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Introduction to Puppet Enterprise - Jan 30, 2019


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If you're new to Puppet Enterprise, this is the webinar for you. You'll learn why thousands of companies rely on Puppet to automate the delivery and operation of their software, and see it in action with a live demo.

We'll cover how to use Puppet Enterprise to:

Discover what you have using Puppet Discovery
Orchestrate changes to infrastructure and applications
Continually enforce your desired state and remediate any unexpected changes
Get real-time visibility and reporting to prove compliance
Automatically build, test and promote Puppet code changes using Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise

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Introduction to Puppet Enterprise - Jan 30, 2019

  1. 1. Introduction to Puppet Enterprise The shortest path to better software.
  2. 2. Agenda Puppet Overview Demonstration Q+A
  3. 3. Meet our Speakers Hannah Taylor Sales Development Rep. Mike Smith Sr. Sales Engineer
  4. 4. Digital transformation DevOps initiatives Container adoption Shifting budgets Tool proliferation Modernization Cloud migration Technical debt Skill gaps Security Compliance Agile IT Automation Shadow IT
  5. 5. Deliver better software, faster.
  6. 6. DevOps and automation are key for everyone.
  7. 7. Download at
  8. 8. A Leader in Configuration Management Automation … Again! Source: Forrester Research, Configuration Management Software for Infrastructure Automation, Q4 2017. Download at
  9. 9. Leading Platform. DevOps Automation Standard. Experience Founded in 2005 Scale More than 10 million nodes managed Offices Belfast, London, Portland, Plzen, Seattle, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo Ecosystem Deep partnerships with leading datacenter, cloud and container titans Customers 1,000+ enterprise customers, 75 of the Fortune 100 Community 5,000+ community-contributed modules, 7.5M lines of code Users 37,000+ organizations using Puppet
  10. 10. More powerful people* through software. * So that you can get your weekends back.
  11. 11. Reduction in IT operational expense 5.4% Source: ESG Economic Value Validation Report. Results are average of >200 Puppet Enterprise customers. Download at 3.1x Faster deployment speed 2.8x Increase audit success 2.5x More frequent deployments Fewer outages 2.7x Less time fixing security issues 76%
  12. 12. 3 challenges 1. What do I have? Where do I start? 2. How do I automate infrastructure changes at scale? 3. How do I break down automation silos?
  13. 13. Puppet Product Portfolio Know what you have. Know where to start. Discover Manage at scale. Keep it compliant. Manage Simplify continuous delivery. Deliver Gain insights into your DevOps performance. Measure
  14. 14. Common Automation JourneyDynamic infrastructure provisioning Cloud ● Containers Application infrastructure configuration Database ● Application ● Messaging ● Web Core infrastructure configuration Users ● Groups ● Services ● Files ● Packages Application deployment Custom apps ● COTS ● Shared services Static infrastructure provisioning Bare metal ● Virtual Depth Breadth
  15. 15. Global Retail Firm Depth Core infrastructure configuration Breadth Dynamic infrastructure provisioning Application infrastructure configuration Application deployment Static infrastructure provisioning
  16. 16. Financial Services Firm Application infrastructure configuration Static infrastructure provisioning Depth Core infrastructure configuration Breadth Application deployment Dynamic infrastructure provisioning
  17. 17. Abstraction is Powerful Describe the ideal environment with a simple, commonly understood language building { 'home': ensure => 'clean', front_door => 'closed', keys => 'key_hook', jacket => 'closet', floor => 'vacuumed’, litter_box => 'empty', remote => 'coffee_table', }
  18. 18. Live Demonstration let’s see it in action
  19. 19. Next steps Contact Sales to see how Puppet can help you Get Puppet Enterprise trial for 10 nodes Check out our Learning VM vm View our self-paced trainings Search the Forge
  20. 20. Q & A