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Editing My Main Cover Image


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What I did on photoshop to edit my main cover image

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Editing My Main Cover Image

  2. 2. Firstly…I removed the backgroundof the image so when I putit on my front cover it willbe the same rather thanthe background of theimage.
  3. 3. HairI selected a new layer and choose the eyedropper toolto select the colour of her hair. I choose the brush tooland painted over it, using the layer options at the side Iselected divide. When opacity was 100% it looked likethis so I lowered it to 18%. Doing this to the hair adds highlights to the hair and makes it look healthier and shinier.
  4. 4. SkinI created a new layer and named it skin. I selected theeyedropper tool and clicked on her face to select the samecolour. I choose the brush tool and set it to overlay, I turnedthe opacity down to 29% so it still looked natural, I wentover all the skin. Doing this makes the skin look a lotsmoother and fresh. It gets rid of blemishes. BEFORE AFTER
  5. 5. EyesFor the eyes I selected a new layer and names it eyes. Iselected the colour black and then the brush tool. Ichanged the brush tool to overlay and painted on the eyelids, making them black, I changed the opacity to 29% so itwasn’t too much. Doing this made the eyes look darker andmore dramatic. Before After
  6. 6. BottleI blurred the bottle label as it is a copyrighted brand. To dothis is duplicated the background layer then I went on filter,pixelate and then crystalise, I clicked okay so all the imagewent pixelated. Then I used the rubber tool to remove allthe pixals except for on the bottle label. I decided it didn’tlook pixelated enough so I did this again on another layer.