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York - Insight & Feedback

  1. 1. Insight and Feedback Open House Session Tuesday 17 June 2014
  2. 2. Our vision for insight & feedback “Our ambition is for the NHS to become a world class customer service. Above all this means always listening to what our patients & service users tell us. By routinely gathering people’s comments, feedback, complaints & suggestions, we can construct a rich database of information & evidence that will enable us to commission the services people want. This is what we mean by insight” Transforming participation in health & care Sept 2013
  3. 3. NHS England Business Plan • A deeper understanding of how users of NHS services view aspects of the care they receive is essential to make services better • National staff and patient surveys facilitate the benchmarking of services, and are particularly valuable in helping improve the experience of groups who may be socially disadvantaged • The Friends & Family Test will enable staff and patient feedback to be gathered in a more responsive and granular way, allowing care providers to make rapid improvements in patient experience at local level • We will use modern techniques such as social and digital media to supplement other forms of insight, so that we hear views from all sections of society and understand what people are saying about the health services they want to receive”
  4. 4. What does insight mean? • Using qualitative and quantitative data to inform what we do • Using whatever data sources we have - not just surveys but a whole range of market and social research techniques • Always asking the question, what don’t we know? • As much an art as science “The most important single change in the NHS in response to this report would be for it to become, more than ever before, a system devoted to continual learning and improvement of patient care, top to bottom and end to end” A promise to learn – a commitment to act The Berwick Report
  5. 5. Insight & Feedback Less descriptive LessgeneralisableMoregeneralisable More descriptive In depth interviews Experience Based Co-Design Focus groups & patient forums NHS Trusts CCGs Healthwatch Patient organisations Surveys GP Patient Survey Bereaved Voices Cancer Patient Experience Survey NHS Staff Survey PROMs Online reviews & ratings NHS Choices Patient Opinion IWantGreatCare Care Connect Patient stories HealthTalkOnline Patient Voices Feedback tools (kiosks, SMS, apps) Examples include: Hospedia Synapta Feedback apps Social media listening Salesforce Polecat Healthberry Public Meetings NHS Trusts CCGs Matrix of insight methods from Measuring patient experience: evidence scan Health Foundation, June 2013 Friends & Family Test Complaints
  6. 6. Impact • 2.5 million responses to date • Increasing examples of ‘You said, we did’ • Introduction of ‘Quiet Protocol’ to help patients sleep well at night • Fitting of shelves in patient toilets for patients to leave their belongings • Introduction of medication cards for patients who are not on the ward during a drugs round • Positive impact on staff morale
  7. 7. Next steps • Roll out of Friends and Family Test – December 2014 : GPs, mental health and community services – March 2015 : dental, outpatients, day cases, ambulance services • Awareness raising with patients and public • Review of surveys • Development of an insight strategy – Ensuring that feedback data is used to drive improvement