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M   E   M    P   H   R    É       E   N      M    O   U   V     E   M     E    N     TÇa se passe chez nous!Devoirs actifs...
M      E     M    P   H    R    E       E     N      M   O    U   V   E     M    E   N    TLinks & infoHere are some links...
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Infolettre mem mai 2011 en

  1. 1. M E M P R É E N M O U V E M E N T MeM Le bulletin des Partenaires Éditions n°4 - may 2011 Devoirs actifs Coup de pédale Jeunes Leaders Liens et infos Ce que nous avons During the course of A non-exhaustive entendu After trying many different these sessions Mr. Proof of their efforts Well thought out and guide of links we approaches and suggestions, Marcoux will explain lies in the praise well written. This is found to be the original program finally what a « pump track » afforded them by quite the newsletter interesting. Enjoy! took shape in the form of is and all the details teachers and you have here. Page 3 devoir actifs”. inherent in its proper administrators. Page 3 Page 2 use. Page 2 Page 2 We chose 4 candidates whose entries The event we’ve shared certain traits in common as the winners of our contest. been waiting for! Last year we held a contest for young people to create the logo for our reunion. Children in Day Camps could participate during the summer of 2010. Armed with the instructions provided, they drew on their inspirations to transcribe the vision they had of Memphré en Armed with their Mouvement. The representations and Annual 5@7 Memphré en Mouvement youngsters were the repetition of Thursday May 26, 2011 given a few key certain elements, words and an we were able to At Microbrasserie la Memphré explanation of the draft many 10, Merry street South, Magog mission of the different sketches. •buffet reunion in order to help them get Through this process our logo took on its •Presentation of logo started. The creativity of our youngsters final shape. To see it for yourself you will •Games and activities was so inspired it wasn’t easy for us to have to attend our 5@7on May 26, 2011, •Door prizes choose our finalists. so get out your agenda . . .Bulletin des partenaires MeM, may 2011 1
  2. 2. M E M P H R É E N M O U V E M E N TÇa se passe chez nous!Devoirs actifs Coup de pédale Jeunes LeadersFaced with low participation and «Quand on partait de bon matin Our Young Leaders are increasinglylogistical problems encountered during Quand on partait sur les chemins finding their place in the schools of thethe evening sports initiative, organizers A bicyclette MRC. Proof of their efforts lies in thein Stanstead put forth an alternative thatNous étions quelques bons copains praise afforded them by teachers andwill better help them meet their Y avait Fernand y avait Firmin administrators.objectives. Y avait Francis et Sébastien Et puis Paulette. To this affect, Saint Jean de BoscoLes soirées sportives will give young ( À bicyclette - Yves Montand).» organized a ceremony of recognitionpeople in Stanstead the opportunity to w i t h s n a c k s a n d Yv a n D e m e r sbenefit from participation in organized This passage has become the mantra of addressing the audience.activities. In order to accommodate the young people in Potton. In affect themost people possible, the program biking project started on the “Pump In Sainte Marguerite, there were 45includes transport, (a major challenge Tr a c k , ” s i t u a t e d i n t h e p a r k i n youths who received training and whogiven the vastness of this territory). Mansonville. In order to offer instruction, will sign a contract of engagement. Mayor Jacques Marcoux will personally Ayer’s Cliff can now identify their YoungAfter considering many different teach two sessions, one for ages 5-12,approaches and suggestions, the and another for ages 11-17. Leaders by the tee-shirts that they haveoriginal program finally took shape in designed themselves.the form of devoir actifs. The objective: During the course of these sessions Mr. At Baluchon, the Young Leaders will hostto accompany the students, who so Marcoux will explain what a «  pump the «Olympiades de fin d’année».desire, from the school to the CCL. After track » is and all the details inherent in itshaving finished their homework they will proper use. Our Young Leaders are claiming theirhave access to recreational activities. place in elementary schools. In the case As well as learning all sorts of tricks, of secondary schools, Alexander Galt isA considerable accomplishment given these sessions will give children the o ff e r i n g i n t e re s t e d s t u d e n t s t h ethat it is known that young people who opportunity to become familiar with the opportunity to participate in the activitieswork this way can help each other and mechanical maintenance of a bicycle « Midi Actifs ».reinforce, by the same token, their own and how to keep it functioning properly,self-esteem. and safely, on the road. It is our hope to see children carry forth their newly acquired expertise in schoolIn conjunction with sports activities, the So, this summer the youth group will projects, extracurricular activities, andgoal to get young people moving and to have the opportunity to go trail riding community involvement. Isn’t this thepersevere at school is attained. throughout the area! greatest value of recognition for a child?Presently, the 8 participants arepredominantly girls, but Mylène Bernier, What a wonderful collective initiativeof the CCL, is confident that the number that, once again, offers a way to keepof young people participating will rise in our kids moving, and more importantly,the near future. in a safe environment.2 Bulletin des partenaires MeM, may 2011
  3. 3. M E M P H R E E N M O U V E M E N TLinks & infoHere are some links and information we have picked up here and there that may beof interest to you. Happy browsing!«Bien dans sa tête, bien Louis Bonduelle Fondation Clips on Youtube. Important Datesdans sa peau» formation offers simple, targeted Thanks to their efforts, Sept- Registration is prior to JuneThe program «Bien dans sa nutritional information, is Iles en Forme is offering new 3 for the intensive activitytête, bien dans sa peau» will striving to give vegetables sports activities to the young leadership training that willtake place on June 3 and 10. back their rightful place in people living in and around take place June 17-19,Through the course of this our daily diet and Sept-Iles, while the school 2011.training, participants will contributes to the board is assuringhave the opportunity to advancement of research in transportation to these For more information pleasebecome familiar with the health and nutrition. venues free of charge. The contactBTBP program that Fondation Louis Bonduelle children have the CSLE Sherbrooke:addresses the issue of opportunity to be active, and 819-864-0864.weight and the image of the it is due to the involvementbody. Representatives from Correlation between the of local contributors that itthe CSSSM and the level of education of a is all possible.Commission Scolaire des mother and the nutritional Youtube Québec en FormeSommets will be taking part intake of her child.in the training session: As a supplement to theProgramme BTBP Fondation Bonduelle site, read this article about a study undertaken in EnglandThe Louis Bonduelle regarding the correlationFondation between the level of aBecause it’s hard to be mother’s education and themotivated when it comes to nutritional health of her child.eating vegetables, Happy reading. To read. What we’ve been Editors hearing! Isabelle Mercieca — coordonator Denis Delbois — assistent coordonator Since psychomotricity program, I have noticed a marked improvement in this child’s ability to concentrate in class," Guylaine, Deux-Soleils. Contacts "The children ask to use the Memphré en Mouvement 120, rue Bellevuemime activity in class!" Guylaine, Deux-Soleils. Magog J1X 3H2 Tél. : 819 446 5005 Memphre@quebecenforme.org Deniscoordoadjoint@me.comBulletin des partenaires MeM, may 2011 3