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Dream vacation


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Dream vacation

  1. 1. Dream VacationBy: Olivia Frazier
  2. 2. Italy
  3. 3. 555 Brook Life Way12345 Cary, NCDear Chloe,I have had so much fun in Italy! There was somuch to do! The first place that I went to was theLeaning Tower of Pisa! In real life it is so amazing.The fact that it hasn’t fallen down yet when itliterally is slanted is awesome! After that I went tothe Colossuem and as you know the first OlympicGames were here, and when I went into it, I washonored to be in a place where great athletes andvery important people had been in. The Pantheonwas amazing! There was lots of shops and storesaround it were I bought lunch and ate with someof my friends! We admired the amazing structureof the Pantheon, we were definitely glad that wehad came there.From,Olivia
  4. 4. Germany
  5. 5. 234 Hay Way 27518Cary, NCDear Erika,After I went to Italy I flew to Germany. I had so muchfun! The first place that I went to was the BrandenburgGate. This was very beautiful and I really liked it. TheBrandenburg Gate was a city gate and it was rebuilt inthe 18th century . My favorite thing was the architectureof the Brandenburg Gate because it was very elaborateand unique. This is definitely something I won’t forget!The next stop that I went to was the Cologne Cathedral.The outside of it was amazing and beautiful! TheCologne Cathedral was started to be built in 1248 andthen stopped and then restarted around the 19thcentury. The Cologne Cathedral was finished in 1880.My last stop in Germany was the Fernsehturm, therewasn’t much to do here but during the night they light itup and it looks very cool! It was built between 1965 and1969. I wish you were here with me!From,Olivia
  6. 6. Jamaica
  7. 7. 567 Happy Street27518 Cary, NCDear Briana,This week I went to Jamaica! I had so much funthere! Since I had to travel from Germany toJamaica, the first thing I did was relax on theamazing Reggae Beach. The water was beautifuland bright blue. I wish I could’ve stayed longer atthe beach but I had other things to do. The secondplace I went to was Dunn’s Rivers Falls. This was awater fall that you could go and ride down. Eventhough the water was cold it was so much fun togo down the falls. The last place that I stoppedwas Martha Brae River, this was awesome! As yousee in the picture a person would stand on thefront of the rowing raft and then you would sit onthe back. You pretty much relax while they rowyou around the river. Hope to see you soon!From,Olivia
  8. 8. Zimbabwe
  9. 9. 111 Sad Street 27518Cary, NCDear Maddie,I have had so much fun on this trip! Although this ismy last stop it was so fun! I am in Zimbabwe andthe first thing I did when I got there was go to thebalancing rocks! They were beautiful! I cant believethat they can actually balance on top of each other.The next stop that was fairly close to the rocks wasMatobo National Park. This park was full of animalsthat I had never seen before like lions and giraffesand zebras! This was my favorite part of Zimbabwebecause I love animals! My last stop in Zimbabwewas AMAZING it was Victoria Falls! The falls werebeautiful and I can’t believe that I actually got togo! As you see in the picture they are a place that Iwill never forget because of how beautiful theyare. Well I’m on my way home now from anawesome trip and I can’t wait to talk to you aboutit!From,Olivia
  10. 10. Citations,_Italy_-_April_2007.jpg