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  • Goals:Promote educators using our productIncrease usefulness as a teacher resourceDemonstrate use cases, best practices, and styling advice
  • Learnist is available online, as well as on iPad, iPhone, and Android applications.
  • Teachers already use Learnist to outline specific lessons, whether they’re on a novel, a time period, or a skill!Collaboration allows multiple people to co-create boards and anyone to suggest learnings.All of the example boards on the next four slides include intriguing images and tags.Access anywhere (home, school, etc)Make board once, reference repeatedly Share knowledge publiclyCurate collaboratively Search related subjects easilyInteractive multimedia links beat reading a textbook
  • Examples:http://learni.st/users/78891/boards/16225-puritan-literaturehttp://learni.st/users/78891/boards/16226-the-age-of-reason-literaturehttp://learni.st/users/171/boards/1435-solving-rational-number-real-world-and-mathematical-problems-common-core-standard-7-ns-3http://learni.st/users/60/boards/1695-writing-narrative-texts-common-core-standard-6-w-3http://learni.st/users/171/boards/1750-applying-the-pythagorean-theorem-common-core-standard-8-g-7http://learni.st/users/leena.ray/boards/313-the-louisiana-purchase
  • Examples:http://learni.st/users/78891/boards/16225-puritan-literaturehttp://learni.st/users/78891/boards/16226-the-age-of-reason-literaturehttp://learni.st/users/171/boards/1435-solving-rational-number-real-world-and-mathematical-problems-common-core-standard-7-ns-3http://learni.st/users/60/boards/1695-writing-narrative-texts-common-core-standard-6-w-3http://learni.st/users/171/boards/1750-applying-the-pythagorean-theorem-common-core-standard-8-g-7http://learni.st/users/leena.ray/boards/313-the-louisiana-purchase
  • Good examples:http://learni.st/users/maggiemessitt/boards/13879-using-learnist-in-your-college-classroomWell laid outhttp://learni.st/users/leena.ray/boards/586-bullying-preventionhttp://learni.st/users/marciamarcia/boards/2754-learningnexthttp://learni.st/users/dawncasey/boards/3271-using-learnist-in-the-high-school-classroomBad examples:http://learni.st/users/christine.mccabewaverla/boards/18043-creative-classroom-ideasGreat resources, but unclear learning descriptions and redundant imageshttp://learni.st/users/SugarNspicePixie/boards/1044-linguisticsAgain great resources, but approaches too general of a topic (learning all languages rather than a specific language or level).
  • Collaboration allows multiple people to co-create boards and anyone to suggest learnings.Terry heick for examples – a must have guide to project based learning, causes of the civil war, educational apps that actually work
  • Learnist teacher onboarding

    1. 1. Best Practices for Teachers 1
    2. 2. The Basics • • Learnist is a social learning website and app Boards explain/explore any topic, and are sorted by category (e.g. Politics, Travel & Places) • Boards are collections of multimedia learnings, which can be: – – – – – – – – • • Websites Videos Podcasts PDFs Slideshows Photo galleries eBooks Etc Learnings are organized in numerical steps Anyone can create, collaborate on, search, like, and comment on boards 2
    3. 3. Benefits & Uses Advantages: • Scenarios: • • Access anywhere • Make board once, reference repeatedly • Share knowledge publicly • Curate collaboratively • Search related subjects easily • Interactive multimedia links beat reading a textbook Outline individual lessons • Summarize entire courses • Teach Common Core Standards • Explore general topics • List student research sources 3
    4. 4. Example Lesson Plan: Puritan Language • Instructs students clearly in each learning description • Comments responded to rapidly by board creator • Provides optional learning assignment • Links to full required reading text online • Includes intriguing learning images and tags http://learni.st/users/78891/boards/16225-puritan-literature 4
    5. 5. Example Common Core Standard: Applying the Pythagorean Theorem (Common Core Standard 8.G.7) • Explains standardized education requirement • Describes board and learnings clearly • Uses bullet points and bold text to accentuate points • Mixes videos, websites, and practice problems • Includes intriguing learning images and tags http://learni.st/users/171/boards/1750-applying-the-pythagoreantheorem-common-core-standard-8-g-7 5
    6. 6. Example Teacher Resource: Bullying Prevention • • • • • Appeals to diverse groups Provides many relatable, contemporary examples of topic Offers community support and solutions to a common problem Mixes videos, statistics, and websites Includes intriguing learning images and tags http://learni.st/users/leena.ray/boards/586-bullying-prevention 6
    7. 7. Example Collaborative Board: The Higgs Boson • • • • • • Created by two people Suggested learnings from multiple users Explains high-level science concept simply Includes videos, infographic, and engaging multimedia Covers a hot topic in the news Includes intriguing learning images and tags http://learni.st/users/atleastimnotdumb/boards/2261-the-higgsboson 7
    8. 8. Stylistic Advice Recap             Pick as specific a board topic as possible Simplify concepts and avoid redundancy Describe purpose and audience of board Pair each learning with an intriguing image Include at least four learnings on your board Highlight key points in bold and titles in italics Include videos and interactive multimedia content Keep capitalization parallel for board and learning titles Rearrange learnings to sequence by level of importance Tag your board with relevant themes to increase visibility/searchability Write link summary and student instructions in each learning description Invite others to suggest learnings (you approve/reject pending submissions) 8
    9. 9. Feedback Questions 1. 2. 3. 4. How are you currently using Learnist, as an educator? Is there anything about the site that still confuses you? How would you explain to other teachers the uses of Learnist? How has this presentation and discussion changed the way you plan to use Learnist? 9
    10. 10. Contact us at community@learnist.com 10