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Michael A. Duch | Technology in Hunting


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Michael A. Duch on smartphone apps to use while hunting.

Published in: Technology
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Michael A. Duch | Technology in Hunting

  1. 1. Technology in Hunting Michael A. Duch
  2. 2. iHunt,Atlus Brands .47 different animal calls.! .Keep detailed logs of hunts. ! .Record which calls worked best for your hunt.! .Follow weather conditions and Solunar.! .Know when animals are feeding and active. ! .$5.99
  3. 3. Hunting Journal Pro, Mt. Lookout Media .Requires a connection to a data network! .Record data such as weather conditions, moon phase, and game animals observed! .Save GPS coordinates! .Social community to share hunting stores and get field reports! .App offers a scientific so lunar table! .$3.99
  4. 4. HuntStand Lite,TerraStride Inc. .Works both online and offline! .Offers HuntZone technology, to track your scent throughout the hunt! .43 icons to mark important objects you encounter on the app’s map! .FREE
  5. 5. Hunt Predictor HuntingTimes, Jeffrey Courter .Hunting predictions for deer, turkey, and waterfowl! .Hunting time graph using prediction algorithms for specific hunting times.! .Plot your locations using GPS optimized map! .Manage your data from various hunts! .FREE
  6. 6. ActInNature Hunting, GEOPAK ApS .Map offers Hunting zones, POIs, other hunter, weather, and compass! .Offers a camera with view of POIs and other hunters in the area! .Share hunting zones and POIs with friends! .Offers a FREE and Advanced ($11.99) version
  7. 7. Antler Insanity, LLC .Mark property boundaries and game trails! .Offers a social community to share stand lists! .Scoring sheets for selected antler species! .$0.99