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I asked fellow female classmates which idea is their favourite. I'm going to ask males also.

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  1. 1. Music Video Ideas: Feedback
  2. 2. Hannah said: ‘I like ideas 1 and 2 the best as they are very creative and the videos will portray the song and its lyrics very well. I think idea 5 is good although I think it will take a lot more time and carefulness as is available being a sixth form student.’ Ellie said: ‘I like ideas 1, 3 and 5 the most but if I had to choose one all time favorite it would idea 3 as it’s the most different and there are many opportunities to use different visual effects and portray the feeling of being ‘lost’’
  3. 3. Amelia said: ‘I like the first idea although I think it would be quite hard to achieve. Number four is my favorite, I think it’d pass along a really nice message. I like number 5 the least as it is quite cheesy.’ Miss Lawson said: ‘I like the first idea but it is quite risky to do as it is being shot on holiday, therefore if any footage needs redoing it wont fit in. I was torn between 3 and 5, I think they are both creative idea which you could create a real ‘arty’ element with. My gut instinct was idea 3, many effects could be used on it. Jodie said: ‘I agree with miss, I like 3 the best!’