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Bb 9.1 adv topics 2011


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Bb 9.1 adv topics 2011

  1. 1. Advanced Topics
  2. 2. During the module, we will explore and discuss the excitinglearning tools available in Blackboard 9.1. Participants willlearn how they can use SafeAssign, Assignments, Journal,Blogs, Wikis, Mash-Ups, Videos and Discussion Boards tocompliment a variety of learning styles.
  3. 3. By the end of this workshop you will be able to: Check student papers for plagiarism Collect student files through Blackboard Create a place for students to Journal Create a blog for students to post entries Create a wiki Add YouTube, Flickr, Slideshare Create Discussion Board forums
  4. 4. Free plagiarism detecting tools integrated into BbInternet, ProQuest, Institutional document archives, GlobalReferenceCreates a learning opportunityDraftSafeAssign ignores quotation marks, block quotes, etc.Use SA more as a teaching tool and not so much as a “catching”toolWhen reviewing, check the highlighted areas to make sure they areactually plagiarizedIdentify matches that are not really matches and then recheck thepaperUrls, Titles, Common phrases
  5. 5. Below 15%15%-40%40%+
  6. 6. Assignments FeatureDeploy, Receive, and Grade AssignmentsGrade Center Column associated with AssignmentNo more email attachments!File always stored on BlackboardSnow DaysTurnaround policy
  7. 7. JournalsSelf-reflection, learn about student and theirexperience with learning materialLearn how learner learnsMeaningful and memorable connections withcourse materialOrganize and clarify thoughtsTwo Parts: Entry and CommentsAll users can view, only instructors cancomment
  8. 8. Assignment IdeasAfter each topic, ask students to freewrite for 10 mins.Ask students to write a definition or about theirperception pre-lecture about a topic. Following thelecture/reading/video/practice, they can re-journalStudents can journal their questions, research andsummarize answersJournal their emotion following areading/video/lecture/speakerHow will you apply what you have learned?Instructor/course feedback: What did you like about today’s topic? How could today’s topic been made more interesting?
  9. 9. BlogsWeb Blog, We BlogOnline journalKnowledge, understanding, analysis, synthesis,evaluationText, hyperlinks, video, filesEnrolled users can create, view, and commentReflective, critical thinking skills, engage with coursematerial, growth throughout course, improvewriting/thinkingMeaningful connections through comments
  10. 10. Assignment IdeasOne word that describes/sums up the topic, blog titleis descriptive word, post explains word choiceComment on a blogger with a different opinion,conclusion, perspectiveBlog as an iconic person, daily diaryProspectus for upcoming assignment, blog serves as aplace to detail progress, seek advice, and shareresources
  11. 11. Wikis1990’s: The Wiki Was Born!Collaborative site, website-likeOnly enrolled users can view, contribute, and commentView wiki historyExamples of wikis:
  12. 12. Assignment Ideas Student presentations Group projects Class resource center Students can take turns posting class notes Students can create a course study guide Things to Consider: Makes sure to include detailed instructions, practice wiki The concept of “linked” pages Create a template for students Firefox for Mac users Wiki etiquette document:
  13. 13. Mash-Ups“In Web development, a mashup is a Web page orapplication that uses and combines data,presentation or functionality from two or moresources to create new services.” content from an external site: YouTube Flickr SlidesharePart of a test question, topic in DB, part of anassignmentContent resides on external siteIncorporate mediaCompliment a variety of learning styles
  14. 14. Assignment Ideas: YouTube A site for viewing and sharing online videosIntroduce a course topicStart conversations in the DBDemonstrate various viewpoints and perspectivesEngage students as the video relates real-worldexamples of course contentStudents can search for videos that further expresstheir DB posting/opinions/perspectives
  15. 15. Assignment Ideas: FlickrA site for viewing and sharing photographic imagesImages can be used as writing promptsStudents can search for pictures to express a story,idea, themselves, etc. though a series of images
  16. 16. Assignment Ideas: SlideshareA site for viewing and sharing PPT, Word docs, PDFsWorld’s largest community of shared presentationsOne of the 200 most visited websites in the worldPlaced #5 out of top 100 Tools for Learning in 2010 byeducators worldwideSlideshare is used by the White House and many othergovernment departmentsUse to introduce a topicSearch for a presentation related to a course topic
  17. 17. Discussion BoardSynchronous and synchronous forumsForums: organize discussionThread: series of posts related to the sametopic (Forum), first messageReply to threadThe shy student
  18. 18. Assignment IdeasPre-test questionsQuestions for guest speakerSemester goals, course-related life experience, finalthoughtsBrainstormCurrent eventsAsk open-ended questions
  19. 19.  Instructor presence Recognize student contributions Weave students comments into your own 3-7 students per forum Set and communicate expectations
  20. 20.  Be respectful of others and polite. Use correct grammar and punctuation. Avoid all CAPS. Review and edit your post prior to hitting “Submit.” Stay on topic, remain clear and concise. Use multiple, short paragraphs as opposed to longer ones