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Published in: Education
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  1. 1.  A haiku is a Japanese poem with lines of five-seven- five syllables.
  2. 2.  A haiku does not have to rhyme! In fact most haikus don’t rhyme at all!
  3. 3.  Haikus were invented in Japan as says in the first slide
  4. 4.  Haikus was invented around the 9th century in Japan
  5. 5.  (Sorry I couldn’t insert the examples I found on the internet. But I do have the citing of the website.) "HAIKUS." HAIKU.COM. Web. 02 Apr. 2012. <>.
  6. 6.  HIAKU #1 I look for A stAr I cAn only see the moon Now I see A stAr HIAKU #2 You have chEEsE doodlEs A dElicious crunchy snack I wish I had one
  7. 7.  A haiku has exactly seventeen syllables. No more. No less.
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