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Michael A. Duch | World's Most Beautiful Churches 2


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Michael A. Duch on the most majestic, sacred places in the world.

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Michael A. Duch | World's Most Beautiful Churches 2

  1. 1. THE WORLD’S MOST BEAUTIFUL CHURCHES PART II Michael A. Duch | Majestic images of the world’s most sacred places
  2. 2. THE CHURCH OFTHETRANSFIGURATION, KIZHI ISLAND Built: 18th century It sits on Lake Onega in Russia and is a popular stop-off point onVolga river cruises.
  3. 3. CHURCH OF ST GEORGE, ETHIOPIA Built: 12th century It was chiseled from a single piece of living rock.
  4. 4. PALATINE CHAPEL, SICILY Built: 1132 Covered by intricate gold mosaics, depicts scenes such as St John in the desert and a group of 5 saints.
  5. 5. SAINTE-CHAPELLE, PARIS Built: 13th century It is believed to be built by Louis IX
  6. 6. ST BARTHOLOMEWTHE GREAT, LONDON Built: 1123 It was used a scene in Four Weddings and a Funeral
  7. 7. FEISENKIRCHE, GERMANYBuilt: 1482 You can only enter through a tunnel plowed into the rock.
  8. 8. CHURCH OF DMITRY ON BLOOD, UGLICH, RUSSIA Built: 1692 It was where Dimitri, son of Ivan the Terrible, and his supporters were slaughtered.
  9. 9. CHURCH OF SAINT STEPHANOS, IRAN Built: 7th century It sits in a verdant valley in Iran and is believed to house the bones of Saint Gregory.
  10. 10. CHURCH OFTHE NATIVITY, WEST BANK Built: 372 AD Sits over the “Grotto”, which is considered to be the site of birth of Jesus Christ.
  11. 11. MATTHIAS CHURCH, HUNGARY Built: 1015 Inside there is a gallery which contains a replica of the Hungarian royal crown.