JAN 2012	                                         	                   I NT EG RA VOICE                                    ...
A message from the Directors...Dear Integra folks,                since we started the company. So     THE GANG           ...
With great power comes great responsibility. Andwith great responsibility....?Every living creature on Earth has its own r...
The reason why most                                             Mumbaikars have their home                                ...
A bus ride that helped me recall my forgotten                       courtesiesIt had been almost an hour since I had Micro...
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Integra voice jan 2012


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This is the first issue of Integra Voice - the company's Newsletter for its employees.

Integra Global Solutions extends business support services to small and medium businesses across the UK, USA and Canada.

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Integra voice jan 2012

  1. 1. JAN 2012 I NT EG RA VOICE THIS NEWSLETTER IS OUR WAY TO SHARE NEWS, THOUGHTS AND INSIGHTS ACROSS OUR COMPANY It has been a busy year for the Integrites The long awaited first issue of corporate values and so on. articles to the forthcoming the newsletter is out and what a Being a part of the newsletter, issues of the newsletter. great way to kick-start this year! we are sure, will enhance your P.S: This issue, you will get an skills and make you better as a The progress of a company relies professional and a person. insight into what you must learn greatly on the progress of the from Uncle Ben in Spiderman professionals who constitute it. The response has been more and the Mumbai dabbawala. Go We see this newsletter as a than satisfactory. We appreciate ahead and have a great read! platform for the Integrites to all your efforts and encourage Editor, Integra Voice voice their opinions on various you to contribute more such subjects related to the company, WHEN WE SET OUR MINDS NEW IDEAS KEEP.... BLOOMING AT INTEGRA
  2. 2. A message from the Directors...Dear Integra folks, since we started the company. So THE GANG we are growing well.Hope everything is good with allof you. Started marketing in new methods which you would haveWith the start of this newsletter noticed. Facebook, Google Plus,we would like to highlight some LinkedIn and twitter.of the achievements, stories,contributions that you do for the New area of service XBRLcompany and to the community launched.you live in. ARAVIND: THE C HA RM ER Our flagship software productProfit sharing has been Mind THE Profit has beenimplemented across most of the released into the UK market andoperational teams. Many teams is already getting rave reviews.are highly motivated by this and Started Integra foundation tosome teams have met the 2X help people who are not asgrowth goals privileged in life as we are.Our company total strength is165 permanent staff, highest ever We wish for 2012 to end with a longer list of successes and GANESH: THE WISER bigger family of Integrites!PROFIT SHARING, NEWSERVICE AREAS, OURFLAGSHIP SOFTWARE MINDTHE PROFIT AND MORE... RAM: THE CL EVERER RAJ: THE TEACHER
  3. 3. With great power comes great responsibility. Andwith great responsibility....?Every living creature on Earth has its own role to play. Each of it is responsible for something in itslifetime. As humans, we are expected to assume responsibility in a number of things. It could be to takecare of someone or may be even to take care of ourselves. And once we are responsible for someoneor something, we make sure to look after it no matter what - say your dog for instance. You cuddlehim, play with him, bathe him, look after him when hes sick and you also hold yourself responsible if heruns out of the house and gets hurt. Similarly, our responsibility at our work place is of a great deal. We arent just given a job. We are given aresponsibility. A responsibility to come to work on time, to take care of customers/ clients,  to work asa team, to help fellow work mates and a responsibility to earn for the family. We all know what Uncle Ben told Peter Parker in Spiderman. He said, "with great power, comes greatresponsibility". We should also know that with responsibility, comes accountability. If an agent makes amistake that results in the project to shut down, not only is the agent accountable, but also the teamleader – and that is because the agent is the team leaders responsibility. Same goes with the teamleader and the manager. With responsibility also comes reward. There was once a king who had a huge rock placed on a road.The king then hid himself and watched to see if anyone would remove the rock. Some of the king’swealthiest merchants and courtiers came by and simply walked around it. Many loudly blamed the kingfor not keeping the roads clear, but none did anything about getting the big stone out of the way. Afarmer then came along carrying a load of vegetables. On approaching the rock, the farmer laid downhis burden and tried to move the rock to the side of the road. After much pushing and straining, hefinally succeeded. As the farmer picked up his load of vegetables, he noticed a purse lying in the roadwhere the rock had been. The purse contained many gold coins and a note from the king indicating thatthe gold was for the person who saw it his responsibility to remove the rock from the roadway.So if each and every one of us take our work as a responsibility and do what is necessary instead ofsaying, "thats not my job", we can surely do wonders together as a team and as a company. Michael Carlton Head of operations Customer support
