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Positive Coach OVERVIEW of Services and Capabilities


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POSITIVE COACH is an executive coaching firm, global coaching program management and contract coach staffing company providing scalable executive coaching, enterprise training and coaching program solutions. Unlike most large coach providers, Positive Coach offers a competitively priced, highly affordable suite of programs.

Guaranteed high quality teams of experienced coaches are hand picked, trained, matched with clients, and supervised in response to corporate needs for greater accountability

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Positive Coach OVERVIEW of Services and Capabilities

  1. 1. COACHING TODAY  The demand and value of coaching today’s leaders and top professionals have grown dramatically over the last few years.  Companies are looking for more cost effective solutions and more efficient ways to manage the complexities and quality of these services.
  2. 2.  POSITIVE COACH is an executive coaching firm, global coaching program management and contract coach staffing company providing scalable executive coaching, enterprise training and coaching program solutions  Guaranteed high quality teams of experienced coaches are hand picked, trained, matched with clients, and supervised in response to corporate needs for greater accountability
  3. 3.  We take best practices from proven leadership development models and tailor the coaching and development program to your company’s practices, needs, existing tools, and priorities. COACHING PROGRAMS  To create your program, we consult on the following factors: 1. The coaching tools you wish to leverage (e.g. assessments, 360's, leadership competencies, training models) 2. The requirements for the Coaches (e.g. experience, level of certification, advanced degrees, remedial or intervention skills) 3. The scope (e.g. number of coaching hours, how many months, in- person vs. virtual, conduct interviews, unique requirements)
  5. 5. SAMPLE COACHING OR TRAINING TOPICS  Encouraging Innovation  Conflict Management  Strategic Agility  Effectively Coping with (or Leading) Change  Collaboration  Authentic, Intentional Communication  Business or Financial Acumen  Negotiation  Building Trust  Influence  Global Diversity and Cultural Challenges  Executive Presence  Engaging Direct Reports
  6. 6.  Throughout the program, we include INDEPENDENT FEEDBACK processes of both the Coachee, the HR or Coach Program Coordinator, and other key stakeholders. Our primary purpose is to ensure consistent quality and a high level of coachee and company satisfaction.  Depending on the size and scope of the program, we also engage a DEDICATED PROGRAM MANAGER to provide seamless communication, coordination, and quality oversight.  Finally, THE EXECUTIVE TEAM IS ACTIVELY INVOLVED and committed to ensuring satisfaction across all aspects of the program. QUALITY ASSURANCE
  7. 7.  Deep executive coaching experience  Broad–based experience with corporate coaching, leadership development, and succession planning programs  Sophisticated on-line systems, procedures and processes specifically designed to handle large-scale contracts (see next two slides)  Dedication to coach training and development  Comprehensive quality control processes that ensures top-notch program management, coaching delivery, and customer satisfaction POSITIVE COACH’S Unique Qualifications
  10. 10. “I would strongly recommend POSITIVE COACH!” “I have had the good fortune of working with POSITIVE COACH for the past 4 years and I am extremely pleased with the relationship that we have established. We have used their team for such services as professional & executive coaching, consulting on a global leadership development program, and coordinating a feedback survey for our Human Resources services both in the US and Puerto Rico. Not only are they a knowledgeable and professional team, they are extremely personal in their approach. The feedback from each of our leaders who have received coaching from their experts has been outstanding, to the point where several of them have asked to have their engagements extended. I would strongly recommend POSITIVE COACH!” Brian Moore, Former Director of Human Resources, Microsoft Licensing
  11. 11. “My coach has provided me with honest, motivating, and challenging coaching services. Her counsel has been invaluable to see myself and situations more objectively. I have both enjoyed and benefited from her tough and encouraging approaches that have helped make me an improved leader, ready to take on the next steps in my career. I highly recommend Mina Brown and the POSITIVE COACH team!” – Mark Cunningham, Vice President, HR - M&A Integration and HR Business Partner to CFO/Corporate Leaders, Xerox Services "My executive coach has the ability to accurately assess any business situation… I cannot tell you how very much I respect her. Her insight and coaching is so incredible that I use her for everything including business strategy and as a personal life coach.” – Jackie Jackson, President, Sphinx Residential OTHER TESTIMONIALS
  12. 12. PARTIAL CLIENT LIST Our executives have worked with hundreds of leaders and leadership teams in major corporations worldwide:  Abbott  Accenture  Allstate  Andersen  Amdocs  Case  CDC  ConAgra  Dell  Discover Financial  Equity Residential  Ernst & Young  Essilor  Experian  Ferrosan  Frito-Lay / PepsiCo  FedEx  Hilton  Hewlett Packard  HSBC  IBM  Int’l Truck & Engine  Merrill Lynch  Microsoft  Nissan  Nokia  Nortel  Orthofix  Raytheon  Schneider Electric  Siemens Automotive  Sphinx Residential  Texas Instruments  US Navy  Ventas REIT  Xerox Services
