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Right Recruit


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Essentials of a right recruit

Published in: Technology, Business
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Right Recruit

  1. 1. The Right Recruit Monisha Syamalanathan
  2. 2. Simple Definitions • It is a process of finding and attracting capable applicants for the employment • It refers to a process of attracting, screening, selecting and onboarding a qualified person for a job. • Recruitment is understood as a process of searching for and obtaining applicants for the job , from among whom the right people can be selected.
  3. 3. A Train Journey • An organization is like a train with a destination far off • We see people enter the train at various stations and get down at their defined stations • In the same way we can see that people join the firm at various stages • Some stick on and continue in the journey of the train • Some get off at an early station and some later • We have to recruit only those employees who would stick on for most part of the journey and travel in the same direction
  4. 4. Your First Step • The most important part is job analysis and developing a specification. That is, to document actual or intended requirements of the job. • JDs consist mainly of the following elements o Duties and responsibilities o Contributions and outcomes required of by the position o Educational requirement and the experience level o Reporting relationship
  5. 5. Sourcing Candidates • Screening and Selection of Resumes • Candidates can be sourced from internal applicants, networking, adverti sing or job consultants • The sourced candidates are assessed based on their skills, knowledge, aptitude, qu alification and job related experience. • They are mapped along with the Job Description prepared and the best few are shortlisted for the first round of interview
  6. 6. Interviewing • First round is usually conducted by an external recruitment agency or in-house by HR Professionals • Behavioral aspects and skill sets are evaluated. • Those who qualify the HR Round will undergo a Technical round of interview • Selected candidates are then negotiated on salary and joining dates • The best right candidate is hired
  7. 7. How to approach candidates • Candidates are sourced through consultancies, networking or database from advertisements. Professional sites available are a crucial media • The candidates are briefed on the company requirement of the particular position • An assessment is done to match the company interest and the candidate interest • If the candidate is interested then his skill sets are analyzed
  8. 8. What are the essentials to look for in a candidate • Do not leave focus from the Job Description • Do a thorough reference checking • Focus on behavioral based questions • Concentrate on candidates who have goals relating to skill and career development • Focus on the gaps in the resume • Be cautious of candidates who badmouths previous employees or co-workers
  9. 9. Create Your Employer Brand • Recruitment is not just a process where the Employee selects a candidate, it is also where candidate screens the company and the job vacancy • Use networking sites to highlight the company benefit scheme to show that its the best place to work • While interviewing discuss more on the career progress the candidate has with the firm
  10. 10. Closing of the interview • Before closing the interview, give the candidate a chance to clear queries if any • Brief them on the Post interview activities and a timeline as to when they can hear from you • Wind the interview with a formal handshake • Do not forget to provide the candidate with a Thank You email for having been participated in the entire interview procedure patiently
  11. 11. Background checks • To save organizations time and money in the recruiting , hiring and training process • Safety and security aspect • To see that employee has not forged on educational qualification
  12. 12. Thank You