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(Interactive Multi Channel Online Marketing Portal)

Is a robust platform to deliver campaigns that provides transparency from the macro to the micro, with real-time interactive marketing and reporting.

Our ad system delivers measurable and scalable results based on the effectiveness of our advanced optimization technology

This platform is implementable for:
Interactive selling ( Audio & Video )
Interactive support (Audio & Video)

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11 Solutions World Media Service 2009 New

  1. 1. World Media Service Have developed several innovative products and services which focus on The changing technology. Audio / Video Interactive Communications and Ads Modules Live Audio and Video E-Learning & conferencing solutions. Online TV solutions for enterprises and ISPs.
  2. 2. Internet is the fastest growing sales channel TV Outdoor SEARCH DM
  3. 3. Lecturer at the following Universities: Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Frankfurt, Technical University Cheljabinsk, (Ural) and Twente and NIKOS. Specialised in Cross-Cultural Communication, Sales Management and Internet Buying Behaviour. Lecturer at the Amsterdam & Nijenrode University in the Netherlands. Principal sales advisor and opinion leader for clients like Deutsche Bank, Ebay, Philips, SNS Reaal A.O. Specialist in Digital Advertising, Multichannel Campaign Management, Internet Sales Funnels and Social Media. WMS, An award winning Company European EFMA Award Best Mortgage Product, march 2007 Emerce Eday Award Best Online Marketing Solution, October 2007
  4. 4. We service a wide range of clients
  5. 5. WMS Interactive Contact centre
  6. 6. Operator area
  7. 8. Brain Banner In Interactive Marketplace
  8. 9. Brain Banner is not only optimizing your click rate for your campaign but also with different interaction functions.
  9. 10. http://advicesoft.net/samplebanners1.asp?ad=15&s=104&Page=1 http://advicesoft.net/samplebanners1.asp?ad=15&s=103&Page=1 http://advicesoft.net/samplebanners1.asp?ad=15&s=107&Page=1 http://advicesoft.net/samplebanners1.asp?ad=15&s=109&Page=1 http://advicesoft.net/samplebanners1.asp?ad=15&s=108&Page=1
  10. 11. Brain Banners Samples http://advicesoft.net/samplebanners1.asp?ad=15&s=101&Page=1 Sample: Banner Size: 200 X 540 Total Banner : 06 Size each banner: 186 X 140 https://www.1-2-3sell.com/helpdesk_wdb/English/4.1/operator.asp?helpdesk_id=hd_wmssite_live1
  11. 12. Self Service & product presentation ADS
  12. 13. Self Service Banners Samples http://advicesoft.net/samplebanners1.asp?ad=18&s=114&Page=1 Sample: <ul><li>Banner Size: 540 X 260 </li></ul><ul><li>Feature: </li></ul><ul><li>Frequently Asked Question </li></ul><ul><li>Recorded Video </li></ul><ul><li>Call me back </li></ul><ul><li>Video Chat </li></ul>
  13. 14. Web Self Service Module Operator Online Mode Call me now FAQ’s Live Chat
  14. 16. White Board Area With our hassle free white board, Operator can guide, demonstrate draw with figures, shapes and texts to the clients in REAL TIME
  15. 17. Reach Media Interactive Media Ads
  16. 18. Peal off Banner Ad http://advicesoft.net/Samplebanners1.asp?ad=4&s=23&Page=2 Sample:
  17. 19. Rich Media Interactive Ad http://advicesoft.net/Samplebanners1.asp?ad=4&s=25&Page=2
  18. 20. Use Live Sales on your websites to directly sell your products http://www.livestreamsite.com/f/sample05/sample05.htm
  19. 21. Text 2 Form Ads
  20. 22. Direct Chat Banner with Form FROM TEXT TO FORM WITH INTERACTION
  21. 23. WMS Interactive Ad’s http://www.advicesoft.net/Samplebanners1.asp?ad=16&s=113&Page=1
  22. 24. Interactive multi channel online marketing portal
  23. 25. Easy video on site Application & Interactive Tv Studio
  24. 26. Interactive Multi Channel Online Marketing Portal (IMCOMP)
  25. 28. On Site Video Banner Ad's http://advicesoft.net/Samplebanners1.asp?ad=20&s=201&Page=1
  26. 29. <ul><li>http://advicesoft.net/emiratestv/livetv.asp </li></ul><ul><li>http://advicesoft.net/emiratestv/admin.html </li></ul>Interactive Tv Studio
  27. 30. 24/7
  28. 31. Sample 3 http://advicesoft.net/proposal/emirates/s3.htm
  29. 35. SMS call me xxxxxx And generate a call back to your clients http://www.1-2-3sell.com/markplatz/a36_f.htm http://www.1-2-3sell.com/marktplaats/a51.htm http://www.1-2-3sell.com/marktplaats/a57.htm
  30. 36. WMS Interactive Contact centre