Partners Newsletter January 2014


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Newsletter for the partners working for children and their healthy life. Activities and healthy food

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Partners Newsletter January 2014

  1. 1. M E M P R É E N M O U V E M E N T & L E S PA R T E N A I R E S P O U R L A P E T I T E E N FA N C E Partners Newsletter Sommary : Issue n°17- January 2014 It’s happennig right here! - Cosolidation..... Contined Plan for 0-5 year olds .... Winter Pleagures 2014 ed Preschool Motor skills... 2 3 4 4 Did you know that? - Early Childhood educators 5 Links and infos - Bien Manger, Bien Bouger 6 Editorial Staff Denis Delbois — coordonator-assistant Isabelle Mercieca — coordonator MeM Joël Bolduc — coordonator PPEM Marie-Josée Cotnoir — consultant ressources Contact Memphré en Mouvement 120, rue Bellevue Magog J1X 3H2 Tél. : 819 446 5005 Twitter : @MemenMouvement MemphreEnMouvement Partners Newslette , January 2014 Partenaires pour la Petite Enfance Memphrémagog 55, rue Cabana Magog J1X 2C4 Tél. : 819 847 3034 1
  2. 2. M E M P R É E N M O U V E M E N T & L E S PA R T E N A I R E S P O U R comme un lieu d’’énergie et de guérison, d’apprentissa Brown et Lane, 1985). L’apprentissage de la Roue de l en génération grâce à la tradition orale quand l’express L ». P E T I T E E N F A N C E loi A Cet apprentissage est maintenant révélé et rendu croyances, races et groupes comme guide pour le bén connu sous le nom de « temps des guerriers arc-en-cie It’s happening right here! Dans les traditions autochtones, la notion de « médecin et le savoir. La Roue de la Médecine est un outil de na découvrir leur pouvoir personnel (Meadows, 1991, 199 découverte » (Meadows, 1991, p. xix) qui peut être utili même, pour voir la société ou les organismes, ou pour aspect de la vie et du monde avoisinant. L’emplacement des apprentissages sur la Roue de la M différentes traditions. Il n’y a pas de « règle » ou de cro la Roue de la Médecine. Les gens sont invités à utiliser rattachent de la manière qui leur convient le mieux et q individuels (Meadows, 1991). « The Medicine Wheel To une interprétation et une application de la Roue de la M travail d’Angeles Arrien (1993), un anthropologiste tran CONSOLIDATION... continued... We asked for your opinion and you approved! Recently, the documents pertaining to the temporary governing style and the operating rules for the year 2013-2014 were sent to you by e-mail. Since the assembly working on next year’s plans as of February! Heigh Ho! Heigh Ho! It’s off to work we go! The next two meetings will take place however. At the April meeting, we will discuss the state of the new group as well as the adoption of plans and budgets. At the October meeting, we will work on formally establishing the new group, including the governing « Heigh Ho Heigh Ho! It’s off to work to go! » meeting could not be held, the Coordinating Committee decided to conduct an initial consultation “electronically”. Nine people responded, two of whom requested clarifications. Though the majority has spoken, we are nonetheless going to follow up with each of you. So, do not hesitate to call Isabelle or Joël for answers to your questions. Thus, our transitional year got underway with new operating rules that we got to test while moving forward with our strategic plan for 0-5 year olds...and putting into action our yearly plans...and 2 L’outil de la R permettant de individu, un o directions : N application re communauté quatre aspec doivent être e la santé et l’é d’être se trou départ pour u à accéder à n et de révéler d’aller vers le des aiguilles la vision, la c nous demande de réfléchir sur notre capacité à atteind en tant que leaders, comment nous le faisons, et, le plu des leaders, y compris leur volonté à atteindre le but. L Author: Courage Group International Resource #: MWF100 style and the operating rules for implementing the action plans for the next three years. If you should still have any questions, concerns or comments you wish to share, contact Isabelle or Joël, who will be more than happy to provide insight or to share your thoughts with the Coordinating Committee. Partners Newsletter January 2014
  3. 3. M E M P H R É E N M O U V E M E N T It’s happening right here! Plan for 0-5 year olds :The First Step was Successfully Completed! Last November 14, more than thirty Group Partners gathered to share their observations regarding young children, their families, and their community. According to comments from participants, the meeting was greatly appreciated because it allowed for discussions as well as the opportunity for networking among partners. In practical terms, the meeting led to seven important findings. With regard to children, four findings stood out: 1) They frequently lagged behind in language development; 2) They had greater difficulty acquiring social and emotional skills; 3) They were This priority was supported by other findings such as: - Parents need to be welcomed in a nonjudgemental way, and accepted the way they are; - Many parents do not take advantage of services, especially anglophone parents and parents in atrisk families; - Many families are isolated and seem cut off from the community and the neighbourhood. In the next planning meeting, scheduled for December 19, we will finalize our priorities for the next three years. We will select one finding for each area of focus (the child, the family and the community). Next, we will set a goal for each of the