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Couponing Workshop Tutorial: The Life Cycle of a Coupon


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This tutorial covers why retailers distribute coupons. How stores get paid back - even with more people couponing than ever it's still a win for everyone as long as everyone works together to follow proper guidelines.

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Couponing Workshop Tutorial: The Life Cycle of a Coupon

  1. 1. Life cycle of a Coupon
  2. 2. Branding & Coupons Have you ever been to a Pillsbury store? Nestle? What about a Green Giant store? Of course the answer is No! Instead, all grocery manufacturers are side by side at the store competing for you to pick them. A shopper’s purchase is typically influenced by either brand loyalty or pricing. How does a manufacturer get you to pick their product over another brand?
  3. 3. 2 Pieces of The Puzzle Store Sale CouponManufacturer offers products at Draws attention to the producta promotional price to the store. through a coupon.The store passes savings along to A manufacturer’s way ofshoppers through weekly store having a sale directly to thespecials. shopper.
  4. 4. How Coupons WorkManufacturers design coupons and product promotions withtheir Marketing Team.The coupon is then printed through a “coupon clearing house.”The two largest are Vlassis and News America, the samecompanies that distribute weekly newspaper inserts.The Clearing House creates a coupon for the manufacturer andthey decide which markets it will be issued in (coupons areregional). Then, the coupon is added to the newspaper insertdistribution.
  5. 5. Manufacturer ClearingStore Coupon House You
  6. 6. How Coupons WorkYou get the coupon by cutting it out of your newspaper inserts.Then you take it to the store. While you are seeing all thosedifferent brands on the shelf together, you remember you have acoupon for one of them so you pick that one.You purchase the product and your cashier scans your coupon.That amount is deducted from your total bill. Then, the cashierputs the coupon with the others they have gotten that day.
  7. 7. How Coupons WorkAt the end of the day, the coupons are all collected and sent backto the Clearing House. They are scanned (all the bar codes) andan invoice is created for the manufacturer to pay the store toreimburse them for the coupon amounts.Each store gets reimbursed by the manufacturer for the couponsthey’ve accepted. Also the manufacturer adds an additional$0.08 per coupon to cover the store’s cost of handling eachcoupon.
  8. 8. For Example, Green Giant wants you to purchase their brand over other brands in the store. They also want you to specifically purchase the Steamers version of their products They will have this coupon printed & distributed for consumers to use on their product.VOID
  9. 9. For Example, When you use this Green Giant coupon at the store, they will deduct $0.40 off your total bill. They will send it to the address on the coupon and will get reimbursed $0.48 back to their store. Any double that is given is not reimbursed. It isVOID given directly by the store.
  10. 10. Why? Why do manufacturer’s do this knowing they are going to have to pay back the store for the coupon? One big reason is that while you are continuing your shopping trip, you have also become a walking billboard for the manufacturers whose products are in your cart. Have you ever “checked out” another shopper’s cart and made a mental note about a product in their cart? Come on! Raise your hand„we all do it!
  11. 11. Combining Store Savings with Coupons is the KEY to lowering your grocery bill!
  12. 12. Time 2 $ave helps you save more byproviding the tools you need to put these two pieces together. Store Sale + Coupon = BIG $avings!