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Czech Guidebook

  1. 1. THE CZECH REPUBLIC The Czech Republic is a small country in the Central Europe. 10 million people live here. There are three regions – Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. The capital and largest city is Prague. Sometime it’s called “the heart of Europe”. The Czech Republic is a member of NATO since 1999 and of the European Union since 2004. Prague The name Prague comes from and old Slavic root. Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic. Prague has got more than one million inhabitants. Prague is the residence of archbishop. Prague has got many historical monuments. Charles bridge is very famous historical bridge. It crosses the Vltava river in Prague. In Prague we can also find a famous view-tower. It is called Petřín. Petřín is a hill in the center of Prague. Prague has got an Old Town and a New Town. In the center of the Old Town there is an Old Town Square. We can find there a town hall. There is also the Prague astronomical clock. (Alena L. and David K. 8.A) Prague castle It is a castle in Prague where the Czech kings, Holy Roman Emperors and presidents of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic had their offices. Prague castle is very big. The Prague castle is the seat of the president. 1
  2. 2. There are crown jewels. Prague castle is under UNESCO. In front of the Prague castle we can see a castle guard. It is very popular place for tourists. There is a castle library. When there is a flag, president is at home. When there isn’t a flag, president isn’t at home. The Prague castle has got Basilica of St. Vitus, Vladislav hall and Spanish hall. Most of the castle areas are open to tourists. The Prague Castle includes a monastery and several palaces, gardens and defense towers. (Rosťa B. and Tomáš K. 8.B) St. Vit us’s Cathedral St.Vitus’s Cathedral is the dominant building in the Prague Castle. In 1344 Charles IV opened building of gothic cathedral. The main architect of the cathedral was Matthias of Arras and later Petr Parler. The cathedral wasn't ended for a long time. In year 1929 was the cathedral opened with a glory. It is a very popular place to visit for tourists. People can also visit a crypt of Czech kings there and we can find there a Tower Daliborka. The crown jewels are in Cathedral St.Vitus. Royal apple is made of eight carat gold. The apple has got 6 spinels and 31 pearls. (Klára Š. And Zuzka O. 8.B) Wenceslas square 2
  3. 3. It is a very popular square. It is a traditional place for demonstrations, celebrations, and other public gatherings. There are many shops, discos and clubs. In the picture we can see The national museum. The square is named after Saint Wenceslas, the patron saint of Bohemia. Saint Wencelsas was murdered by his brother Boleslav. (Michal D. and Honza Š. 8.A) Old Town Square It is the square in Prague. It is in the center of Old Town. There is a town-hall with Astronomical clock. It is a historical Town-hall. There are cathedral, St. Nicolas Church and Týn Cathedral. (Marie V. 8. B and Monika R. 8. A) Astronomical clock Astronomical clock is from the 15th century. Nikolas of Kadeň started them and in the late 15thcentury John Táborský of Klots Mountain finished them. Myth says that Nikolas of Kadeň became blind and couldn’t finish the Astronomical clock. But this myth isn’t true. (Marie V. 8.B and Monika R. 8.A) Charles Bridge It is a very old bridge in Prague. It is over the Vltava river in Prague. It is the second oldest bridge. The construction of that bridge started in year 1402. The 3
  4. 4. bridge was built during the reign of Charles IV. The bridge has got thirty sculptures. From the beginning its name was “Stone bridge” or “Prague bridge”. Name “Charles bridge” was used in year 1840. Charles bridge is a very nice bridge. It is a very old landmark for our republic. The bridge is 516 meters long and nearly 10 meters wide. It is a very busy place with painters, musicians and kiosks. (Tomáš V. and Michal D. 8.A) Petřín Petřín observatory tower is 60 metres high. The tower has two observation platforms. In the tower is a lift. Petřín tower has 299 steps. It is situated at an altitude of 324 m above sea. It was closed in September 1979, because of a bad technical state of the construction. It was opened in May 1991. In this place we can also find a beautiful garden with many flowers and a mirror maze. (Michala Š. 8.B and Jana H. 8.A) The National Theatre We can find the National Theatre near the Wenceslas square. It has got a blue and gold roof. It is a very big and old building. Nowdays it 4
