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OSDC 2018 | Puppet and the Road to Pervasive Automation by Walter Gildersleeve


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How automated is your enterprise? The benefits of increased automation are many, it promising faster release cycles, stable IT environments and reduced failures caused by human error. And while most enterprises are embracing the concept of DevOps and automation, most are only partially realizing the benefits of automation.
Puppet, long a DevOps thought leader, provides a path to pervasive automation in the enterprise. Through Puppet, you can explore your entire IT estate, automate all aspects of your infrastructure lifecycle, and realize the potential of true DevOps workflows. Learn the why of automation, what it means to be automated and how to move forward towards the goal of pervasive automation.

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OSDC 2018 | Puppet and the Road to Pervasive Automation by Walter Gildersleeve

  1. 1. Puppet Pipelines A Complete CI / CD Solution. Walter Gildersleeve Senior Sales Engineer 05.June.2018
  2. 2. About me Walter Gildersleeve ● Tech Professional Since 1999 ● Started Career as a Core Developer ● DACH Sales Engineer with Puppet ● Fun fact: Used to climb trees for money ● ● +49 175 165 14 77
  3. 3. Leading Platform for DevOps and Automation Experience Founded in 2005 Scale More than 10 million nodes managed Offices Belfast, London, Portland, Plzen, Seattle, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo Ecosystem Deep partnerships with leading datacenter, cloud and container titans Customers 1,000+ enterprise customers, 75 of the Fortune 100 Community 5,000+ community-contributed modules, 7.5M lines of code Users 40,000+ organizations using Puppet Backers
  4. 4. Automate how you build and deploy applications and provision, configure and manage the infrastructure they run on.
  5. 5. Download at
  6. 6. The Journey to Pervasive Automation
  7. 7. 1 Hard to know what you have
  8. 8. Puppet Discovery Know what’s running. • Servers • VMs • Containers • Network devices No matter where it runs. • Cloud of choice • Datacenters Take action. • Install Puppet Enterprise agent • Execute a task
  9. 9. 2 Hard to scale broadly and deeply
  10. 10. Puppet Enterprise Vendor neutral. • Any container in any cloud • Any bare metal or VM server • Common network devices • Any operating system Model-driven and task-oriented. • Desired-state configuration mgmt • Simple and orchestrated tasks Enterprise-grade. • Team features: RBAC, code mgmt • Simple: installation / upgrade, console • Scalability: 100k nodes and beyond • Workflows: direct change, convergence • Reporting & Compliance
  11. 11. 3 Dev and Ops still siloed
  12. 12. Puppet Pipelines Batteries included, but swappable. • Full delivery pipeline functionality • Integrate with your choice of: • Continuous integration tool • Source control system • ChatOps tool Full control and visibility. • Those with permission can build, test and promote from dev to test • Those with permission can initiate production deploy • Real-time dashboard Deploy any app to any target. • Containerized or traditional apps • On-premises or cloud of choice
  13. 13. Puppet Product Portfolio Puppet Enterprise Puppet PipelinesPuppet Discovery Know what you have. Know where to start. Discover Bridge development and operations. Deliver Manage at scale. Keep it compliant. Control| |
  14. 14. Puppet Tasks Start simple. Get more done.
  15. 15. Puppet excels at modern automation • Model your desired state • Continually monitor and enforce desired configurations • Automatically remediate any unexpected changes or drift Model-driven approach helps scale your automation footprint across your organization
  16. 16. building { 'home': ensure => 'clean', front_door => 'closed', keys => 'key_hook', jacket => 'closet', floor => 'vacuumed’, litter_box => 'empty', remote => 'coffee_table', } Infrastructure as Code Describe the ideal environment with a simple, commonly understood language
  17. 17. Abstraction is Powerful vs
  18. 18. But sometimes you just need to make point in time changes Quick troubleshooting Deploying one-off changes Stopping and restarting services Migrating databases Complex deployment workflows
  19. 19. Introducing Puppet Tasks. Easily automate ad hoc tasks. Eliminate manual work.
  20. 20. Puppet Bolt Puppet Enterprise Task Management Puppet Tasks comes in two flavors Automate tasks across smaller infrastructures with a simple, agentless, extensible open source task runner Get scale, governance and flexibility for larger organizations & infrastructures
  21. 21. Simplest Task #!/usr/bin/env bash echo your message is $PT_message 21
  22. 22. Run your existing scripts as tasks in Puppet • Wrap commands and scripts in any language (Powershell, Bash, Ansible modules) and execute them as tasks • Gain control and visibility into ad hoc work across your infrastructure • Use Puppet as secure, scalable way to manage, version, delegate and execute infrastructure as code
  23. 23. Puppet language addition: plans plan mymodule::my_plan( String[1] $load_balancer, Variant[String[1], Array[String[1]] $frontends, Variant[String[1], Array[String[1]] $backends, ) { # process frontends run_task('mymodule::lb_remove', $load_balancer, frontends => $frontends) run_task('mymodule::update_frontend_app', $frontends, version => '1.2.3') run_task('mymodule::lb_add', $load_balancer, frontends => $frontends) } 23
  24. 24. Demo. Puppet Tasks.