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York - Working Voices


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York - Working Voices

  1. 1. What is Working Voices? Working Voices uses a Community Asset Based approach in the workplace. The project is funded for one year and will end on 31st March 2015. The project is part of a wider ‘Field Force’ programme funded by NHS England. Working Voices is one of 3 successful pilots in the North of England.
  2. 2. Our aims The overarching aim is to engage the working age population in the design, development and delivery of NHS services. Increasing our collective voice in participation at both a local and national level. We will deliver the pilot projects at local and national level by working with employers to extend Working Voices into a range of workplace settings. The North covers 68 CCGs and we will be using our national assets to support a wider reach.
  3. 3. Who are we working with? We are currently delivering the pilot directly with three local CCGs: • Bassetlaw • Leeds North • Wakefield Each local CCG will select 5 local employers to work with and develop workplace assets.
  4. 4. How we’ve worked with local CCGs  Setting up a multi-agency steering group to oversee the delivery of the pilot.  Mapping the local demographics, identifying opportunities and synergies.  Developing a local action plan to identify 5 local employers.  Training work place ambassadors.  Using the learning to develop good practice guides.
  5. 5. Local outcomes • Each CCG will have 5 local employers it can use as an asset based approach to engaging the workforce • Relationships between partners – including private sector employers - will be strengthened • The available target audience for engagement will increase. • There will be a partnership approach to addressing wider health initiatives with employees • There will be opportunities to gather wider insight and include consumer champions like Healthwatch.
  6. 6. Creating national assets Our three regional launch events in Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle gave us a chance to gather ideas from local CCGs. They told us: • who they thought would be good national employers. • where they had been successful in their own area on engaging employers. Using this learning, we also identified people who could help us and asked them to form an advisory group to choose our 5 national employers using a scoring system.
  7. 7. National outcomes • A resource for all CCGs • A platform for national conversations on broader agendas. • Engagement opportunities for both health and social care services • Greater public participation. • Platform to test out and develop national campaigns
  8. 8. Overarching benefits • a real insight into the views of the workforce. • everyone has a stake in their NHS and increases participation. • helps individual CCGs to develop a deeper relationship with their local communities • creates a channel which allows employees to have their say on the services needed now and in the future.
  9. 9. Overarching benefits • helps the public understand how services operate and the challenges we face. • gives people a development opportunity to become Workplace Ambassadors • allows employers to create a happier, healthier and more empowered work force
  10. 10. • To share the learning from the local and national pilots at a number of launch events planned for the winter. • A website which contains a number of ‘How to Guides’ • A buddy scheme set up for interested organisations to help get them started. • Access to a range of national and local employers. • Trained ambassadors in the workforce championing participation. • Case studies and examples of how to work with various employers.
  11. 11. Any Questions?