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Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. Limerick By: Emily Lau
  2. 2. Limericks are a short funny stories, with a very strong rhythm and a particular way of rhyming. Limericks are often bawdy and humorous nature. A limerick as a poetry form is by nature simple and short. Limericks only have five lines. Examples: There once was a young girl There was a young fellow named There once was a man who
  3. 3. Poems I foundThere once was a young fellow named Tim.Whose dad never taught him to swim.He fell off a dock.And sunk like a rock.And that’s the end of him.
  4. 4. There once was a clover named KateThere once was a clover named Kate.Who sat at the edge of the plate.The fancy folk dined.On foods of all kind.They tossed her at quarter passed eight.
  5. 5. Young cannibal NedThere was a young cannibal Ned.Who used to eat onions in bed.His mother said’, sonny,It’s not very funny,Why don’t you eat people instead.
  6. 6. Poems I madeThere once was a very old dog.Who sat on a very old log.When he got up he went SPLAT!Onto a very flat mat.He stayed there all day long.