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corporate TRAINING that ROCKS


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BILLIONS of US$ are wasted on corporate training every year. Here are the keys to getting it right! Real results and real ROI!

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corporate TRAINING that ROCKS

  1. CORPORATETRAINING ! THAT@coachbay @coachbay
  2. “Companies spendmore than US$ 300billion annually fortraining and less than 10percent of what peopleare taught sticks.” - VitalSmarts @coachbay
  3. That’s US$ 270 billion in thetoilet! Wasted! @coachbay
  4. With US$ 270 billion, you could buy eachperson in Japan a Gibson Les Paul guitar @coachbay
  5. SO WHAT’S WRONG? @coachbay
  6. “It’s not enough that people a end atraining program and learn new skills. What really ma ers is that they applythe skills on the job. Then performance will improve and thebusiness benefit.” – Robinson & Robinson @coachbay
  7. BUT… @coachbay
  8. “Learning transfer is the weakestlink in most training programs.” – Calhoun Wick @coachbay
  9. The finish line for learning is not at the end of the program. It’s much later. On the job, a er learning transfer. @coachbay
  10. A er a training program, the real question is: What will you do differently on Monday? @coachbay
  11. @coachbay
  12. NO SERIOUSLY… @coachbay
  13. The business cares about on-the-job behaviors and results. If nothing changes a er a workshop, it’s just a waste of money. Before A er @coachbay
  14. “Training can go wrong in all kinds ofways. But the most important failuresoccur outside the classroom.” - McKinsey @coachbay
  15. SO WHAT CAN YOU DO? @coachbay
  16. MAKE YOURTRAINING @coachbay
  17. THE ROCK PROCESS  A 3-day program is not a 3-day event, it’s more like a 3-month process… @coachbay
  18. “To improve results from trainingprograms, executives must focus onwhat happens in the workplace beforeand a er employees go to class.” - McKinsey @coachbay
  19. THE ROCK PROCESS   EFO RE URI NG AFTERB D1-3 Weeks 1-3 Days 9-12 Weeks @coachbay
  21. BEFORE THE EVENTInvitationThe participant isinvited to the trainingprogram and the goalsare clearly explained. They know why theyare going! @coachbay
  22. BEFORE THE EVENT Meet the Manager The participant has a meeting with his manager to agree on the learning objectives for the training. @coachbay
  23. BEFORE THE EVENTPre-workThe participant isgiven readings andassignments, whichhave to becompleted beforethe program. @coachbay
  24. BEFORE THE EVENTInvitation Meet the Pre-work Manager @coachbay
  25. Great managers recognize that ge ingbe er at anything requires practice andthat when trying anything new, peopleneed support and coaching. @coachbay
  27. DURING THE EVENTShow The training will showthe participants whatthey have to do, whythey have to do it, andhow to do it. @coachbay
  28. DURING THE EVENT Practice The participants will practice the new skills, get feedback and reflect on learnings. @coachbay
  29. DURING THE EVENTAction PlanThe participants willdecide anddocument whatthey will dodifferently at work. @coachbay
  30. DURING THE EVENTShow Practice Action Plan @coachbay
  31. “The way in which learning isdelivered should reflect and facilitatethe way in which it will be used!” – Calhoun Wick @coachbay
  33. AFTER THE EVENT Meet the Manager The participant has a meeting to share the action plan. Manager to coach and provide feedback. Regular meetings to review progress. @coachbay
  34. AFTER THE EVENTPracticeThe participant willpractice the new skills,and get feedback fromthe manager, peers andsubordinates @coachbay
  35. AFTER THE EVENT Assess At the end of the on-the-job period, the participant should be assessed to determine the level of transfer. @coachbay
  36. AFTER THE EVENTMeet the Practice AssessManager @coachbay
  37. “Old habits die hard, a er all, soreinforcing and supporting new kinds ofbehavior a er they are learned is crucial.” - McKinsey @coachbay
  38. THE ROCK PROCESS  Real Results, Real ROI Before A er @coachbay
  39. THE ROCK PROCESS   EFO RE URI NG AFTERB D1-3 Weeks 1-3 Days 9-12 Weeks @coachbay
  40. MAKE YOURTRAINING @coachbay
  41. ONE MORE THING… @coachbay
  42. “Training is expensive to designand deliver; it should be the last,not the first, intervention thatmanagers should consider toimprove employee performance.” – Calhoun Wick @coachbay
  43. CORPORATETRAINING ! THAT@coachbay @coachbay
  44. Inspired By… @coachbay
  45. Thank You!Like It? Share It! @coachbay
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