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Poetry project


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Poetry project

  1. 1. welcomewelcome welcome WELCOME
  2. 2. ~ Limericks are suppose to be funny~ you may or may not rhyme ~ have fun with it ~it has to have four lines ~ the last line also has to rhyme with the 2nd
  3. 3. Three examples oflimericks~There once was a fly on thewall wonder why didnt it fallBecause its feet stuck Or wasit just luck Or does gravitymiss things so small? ~A flea and a fly in a flue Werecaught, so what could they do?Said the fly, "Let us BeautifulSoup
~ In a castle that had a deepmoat
Lived a chicken a duckand a goat.
They wanted to goout 
And wander about
But allthey needed was a boat.
  4. 4. Rick the guitar pickThere once was a guitar pick that was friends with an ampHe was so weird he was a not champWhile dancing with ticks and also baby chicksHe fell he fell while he was at camp Bennie the pennyThere once was a penny that name was BennieWhile looking at Dan they met Mrs. Old GinnyWhile going into the pig they looked and found Mr. BigAnd what do you know they found an old nice penny
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