  13. 13. MINA BROWN President & Founder Mina Brown, MBA, NLPC, Board Certified Coach President and Founder Mina is an experienced and insightful executive coach, career consultant, trainer, public speaker, and author. A former senior operations executive and CFO with over 20 years in large corporations, she offers unique perspectives, compelling insight, and inspiration. Mina’s more than 15 years experience in executive coaching includes founding an ICF and CCE accredited coaching school. Previously, she was CFO of Aviall and SVP & General Manager of its Aerospace Division. Earlier, she held management positions with Ryder System and Amax. She started her career with Price Waterhouse. Mina holds an MBA from Vanderbilt University, a BBA from Eastern Kentucky University, and a CPA. She is a Board Certified Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Certified NLP Coach and one of the early members of International Coach Federation. Her two popular books, Be Smart: Sail Past the Hazards of Conventional Career Advice and Be Sharp: “Tell me About Yourself” in Great Introductions and Professional Bios are available on
  14. 14. LYNN BANIS Chief Coaching Officer Lynn Banis, PhD, MCC, Board Certified Coach Chief Coaching Officer Lynn Banis has devoted over thirty years to the development of human and organizational potential. As an executive coach, she is recognized for her clarity of thought, ability to ask deep questions, and business acumen. At Andersen Worldwide (Accenture and Andersen), Lynn facilitated global change management initiatives and coached and consulted with senior partners on performance excellence. She led firm wide mentoring programs and introduced internal coaching concepts. As Director of Training and Development at Children’s Hospital and also at Tidewater Healthcare Systems, Lynn implemented cutting edge leadership development programs. Lynn holds a PhD with a Cognate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, an MS in Counseling, and an MS in Administration. Lynn is a Master Certified Coach, Board Certified Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Certified NLP Coach, and was a founding member of ICF’s Internal Coaching Special Interest Group. She is also past-President of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD-SEVA) and was a member of its National Executive Committee.
  16. 16.  POSITIVE COACH executive coaches have decades of senior level business leadership experience in addition to years of coaching experience, extensive training, and serious credentials. Our coaches are experts in facilitating successful growth and development, even at the highest corporate levels. OUR EXECUTIVE COACHES  Many of our executive coaches have:  Advanced degrees (MBA, MS, MA, PhD)  5,000+ hours executive coaching  10 years+ business experience  International coaching experience  Have served as corporate executives  Maintain own client list of Fortune 500 corporations
  17. 17.  With our worldwide network of professional coaches and our proprietary matching system, we are able to take into consideration not only the objectives of your program but the specific requests of your individual coachees. In our experience, having the ability to find a coach that meets the specific needs of a coachee is optimal for the overall success of the program. OUR LEADERSHIP COACHES  Our leadership coaches:  Former corporate leaders, consultants, and leadership trainers  Highly trained and credentialed  Must demonstrate “Coaching Mastery” during our rigorous application process which includes verification of coach training, professional credentials & references
  18. 18. Mina Brown, Founder & President  972-733-9963  NEXT STEPS? CALL US!
  20. 20. “A study [of coaching] shows an average return on investment of 7.9 times* the initial investment (788% ROI) in a typical executive coaching assignment, or a return of more that $100,000.” Source: Manchester, Inc. Survey Results COACHING DELIVERS PROVEN RESULTS *when intangible benefits are added into the equation; without these, the ROI is 577%
  21. 21. Employers are shocked at how high their ROI numbers are for coaching. He recalls a large employer in the hospitality industry saved between $30 million and $60 million by coaching its top 200 executives. Source: Alastair Robertson, Manager of Worldwide Leadership Development, Accenture REPORTED SAVINGS OF $30 TO $60M
  22. 22. Xerox Corporation carried out several studies on coaching. They determined that in the absence of follow-up coaching to their training classes, 87% of the skills change brought about by the program was lost. That's 87 cents in the skills dollar. However good your skills training in the classroom, unless it's followed up on the job, most of its effectiveness is lost without follow-up coaching. Source: Business Wire, July 30, 2001 87% TRAINING INVESTMENTS LOST
  23. 23. A study featured in Public Personnel Management Journal reports that managers (31) that underwent a managerial training program showed an increased productivity of 22.4%. However, a second group was provided coaching following the training process and their productivity increased by 88%. Source: F. Turner, Ph.D. CEO Refresher COACHING ADDED TO TRAINING QUADRUPLES PRODUCTIVITY