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A master plan for L&D in 2020: humanising your learning

Like it or not, the blueprint for an organisation's L&D approach is being forced to change, because our learners expect more. Multi-device learning. Social learning and open learning platforms; trends come and go, but humans remain inherently the same. And the challenges that we face in L&D remain the same as they always have: how do we motivate people to want to learn and how do we make our learning engaging and immersive? Join Dr. Richard Hyde, CEO at Mind Click, and Gary Spring, Head of Design at Barclays UK Academy, as they discuss how a humanised, user-centred L&D approach, focused on learners' needs, can deliver long term results for your organisation and prepare you for 2020 and beyond. Gary and Richard will explore: - How to capture hearts and minds of learners through deeper digital learning - Leveraging the human givens in your learning strategy, by tapping into what makes us tick - The future of L&D strategy - using modern technology to move mountains.

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A master plan for L&D in 2020: humanising your learning

  1. 1. Hey Gary, how about a joint talk at LTSF? Sure Richard, how about: A master plan for L&D in 2020: Humanising your learning Gary Spring, Head of Design at Barclays Richard Hyde, CEO at Mind Click
  2. 2. Enriched client conversations 27,000 C&G accredited colleagues Award winning Created a gamification revolution Great internal engagement & stories Strengthened our relevance in digital education Inspirational content Turbo charged the digital eagle movement Enhanced our external partnerships Disrupted Barclays internal learning Positively impacted 80,000 people Engaged internal colleagues with digital Barclays UK MTP “We will leave no one behind in the digital revolution” - Ashok Vaswani
  3. 3. Disruption spectrum Comfort Zone Innovation Answer at:
  4. 4. Be honest about your learning world. Are you on a comfort blanket or innovation quest?
  5. 5. “They're selling hippie wigs in Woolworths, man” Digital agencies invading our space Savvy customers know their opinions Playing safe is too risky New clothes for a new audience
  6. 6. What does this mean for Barclays?
  7. 7. What does this mean for Mind Click? Dovetailing with internal teams More technical innovation Campaign driven learning Integrate marketing expertise
  8. 8. Strategic Gamification with Barclays Pop by Stand 5 for your free hard copy of the whitepaper! Digital copy:
  9. 9. Learner becomes player Limited time for learning 1% of a working day Knowledge required ‘in the head’ 5-10% in 2016 User experience design Watch, listen, map Play the game Sessions, anxiety, progression
  10. 10. Barclays UK Academy Experience Our chance to fully leverage the DDL user experience for our learners Inspiring Credible Expert Tomorrow Surprising Simple Entertaining
  11. 11. Analyse Design Rapid build Launch and test
  12. 12. Agile process Brain storm Paper version Aesthetics Levels Game engine Sprint Sprint Sprint Prototype
  13. 13. Technical Learning Gamification Platform
  14. 14. Survival of the fittest Look critically at your role Find strength in partnerships Take bold risks to survive Design for human beings
  15. 15. Thank you for listening to our story Swing by to see Mind Click on Stand 5 for your free hard copy of the whitepaper: Strategic Gamification with Barclays @mindclickuk Digital copy: Link to slides: