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Prague slide


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Prague slide

  1. 1. Evan Spurlock &Cheyenne Shuler
  2. 2. Prague is the capital and largest city of theCzech Republic located in central Europe 
  3. 3. The population of Prague is about 1,262,106 (2011) Prague accounts for 25% of the country’s GDP
  4. 4. The Government Politically, the Czech Republic is a multi-party parliamentary representative democraticrepublic. According to the Constitution of theCzech Republic, the President is the head ofstate while the Prime Minister is the head ofgovernment, exercising supreme executivepower. The Legislature is bicameral, with theChamber of Deputies and the Senate.
  5. 5. The flag on the left is Prague’s flagand the flag on the right is Czech’s flag 
  6. 6. Prague is very well known for its ancient buildings and creative architecture. 
  7. 7. Astronomical Clock On October 9, 2010, theClocks 600thanniversary wascelebrated with a lightshow on the face of theclock tower. The clockwas first installed in1410, making it thethird-oldestastronomical clock inthe world and theoldest one stillworking.
  8. 8. The area of Prague is 308 square miles and is divided by the Vltava river.  The Charles Bridge
  9. 9. The Vltava River runs through Prague over 19 miles and is crossed by 18 bridges. 
  10. 10. The Czech Republic has one of the leastreligious populations in the world but is home to many beautiful cathedrals and churches.  According to the Czech statistical office 62.4% of the population indicated they were agnostic, atheist or irreligious.
  11. 11. Prague has extremely cold winters due to its landlocked location.  The average temperature in winter is around 23° F.
  12. 12. Summers usually bring fine sunnydays with highs being around 75°F.  The precipitation rate is about 55 inches yearly which is less than Paris and Rome.
  13. 13. How Prague became what it is today Prague suffered in much the same way as the restof the country during harsh Soviet-imposedCommunist rule, and it was here that the VelvetRevolution was born and completed in 1989.Today, Prague is indisputably a modern Europeancity and is becoming the capital of Central Europe.Many large companies have their regionalheadquarters here and the city is an enticinginvestment location, despite being more wealthy(and therefore expensive) than many Westerncounterparts.
  14. 14. Saint Nicholas Cathedral  St. Nicholas Church at the Old Town Square was completed in 1735. It replaced a parish church, mentioned in records dating back as early as 1273.
  15. 15. The Mucha Museum  This small museum features only the work of the great Czech Art Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha. Mucha was famous for the posters he designed for theatre productions of the great fin-de-siècle actress, Sarah Bernhardt, and his work optimises the Art Nouveau movement.
  16. 16. Canal in Central Prague 
  17. 17. There are low rates of violent crimes, but high rates of pickpocketing and car theft  Dude, where’s my car???
  18. 18. Pork knuckle is a must if you enjoy eating large unhealthy meals. Street food, particularly in Wenceslas Square is quite popular.
  19. 19. The Czech’s consume more beer per capita than any other country… ..Exceeding Ireland by 27.50 liters per person per year.
  20. 20. If you taste it you’ll understand why… 
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