar Pichai keynote, over 50% of searches are mobile, and 20% of android mobile are voice. Reports-January-2016-US-Smartphone-Subscriber-Market- Share At least 50% of mobile devices in the US are android. best-selling-product-in-2016.aspx Echo was the best selling product on Amazon for 2016. #brightonseo