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SQLBits X Training Day Presentation on SQL Server 2012 Beyond Relational Scenario Introduction

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  • Let’s take a look at a BR application. What services does it provide. What about having these services supported in the database instead of each application building their own?
  • Examples: Manage an application that manages images in the file system and additional information in the databaseBuilding a spatial database application before SQL Server 2008Example services: Backup/restore, search over relational and non-relational data
  • Pure relational database system.
  • SQL Server 7.0: Added FT Search over unstructured data
  • SQL 2000: Starting to add XML supportSQL 2005: XML datatype, XQuery, XML IndicesSQL 2008: Spatialdatatype and ops, Spatial Indexing, Filestream with Win 32 (but requires special library to open/create), integrated FTS Filestream requires NTFS
  • As of SQL Server 2012:Exposing Win 32 natively through FileTableAddition of Semantic Platform to enable Semantic search (and eventually – post Denali - query)Efficient Storage: building on existing relational storage and indexing infrastructure and backup/restore/HA. Bring SQL Server’s superior TCO to BR data and assures efficient and safe storage of customer’s high-value dataRich Capabilities: Necessary (but not sufficent) programmability experience to move customers to entrust their high-value data to SQL with minimal migration pains and access it via their favorite programming model/API.Rich Services: Provide high-value services to unlock information in all data in a highly scalable way. Entices customers to move their high-value data into SQL to discover information fast. Provides platform stickiness and differentiation.
  • Focus in SQL Server 2012 in priority order:Capabilities and rich services for unstructured dataSpatial platformSustain existing BR supportToolingPerformance & ScaleOrthogonalityLarge new Features
  • SQLBits X SQL Server 2012 Beyond Relational

    1. 1. Structured andunstructured SearchRelated/”Semantic”Search
    2. 2. Building and Maintaining Applications with relational and non-relational data is hard Pain Complex integration Duplicated functionalityPoints Compensation for unavailable services Reduce the cost of managing all data Simplify the development of applicationsGoals over all data Provide management and programming services for all data
    3. 3. Tables, XML, Spatial, Documents, Digital Media, Scientific Records,Factoids…Data formats and content natively understood for rich application anduser experienceConsistent Application Model and Data Constructs to ease applicationdevelopment, migration and long-term retentionProvide rich services, e.g.,
    4. 4. Programmability T-SQL Query Structured Data B-treesManageability Availability Files
    5. 5. Programmability T-SQL Query SearchStructured Unstructured Data Data B-trees Manageability Availability Files
    6. 6. Programmability Spatial, XML, T-SQL/Data Types HierarchyID Win 32Query and XQuery SearchType Operations Spatial ops Semi- Structured Unstructured structured Data Data Data/XML XML, FTS, Spatial B-trees Indices Filestrea Manageability m Availability Files
    7. 7. Rich Data ProgrammabilityProgramming Spatial, XML,Capabilities T-SQL/Data Types HierarchyID Win 32Rich Query and Query and Type SearchSearch Services Operations XQueryover all Data Spatial ops Semantic PlatformEfficient Storage Structured Semi-structured Unstructuredfor BR Data Data Data/XML Data XML, FTS, Spatial B-trees Indices Filestream Manageability& Availability Files
    8. 8. SQL Server 2005 SQL Server 2008 R2 SQL Server 2012 Full Text Indexing Remote BLOB Store FileTable (Win 32 I/O) Rich unstructured API over FileStream Scale-up FileStream Data & Services Filestream with RCSI Scale-up Search Integrated FTS Search functionality Fully supported Geometry Semantic Similarity and Geography data types FullGlobe and Functions 2D Extensions Spatial Reporting Services Pervasive Spatial support XML Data Type XML UpgradesSemistructured Data XQuery Large UDTs & Documents XML Schema Sparse Columns Wide Table/ColumnSet Filtered Indices Reliable Service Broker HierarchyID Multi-cast Poison-Message Messaging handling Enqueue time