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Introduction to mobile coupons


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Introduction to mobile coupons

  1. 1. Introduction to Mobile Coupons Hermes Romero & Andrew Mitchell for Sponsored by: (c) 2013 Hermes Romero & Andrew Mitchell for
  2. 2. Electronic/Digital Coupons This is one of the main and effective topics in mobile marketing Allows you to send to your customers or prospects electronic coupons, directly to their mobile device via email or SMS. Electronic coupons have a much more higher redemption rate than paper based. Your customers will store your coupons in their devices, so they will never forget at home or loose them, this fact among others will increase the redemption rate. (c) 2013 Hermes Romero & Andrew Mitchell for
  3. 3. Electronic/Digital coupons  Contrary to what happens with paper based coupons, you can monitor all the life cycle of the coupon, by this you will be able to know if your customer has redemeed the coupon or not, if the coupon has expired, etc... For example if you detect that a priority customer have not used your coupon and the coupon is finally due, you can send him a new one, with a different or the same deal. You will know in real time what coupons have been reedemed or not, expired, etc... and your own redemption rate for every deal based in electronic coupons you launch. (c) 2013 Hermes Romero & Andrew Mitchell for
  4. 4. The life cycle of the electronic coupon * Based on coupon life cycle * Image taken from (c) 2013 Hermes Romero & Andrew Mitchell for
  5. 5. Electronic/Digital coupons Usually electronic coupons are identified by an identity unique code, in the form of a 1D barcode like , code128 , ean13, ean8, etc... or a 2D barcode like QR or PDF417 To read those codes your scanner will have to be compatible with them, or use some of the mobile apps that allow reading barcodes. (c) 2013 Hermes Romero & Andrew Mitchell for
  6. 6. Mobile Coupons - Passbook Until the date of the making of this presentation there is no official standard for electronic coupons. But there is a the facto standard: Passbook electronic pass format. Created by Apple and available from IOS 6.0 Allows different types of passes, like boarding cards, coupons, event tickets, etc... Basically the provider of the pass sends to the beneficiary a special file with all the information of the pass. The file is electronically signed for security. Passbook is one of the 5 most used apps in the US. (c) 2013 Hermes Romero & Andrew Mitchell for
  7. 7. Mobile Coupons - Passbook For Android users there is an app compatible with passbook files PASSWALLET Have all the functionalities that the apple passbook has and some other for example this app allows the use of NFC for the passes too. (c) 2013 Hermes Romero & Andrew Mitchell for
  8. 8. Mobile Coupons - Passbook Using passbook along with geolocation will empower your coupons because when the user is near of the location for redemption stored in the coupon, the device will notice that to the user automatically. (c) 2013 Hermes Romero & Andrew Mitchell for
  9. 9. Mobile Coupons - Beevou Using services like will allow you to send and manage electronic coupons for free, without any kind of investment and in a manner of minutes. Beevou also support:  Send coupons over email or SMS  Fully compatible with passbook and passwallet with geolocation  Create your own list of beneficiaries (customers, prospects or any other)  You can allow your customers to transfer the coupon optionally. If they know that they are not going to use it they can transfer the coupon to another friend or person, and that is good for you because they are going to help you to increase your customer base.    Control the status of the coupon at anytime in real time (traceable). Allows you to redeem coupons using the beevou scanner app, the scanner embedded in the beevou website or your own scanner using the beevou API. Has a powerful programable RESTFULL API to embed all the functions in your own apps. (c) 2013 Hermes Romero & Andrew Mitchell for
  10. 10. Mobile Coupons - Beevou is the only platform that allows you to use different type of coupons One use only coupons  This is the traditional coupon, after the coupon is redeemed it becomes unusable. Discount coupons, deals, gift coupons, events, etc... Cumulative coupons (those for stamps)  Specially suitable for up selling strategies, the customer accumulates a predefined number of reads until the final redemption Wash your car nine times and the number ten is for free. Multiple use coupons  Allows you to sell a number of goods or services in a packet way. Four Car Wash for the price of three. (c) 2013 Hermes Romero & Andrew Mitchell for
  11. 11. Mobile Coupons - Beevou With beevou you can create your own network of affiliates Sometimes is useful to get a win2win agreement with some other businesses in your area to share your customer base and/or give your customers special deals for other businesses. With beevou you can define where a coupon can be redeemed, all you have to do is to invite the affiliate to your network and then configure your coupon template to be accepted in that affiliate. Consider for example a “clean your car for free” in the nearest gas station when somebody buys you goods or services for more than 30$.  All payments between your affiliates and you are managed by beevou too. (c) 2013 Hermes Romero & Andrew Mitchell for
  12. 12. Traceable and no traceable coupons Mostly paper based coupons that we use today are not traceable, that is because is very expensive, and needs a huge technological back office to support the trace of the coupon. Electronic vouchers are better and cheap to trace. There are tools and platforms in the market that allow you to send electronic coupons but at the end they are not traceable, search for tools and platforms that allow you to trace all the life cycle of the coupon. (c) 2013 Hermes Romero & Andrew Mitchell for
  13. 13. Traceable coupons is one of the electronic coupons platforms that lets you send and trace all the life cycle of an electronic coupon. With traceable coupons you can send a personalized coupon to your customer, and then see if has been redeemed or not, have been rejected or expired etc... This is good for loyalty and cross selling strategies, as long as you can send a new coupon with a new offer to the customers who redeemed one of your coupons, or to send the same coupon for those who let the coupon expire, possibilities are infinites and undoubtedly this kind of strategy strongly increase the redemption rate of your coupons and helps you to sell more. (c) 2013 Hermes Romero & Andrew Mitchell for
  14. 14. Scanning Mobile Coupons  The problem with the barcode scanners Most of the actual laser barcode scanner are not compatible with barcodes stored in mobile devices.  This is mostly due to the interaction of the laser light with the reflection of the screen The CCD barcode scanners are usually compatible with mobile devices but only are allow to read 1D barcodes like EAN, code39, code128, etc..., but not with 2D barcodes like QR. The best barcode readers for mobile are CMOS based (camera), right now you can find this kind of devices from 90$, but will be cheaper as soon as they become the standard. (c) 2013 Hermes Romero & Andrew Mitchell for
  15. 15. Scanning Mobile Coupons Now most of the manufacturers of barcode scanners are creating models to scan barcodes from mobile devices.  Prices starts from about 90$  Based on CMOS camera, or Laser  Potentially any webcam can decode barcodes in mobile and desktop devices Some platform providers like have their own scan solutions for free (beevou scan app). (c) 2013 Hermes Romero & Andrew Mitchell for