  5. 5. has got an opera, ballet and drama scenes. There play many famous Czech actors. (Lukáš M. 8.B) Castles and chateaus Karlštejn Castle This royal castle holds a special position among other Czech castles thanks to its history, monumentality and architecture. This grand castle was founded in 1348 by the Czech and Roman king Charles IV not only as a place of rest but also as the location for storing the crown jewels and state documents. In 1365, the construction was finished by the consecration of the chapel of the Holy Cross in which holy relics and royal insignia were stored. This chapel, the walls of which are richly inlaid with semi-precious stones and gold, is also famous for its unique gallery of panel paintings of Master Theodoric also from the time of Charles IV. In 1587-1596, renaissance adaptations were carried out by the master builder Ulrico Aoatali. The well tower, chapel of the Holy Cross, portrait gallery of Czech kings and a replica of the Saint Wencesles crown can be seen here. (Lenka D. 6.A) Hluboká nad Vltavou Hluboká nad Vltavou is one of the most famous chateau. It is considered the most beautiful place in Bohemia. There was a royal castle before chateau. The castle was built in the first half of the 5
  6. 6. 13th century. A guard tower was preserved until the present. There is a pond Bezdrev. At the end 16th century, the castle was rebuilt Baltazar Maggi a renaissance chateau. (Kristýna S. 7.A) The Kost Castle Kost is one of the few remaining medieval castles in the Czech Republic and it is considered the second most important. A popular legend says that the castle was named the Kost (Eng. Bone) because it was not captured more than once, as it was as hard as bone. An origin of the castle dates back to the 13th century. A building was probably started Beneš of Vartenberg who built a long hall and tower as a defensive fortress. (Laďka R. and Lenka S. 7.A) The Lednice chateau The first written report of the Lednice chateau is from 1222. In 1249 Czech king Václav I. donated it Sigfrid Sirotek. Half a century later, Lichlštejn became the owner. The chateau was nationalized in 1945. There is a rich coffered ceiling, massive furniture, a jewel box, beautiful stairs, a library (is carved from a single tree), marble baths ... There is a large garden and the most beautiful park in the Czech Republic. There is a complex system of ponds (24 hectares) and a historic 6
  7. 7. greenhouse. We can see tropical plants there. There is Encephalartos altensteinii. It is 500 years old. In May 1997, the chateau was entered on UNESCO. (Jana P. and Leona V. 7.A) Karlovy Vary Karlovy Vary is situated in the western part of the Czech Republic. It is the largest and the most famous spa city in the CR. The city was found in the 14th century by Charles IV. Karlovy Vary spa therapy has many therapy procedures. They are use thermal baths, drinking cures, cryotherapy, floating, laser therapy, etc. There are many cultural and sporting events during the whole year. One of the most popular is the International Film Festival Karlovy Vary. Due to the unique environment and architecture many famous movies have been filmed in Karlovy Vary, such as James Bond: Casino Royal. Many famous people visited spa such as: Beethoven, Franz Joseph I, Dobrovský, Paganini, Chopin, Mozart, Gogol, Tulle, Barrande, Purkyně, Freud and other.Grandhotel Pupp enchant you with the atmosphere and comfort. The hotel offers 111 luxurious rooms. Many famous people visited spa,such as: Whoopi Goldberg, Gregory Peck, Alan Alda, Michael Douglas, Ornella Muti. (Petra S. and Pavel G. 8.B) Olomouc and its surroundings 7
  8. 8. Olomouc Olomouc is a very beautiful town with many historical monuments. It is about 70 kilometers far from Ruda nad Moravou (Šumperk). First mention about Olomouc is from 1017. In the middle of 13 century the town was pronounced officially based. It has got 641 791people and 5267km2. In Olomouc there is the University of Palacký. Doctors, teachers and lawyers are educated here. (Kika U. and Kristýna Š. 8.A) Monastery Hradisko It is beautiful, original Benedictine monastery. It is one hectare large. It is near Olomouc. It was build in 1708. There is a picture of master Antonio Tassi. Today it’s in a baroque style. It has got a few towers. Now the monastery is used like an army hospital. There is a zoo near the monastery. (Honza R. and Jarek K. 8.A) ZOO in Olomouc Olomouc zoo is situated on the hill 11kilometres far from the town. Zoo was found in 1956. It has 42.5 ha. There live 200 kinds of animal. Animals are in glass extensive fences or pens. There is an aquarium for sharks with a capacity of 42 litres of water. (Tomáš S. and Michal N. 8.A) Visitation of the Virgin Mary-Basilica Minor Chapel was build in 1629. Founder is Jan Andrýsek. It is valuable Baroque landmark . It was consecrated in 1633. Empress Maria Theresa IXX visited basilica (1748). Temple nearly burnt down in 1949. It was elevated by pope John Paul II in the Basilica 8
