10. Mondiai


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10. Mondiai

  1. 1. Building the Resilience of Communities and their Ecosystem tothe impacts of Climate Change in the Pacific using P3DM(Participatory 3 Dimensional Modelling)Kenn MondiaiExecutive DirectorPartners With Melanesians Inc.Port Moresby – Papua New Guinea----------------------------------------------Regional Policy Briefing No.7Building resilience in small islandeconomies : from vulnerabilities toopportunitiesHotel Victoria – Mauritius23 – 224 April 2012
  2. 2. Outline of Presentation1. Introduction 6. Our Experience from -2. P3DM Partnership in Mboemboe/Manus Melanesian & Pacific 7. Conclusion3. Why with local coastal 8. Video Show P3DM communities ? 8. References for P3DM4. Major issues affecting and PPGIS coastal communities5. Need for proper tools for planning
  3. 3. Introduction• PwM is a national conservation and community development NGO based in PNG (28 years)• Applied many tools in our on environmental conservation and community development with local people and communities.• 2005 CTA/EU supported Training on P3DM in Fiji … intro to P3DM• P3DM applied to projects & support partners in Managalas, Solomon Island & Manus ..and we found that to be very good tool for community engagement and empowerment for decision making.
  4. 4. What is P3DM ?It is a integration of GIS/GPS data applicationwith information from maps and otherreference points used in a collaborative andparticipatory manner with participants mentalknowledge guided by a facilitation teamworking in a collaborative manner to developa 3 dimensional relief scaled model geo-referenced.PROCESS SIMPLIFIEDIt is built using cardboard layers with guide ofbase maps generated using GIS contours witheach contour layer glued with application ofpaper and paints and point markers from thelowest elevation up to the highest elevation.P3DM Application :• NRM• Conservation Area Land use plans• Coastal MPA project mapping and planning• Land boundary demarcation• Climate change adaptation activities• Conservation area planning• Food Security & Water Resource management planning• Disaster preparedness planning• And many more …
  5. 5. P3DM Work Partnership/Applications• PwM works in partnership with ENGO, Donors, Prov and Local Governments, Academia and soon to be with Governments.• PARTNERS so far are:• TNC, WWF, AUSAID, Manus Prov. Govt, UNDP, Marshall Islands NGO, PNGEFF, Afore LLG , Univ. of PNG, National Museum PNG,• APPLICATIONS• Marine Protected Area• Conservation areas, Heritage Site Mapping• District Land use Mapping and Boundary demarcation• Natural Disaster Preparedness planning• Agriculture Research and Food Security projects
  6. 6. Why with local communities in Melanesia ?• Little map reading skills• Literacy levels• working with coastal communities, we clearly see the problems and difficulties faced To help them apart from apply other social tools for generation of database and information, we feel P3DM is a very useful tool…people have very little MAP reading skills and it is a participatory tool whereby everyone is involved from start to end and generate discussions for information for planning and decision making.• LAND TENURE ISSUES
  7. 7. Vulnerability Issues Visualised and Plans & Decisions Generated from Model• Issues of vulnerability• Sea level rise, Coastal area erosion, Salt water intrusion into well water, Agricultural land along coastal area becoming saline, Forest clearance, Sedimentation of rivers and stream, Forest fire, Spread of invasive species, Landslips , Low food productivity due to soil fertility, Land dispute due to increased population. Reef damage, large scale mining and logging etc.• When this issues are discussed over a model in the communities, people have a far better understanding and appreciation of their vulnerable status and with this the people are motivated to seek solutions to their problems and the model has helped them much better to make decision on where to relocate their villages, where not to harvest tree, where to leave for forest standing, where t plant mangroves etc.
  8. 8. ConclusionBased on the experience on P3DM in Melanesia(Pacific).• local communities are empowered to make decisions based on knowledge on their environment and surround.• Motivates them to seek solutions to their problems locally.• Mobilises the community and creates momentum for moving forward.
  9. 9. Video Show of MboemboeBoeboe P3DM – Solomon Islands, ChoiseulProvincehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOL2CdCfRts&sns=em
  10. 10. REFERENCESHere are relevant links:www.ppgis.net – virtual community (English) ~2000 members + independent chaptersexchanging in French, Spanish and Portuguese.www.iapad.org - main website dealing with Participatory 3D Modelling (P3DM)www.iapad.org/p3dm_guiding_principles_2010_en.htm - Handbook on Participatory 3-Dimensional Modelling: Guiding Principles and Applications; 2010 editionwww.p3dm.org - Locations where P3DM has been implemented – non exhaustive listhttp://pgis.cta.int CTA initiatives concerning participatory mapping http://pgis2005.cta.intConference web site – Mapping for Change (Nairobi 2005)http://participatorygis.blogspot.com (blog dealing with participatory mapping)http://pgis-tk.cta.int (Training Kit on Participatory mapping practice)www.iapad.org/p3dm_video.htm - 20 min video on P3DMwww.ppgis.net/pgis.htm About PGIS practicewww.ppgis.net/code.htm PGIS Ethics in the practice (12 language version)www.iapad.org/video_good-pactice.htm - 25 min video about good practice in participatory/ community mapping) (En, Fr, Es and Pt versions) www.facebook.com/PPGISwww.linkedin.com/e/gis/131362/56BA201FA389 - group of professionals interested in Pgis/PPgiswww.youtube.com/user/ppgis#g/u - pgis/ppgis video collection on YouTubehttp://vimeo.com/channels/pgis#16278246 - pgis/ppgis video channel on Vimeo
  11. 11. P3DM Links to the 2 videos are:Boeboe P3DM – Solomon Islands, Choiseul Provincehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOL2CdCfRts&sns=emManus P3DM – Papua New Guinea, Manus Provincehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUatT4MryqY&sns=em