Ukraine Tourist Attractions


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Probably the main attractions of Ukraine are nature's beauty and rich history. Find out more on what to see in Ukraine

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  • Ukraine is a beautiful country
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Ukraine Tourist Attractions

  1. 1. {Ukraine Tourist Attractions One of Europe’s hidden treasures Read more What To See In Ukraine
  2. 2. Ukraine is one of the largest and most Probably the main attractions of Ukrainediverse countries in Europe. As the are natures beauty and rich history. Manyborder land between East and West, of the cities have a history of over 500Ukraine has been vulnerable to years, and others of even 900 years. Citiesforeign invasion, which sometimes like these are enriched with monuments,have enriched the culture of the buildings, archeological sites and, but other times haveexploited and devastated the country. Read more What To See In Ukraine
  3. 3. Kiev, Ukraine - Discover Kiev, the city that is the cradle of Russian civilization and at the same the place from which Christianity spread in Eastern Europe. The Golden Gate of Kiev is the only part that has survived from the walls of the city in the 10th century.- Visit the Cathedral of Saint Sophiafrom the 11th century, containing iconsand splendid frescoes, and situated in abeautiful area. St. Vladimirs Cathedralis the seat of rival pro-UkrainianChurch. Read more What To See In Ukraine
  4. 4. Kiev, Ukraine - Explore the religious heritage of the city of Kiev at the monasteries of the caves. This ancient institution is the central point of the beginnings of the Orthodox Church. To see the relics from the churches, you’ll need candles.- Make use of a fewmoments of culture at theOpera in Kiev, UkrainianMuseum of Art and theMuseum of History. Read more What To See In Ukraine
  5. 5. Kamyanets-Podilsky- Admire the city Kamyanets-Podilsky inWestern Ukraine, a medieval wonder locatedon a high rock, which has been described as ‘astone flower on a rock’ by poet LesyaUkrayinka. Read more What To See In Ukraine
  6. 6. Lviv- Discover Lviv, a wonderful outdoor museum, which hasa true architectural treasure. The historical center, listedas world heritage by the UNESCO, is centered on thesquare full of buildings in Gothic, Baroque, Renaissanceand rococo architecture styles Read more What To See In Ukraine
  7. 7. Odessa- Visit the most famous movietheater in the world in Odessa,the place of the famous Potemkinsteps in Sergei Eisensteins filmthe Battleship Potemkin. Odessais the most cosmopolitan city ofUkraine, with a flourishingJewish community and noreligious prejudice. Read more What To See In Ukraine
  8. 8. Yalta- Take a trip to Yalta in the South. Nearby is the Palace of Livadia, whereRoosevelt, Churcill and Stalin met in 1945, to reshape the map of Europe and inthe country and where the czars spent the summer holidays before the Bolshevikrevolution. Read more What To See In Ukraine