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CMC Overview and Creating Wikis


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A very brief overview of a few CMC technologies you can use with your students.

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CMC Overview and Creating Wikis

  1. 1. Thomas TaskerEnglish Language Fellow Program
  2. 2. 
  3. 3.  Chat  Blogs Skype  Email Second Life  Facebook  Wikis Adobe Connect  Podcasts Video  Voice message conferencing boardsSynchronous CMC Asynchronous CMC
  4. 4.  Why add communication technologies to your curriculum? Students are already expert users Pushes language learning outside the classroom Promotes authentic language use
  5. 5.  Does the technology increase the efficiency of student learning? What does the technology allow me to do that I can’t already do using other means? Does the technology decrease my workload?
  6. 6.  How can the new technology fit into my curriculum?
  7. 7.  What is the right tool to use for the task I want to do? Blogs, Voicethread, & Wikis
  8. 8.  A blog is an online, semi-public journal that displays the user’s posts, and allows visitors to post responses Blogging = individual reaction to something + the comments of others Informal, independent writing
  9. 9.  Blogging = individual reaction to something + the comments of others Informal writing Autobiography Student responses to reading, films, class discussions, curriculum topics Add pictures, links Students, teacher subscribe to each others’ blogs
  10. 10.  What are the potential problems of asking your students to keep a blog?
  11. 11.  Group conversations are collected and shared in one place Multimedia slide show (posted by students or the teacher) ◦ Pictures ◦ Documents ◦ Video Students comment on the slide show using ◦ Text ◦ Audio ◦ Video
  12. 12. 
  13. 13. Wiki = web-based collaborative writing space Wiki wiki means ‘quick’ in Hawai’ian Allows multiple users to add and edit content of one shared space Users add new pages to create a network of hyperlinked documents More student control = more success
  14. 14.  Class Resource - Students write an online text of your curriculum, adding links to expand class knowledge Group Projects - Build collaborative pages, start discussions and encourage comments. Student Portfolios - Give students their own page to post content, upload homework, and share their work. (from
  15. 15. 
  16. 16. 1. Go to www.wikispaces.com2. Click on ‘Wikis for individuals and groups”3. Register
  17. 17.  Write a few sentences about yourself or something you’re interested in. Add a picture you like from the Internet (first download the pic to your desktop) Create links to 3 other pages Add links to your favorite websites Add a video you like from Click on ‘Gadgets’ and add something else!