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IC12 - Fundraising in Future Vision


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Presentation from International Institute discussion group on Saturday 5 May, 2012.

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IC12 - Fundraising in Future Vision

  1. 1. Fundraising in Future Vision Saturday, 5 May – 11:00-12:00 IMPACT, Jupiter 5 1
  2. 2. The Annual Fund• Building block of an organization’s fundraising strategy• Primary source of support for The Rotary Foundation activities• Funds Rotarian driven projects• Every Rotarian, Every Year 2
  3. 3. Traditional Annual Fund Giving Options SHARE World Fund District District Designated and Global Fund Grant (DDF) Funding Rotarian AnnualContributions SHARE Fund Global and World Packaged Fund Grant Funding 3
  4. 4. Additional Annual Fund Giving OptionsSHAREWorld FundPeace & Conflict Resolution/PreventionDisease Prevention & TreatmentWater & SanitationBasic Education & LiteracyChild & Maternal HealthEconomic & Community Development 4
  5. 5. Annual Fund Strategies• Online Giving – • Available in 12 currencies• Rotary Direct • Monthly, quarterly or annually• Paul Harris Society • US$85/month or €200/quarter 5
  6. 6. YOU are the Key to Success• Lead by example• Educate• Ask• Thank Thank Retain Acquire Upgrade 6
  7. 7. Fundraising In Future Vision Other Giving Opportunities 7
  8. 8. Ways of GivingAnnual FundPolioPlusPermanent Fund•Global Grants•Rotary Peace Centers Term Gifts•Global Grants•Rotary Peace Centers 8
  9. 9. Permanent Fund• Rotary’s endowment• Gifts can be made today, or in the future• Spendable earnings directed to programs• Can establish special fund in donor’s name• The larger the gift, the more specificity afforded 9
  10. 10. Permanent Fund – Global Grants• Any contribution: area of focus• US$100,000+: area of focus• US$250,000+: area of focus & district• US$500,000+: area of focus & geographic region• US$1,000,000+: Tailored to match donor interest 10
  11. 11. Term Gifts• Spent in short time frame• Spent entirely on the program• The larger the gift, the more specificity• Grants can carry the donor’s name 11
  12. 12. Term Gifts – Global GrantsUS$15,000: choose area of focus•Gift used worldwide•Essentially replaces World Fund•Donors receive report on grantUS$30,000: choose area of focus & district•Provides ‘free’ grant to district•District can leverage & build larger grant 12
  13. 13. FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION• Contact your Regional RotaryFoundation Coordinator and districtleadership• Talk to your zone’s major gifts officer• Contact your international office 13