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Office layout equipment task aedan


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Office layout equipment task aedan

  2. 2. L-Shaped Desk  Sometimes used to fit desk-space into the corner of a room  Primarily for allowing simultaneous use of computers and paper work
  3. 3. Vertical Filing Cabinet Used for storing a large amount of files in the one place, yet using as little floor- space as possible Have to be filled from the bottom upwards to prevent it from falling over
  4. 4. Box File  Used to keep files on the same subject together  Keeps sheets of paper and files tidied away to prevent a cluttered working area
  5. 5. PC Chair A comfortable seat on which to sit upon for, potentially, a long amount of time without a break Wheels to allow easy transport and access to other local areas of the room with ease
  6. 6. Bookcase  Used to store books and box files to keep them off of the desk
  7. 7. Card Index Box Used for storing pieces of paper like pay slips, cheqes and order forms Most commonly used for things that employees would need to access quickly
  8. 8. OFFICE LAYOUT EQUIPMENT Thanks for Watching