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Valet boss oep Venture Lab 2012


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Valet boss oep Venture Lab 2012

  1. 1. WHO WE AREValet Boss is a team dedicated to making the valet service experience better. By strategically aligning ourselves with valet services nationwide, we are able to provide discounts and improved valet services.
  2. 2. THE PROBLEMThe fundamental current problem with Valet services is twofold, first of which being you always need some form of cash when using Valet services which can be inconvenient this day in ageSecond, you will find yourself waiting in a line for the service, so if you can find a way around that it would eliminate the hassle
  3. 3. PRODUCTWe aim to offer a better valet service solution through the use of a mobile application that would handle credit card processing and other solutionsTo get updates about where we are at with the product please visit:
  4. 4. TEAMWe are a small team compromised of one technical, one business, and one marketing and semi technical founder. We all came to know each other through experiencing the same problem and all living locally.
  5. 5. BUSINESS MODEL – SALESOur initial sales goal will be continuing to capture Valet services as partners with our application. Once we have a good base we will also be able to do location based marketing and upsells
  6. 6. BUSINESS MODEL - PARTNERSThis is one of the biggest contingencies to Valet Boss becoming crucial in the market. By strategically aligning ourselves with current market services we have an easy entrance into the market without disrupting the current user flow tremendously.Without partners we would need to find independent Valet services to target, which would be on a more local and not national level
  7. 7. BUSINESS MODEL - DISTRIBUTIONOur application for the consumer will be distributed through the phone application stores. We currently will be offering an iPhone or Android version.For the Valet services, we offer a service where they may rent the tablet from us monthly with our software, or buy our software as a package for a single fee plus a monthly cost.
  8. 8. BUSINESS MODEL - COSTSOur costs are minimal now with the application being prototyped. Our main focus for costs will be in the marketing realm and trying to get as much exposure as possible.We have minor server costs, and have the server setup to easily be scalable depending on the type of user adoption we receive.
  9. 9. RISKSI think the biggest risk we face with this app is user adoption. If we are unable to appeal to the current customer base we will be unable to gain the attention of the Valet Services.We need to run targeted campaigns to help prevent this risk
  10. 10. FUNDINGValetBoss is currently bootstrapping our venture, and we feel we can strongly continue to support moving forward with this method.