  9. 9. Minor. Basilica has got rich sculptural decoration -2 saints, 12 apostles, Virgin Mary with Jesus and others. Basilica is accompanied by many legends. Basilica has got a lot of paintings by Czech and foreign artists. The basilica is near the Zoo. (Soňa B. and Honza K. 8.A) Theatre in Olomouc Moravian Theater Olomouc is a permanent Czech theater scene since 1920. There are ballets, operas, operettas, musicals, drama and fairy tales on stage every day. Every year in May there is also one of the largest international theater festivals in the CR - Flora Theater. The auditorium has a capacity of 455 seats. (Dan K. 8.B) Pestilential post It was build by Václav Render as token of gratitude Olomouc people under end plague in 1715 -1723. Post was harmed during Prussia siege in 1985 – 1992. It was supplied with a copy. It is a UNESCO landmark. (Martina K. and Alena M. 8.A) PROUD Olomouc rope center It was built in 2000 as the first climbing center in Central and Eastern Europe. You will find 9 low rope obstacles, 15 individual high rope obstacles, 5 team barriers and 2 jumps. There is no need for special 9
  10. 10. skills, just the basic physical fitness and the desire to discover new things. Protection, which is used here is based on mutual protection of program participants using climbing ropes and belay set. (Michal N. and Tomáš S.. 8.A) Komenský Museum Museum came into being by merging of the surrounding museums. Komenský museum is oldest. It resides in castle by the year 1906. There is an exhibition about the history of education. (Lucka O. and Standa H. 8.A) Šumperk and its surrounding Šumperk town The most beautiful building in Šumperk is the Town-hall.It was built between 1909-1911. The Town-hall stands in the middle of historical square from 15th. century, next to a pylon from year 1714. In Šumperk was founded the first manchester manufacture in the middle of Europe. The town was famous producer of textile. In a park is a town museum. In the museum are very stuff animals, plants and things from the middle ages. In front of the house is a fountain. The town theater founded in 1902 was burned out in 1994. On 7 October 2000 the first theatre program started 10
  11. 11. again. For relaxation is in Šumperk a swimming-pool. There are outdoor and internal swimming-pools. Šumperk has got ice-hockey stadium. (Nikola, Markéta, Magda and Kristýna, 7.B) Jeseníky mountains Jeseníky are the highest mountains of Moravia. The highest mountain is Praděd with 1492 meters. On the top is the transmitter. The transmitter is the highest point in the Czech Republic. In Jeseníky mountains is one of the seven wonders of the CR, pumped factory. It was put into operation 20th of June 1996. Power generators are one of the largest of its kind in Europe. The entire operation is on environmental grounds, located underground. (Monika, Vlasta, Jirka and Petr,7.B) Velké (Great) Losiny village One of the best-known view point of the village is a Renaissance castle. It was built in years 1581-1589. This castle which is situated in the place where a Gothic fortress had been placed before was built by Jan from Žerotin. In 17th century the castle was a scene of the known magic processes. Great Losiny has got the oldest hand-operated paper mills in Europe. It was established on 25th of March 1596. Handmade paper is still produced by traditional process of cotton and linen. Its products are exported to all over the world. (Verča, Petra, Ondra and Zdeněk, 7.B) 11
  12. 12. Ruda nad Moravou village Ruda is belonging to region Olomouc, district Šumperk. It is situated 325 meters above sea level. Average year temperature is 7,3 ˚C. First documentary mention about village arise is from 14th century. In the village is school for 400 students, library, health centre with pharmacy, outdoor swimming- pool, football pitch, tennis courts, restaurant, shop with food, clothes and shoes, railway station, petrol station,but the oldest are probably church and vicarage. Chateau in the Ruda is from year 1610. (Tomáš J. and Tomáš B., 7.B) 12