  4. 4. The reason why most Mumbaikars have their home cooked lunch on timeI was once travelling in a local electric train in Mumbai to visit my aunt while an interesting sight caughtmy attention. A group of men were rushing to board the train. They were all clad in white, white shirts,pants and also a white cap, they were carrying a pile of lunch boxes with them. The boxes had somestrange numbers and codes on them. I was immediately curious to know who they were and what theywere doing. I made a mental note to ask my aunt about them. Here is what I found.If most Mumbaikars are able to relish their favorite home cooked food for lunch every day at theirwork place on time without having to travel anywhere, it is because of the efficient functioning of thesesemi-literate men clad in white. They are the famous Dabbawalas of Mumbai.About the DabbawalasTypically these are people who collect lunch boxes from different Mumbai households and deliver themto various parts of the city’s multi-storied corporate on time. Again in the evening, they collect theempty lunch boxes and re-deliver them to the respective houses.What was started with very few people has now grown into a huge network. They divide the workamong themselves in small units and ensure that everyone does their part perfectly. They use simplecodes and lines to refer to destinations, railway stations and so on.Don’t they ever make mistakes?Imagine a network of lunch-box delivery men carrying over a few thousand such hot lunch boxes everyday. You might expect it to be chaotic but surprisingly, they operate so efficiently that they are even SixSigma certified.Their accuracy rate is said to be a staggering 99.9999% - which means there can be one error in everysix million transactions! They have been featured in the BBC, Forbes Magazine and have even foundtheir place in the Guinness Book of Records. Their working system is also being lessoned in topuniversities such as Harvard Business School.Learning from the dabbawalasEvery dabbawala aims to deliver the lunch box to the right person on time. Sometimes they skip theirown meal to accomplish this. This shows how sincere and dedicated they are in their efforts. Their spiritof unity and strive for perfection have made them what they are now.Though they lead a simple life, they are people who do their job right and derive satisfaction from it. Itis not what you do that matters, but how efficiently you do it. Sindhu. G Quality analyst IR entry
  5. 5. A bus ride that helped me recall my forgotten courtesiesIt had been almost an hour since I had Microsoft Word open on my laptop. That evening I had chosen towrite an article for Integra’s Newsletter, but had no clue what to write on. Suddenly it struck me that Icould use this opportunity to express a long-standing observation of mine.In today’s fast paced world, it is not surprising that encountering problems has become a way of life.While a few of us have learnt to take this head-long and deal with it, the majority carry this burden allthrough the day. As a result our minds are constantly preoccupied and we miss out on the simplepleasures of life. Tea-time spent with the neighbours, conversations made during train journeys were allmemorable ways to spend leisure time, but sadly today we are at a point where words like ‘Thank you’and ‘sorry’ have become forgotten courtesies. I must admit, I am no better than the rest. There is in factone particular incident I recall where I found my own behaviour a little shocking.I was once on a bus to Gandhipuram to attend a friend’s wedding. The bus happened to be crowdedand I was all dressed up in a saree and high-heels. A few minutes into the journey, the bus driver took asudden left-turn at the signal and I ended up stepping on the foot of the lady standing beside me. Shewailed in pain and yelled at me. To my own surprise, I just looked away ignoring her. It was only laterthat I realised, I had forgotten to say ‘sorry’. I should have said it since it was my fault but I hadn’t.Then there came my turn. This other time, I was waiting for the signal to turn green when a bike fromthe back bumped my vehicle. I turned to the driver with an annoyed expression but the man didn’t evenbother to say ‘sorry’. It irritated me so much that I cursed him all the way home.Another observation is that the words-‘Thank you’ is not being used as much as it should. In an officeenvironment we seem to forget to thank our subordinates, watchmen, housekeeping staff and manyothers. A word of appreciation does not cost us anything, then why not say it? In fact it only motivatesthem to perform better. I had a friend who personally thanked her caterers for the good food on of herwedding!Words do not cost us anything, yet its power to impact people is very strong. The world is indeedprogressing towards advancement in every area but sadly our morals are on the reverse gear. It ispossible to change our ways but it requires a conscious effort, so let us take the effort today for a more‘polite’ tomorrow.... Reena Mani SEO analyst Marketing
  6. 6. S O M E P H OTO S F RO M L A S T Y E A R