priority findings. These goals will guide our actions when helping children and families in each of our areas. « In practical terms, the meeting led to 7 importants findings.» more anxious; 4) They lacked a regular routine (sleep, balanced meals, outdoor play). With regard to families, two findings were identified: 1) Parents need to acquire basic knowledge about child development; 2) At-risk parents have a difficult time meeting their family’s basic needs. So, step by step, together, we will succeed in drafting our collective action plan, set to be submitted to Avenir d’Enfants on April 15, 2014. Joël Bolduc Coordinator Partenaires pour la Petite Enfance de Memphrémagog Finally, regarding the community, the partners agreed that the priority needs to be on building trust between organizations and parents, as well as between parents who live in the same community. Partners Newsletter, January 2014 3
  4. 4. M E M P R É E N M O U V E M E N T & L E S PA R T E N A I R E S P O U R L A P E T I T E E N FA N C E Ça se passe chez nous! It’s happening right here! Preschool Motor Skills Development Training Day Winter Pleasures - 2014 Edition Once again this year, several municipalities are getting in on the act by offering families outdoor Thanks to a partnership between the Commission Scolaire des Sommets, the three local groups of partners (Memphré en Mouvement, Val en Forme and Vita-Sources) and the Université de Sherbrooke (Physical Education and Health Sciences), a new and improved edition of the first training day, held in October 2011, was held last December 6. More than 40 participants from kindergarten, preschool and «More than 40 participants(...)received a personalized schedules..» Passe-Partout classes received a personalized schedule allowing them to attend an opening conference and four workshops of their choice. The workshops raised or increased awareness about physical and motor development and helped to demystify this field by showing how to get 4 and 5 year olds to be active on a daily basis. Whether setting up a space in the classroom for motor activities, hosting outdoor games, pairing motor activities with reading activities, or considering the specific needs of some of the children, participants shared their experiences and discovered new resources. These are just a few examples of the nine workshops that were offered to support participants in their work with youngsters. Thank you to the Commission Scolaire des Sommets, the two other groups of partners, the Université de Sherbroke, and the staff at École Secondaire du Tournesol. A special thank you goes to the school’s Food Co-op, which not only provided generous and tasty meals, but also played an important role in helping students make healthy choices and succeed in school! 4 winter activities to encourage citizens to get active and mingle with each other outdoor, regardless of the weather! Some dates to remember: January 25: in Eastman (with a WIXX Zone) February 1, 2, 8, 9, 15 and 16: in Magog February 7, 8, 9: in Ayer’s Cliff February 8: in Austin, Hatley and Stanstead (with a WIXX Zone in Stanstead) February 9: in Hatley Township February 15: in North Hatley and Potton Township (with a WIXX Zone in Potton) February 22: in Potton Township and SteCatherine-de-Hatley Bravo to each of these municipalities for working to improve the health of their population! No excuses now: we have a date with the outdoors for the next five weekends...and more! Partners Newslette, January 2014
  5. 5. M E M P R É E N M O U V E M E N T & L E S PA R T E N A I R E S P O U R L A P E T I T E E N FA N C E Did you know that? Early Childhood Educators Took Part in the Grandes Rencontres sur la Persévérance Scolaire I had the opportunity to attend the major conference on school perseverance (GRPS) that took place last November 4th through 6th. This event brought together some 1400 participants from the educational, political, community, institutional and business arenas! And for the first time, those who work in the field of early childhood were also invited. It’s a big step, because we know how important it is to get ready for school long before starting school! In fact, Avenir d’Enfants was involved in organizing this important event. Congratulations! I got a lot out of the workshops that I attended and would like to share my experience with you. As you can see, the quality of the speakers at the conference was exceptional. WHAT THEY HAD TO SAY...: 1. On the father/child bond (Francine de Montigny, UQO) According to one study, when the father assumes his parental role early on, he tends to be more involved in the child’s care and education throughout the child’s life. Moreover, he remains involved in the event of a separation. Finally, the feeling of security that comes from the father/ child bond promotes the child’s emotional development as well as his or her openness to the world. The following is an interesting website: Initiatives amis des pères: 2. On the feeling of security provided by the bond (George Tarabulsy, Université Laval) 3. On the teacher/student/parent relationship (Germain Duclos, PsychoEducator and Learning Specialist) 4. On communication with parents (Geneviève Bélisle, Association québécoise des centres de la petite enfance) Let me close by telling you about an interesting video that shows the tremendous learning abilities of infants and discusses the crucial moments in their development when they are most receptive to learning. The video is available at: http://youtube/ams43i_m0rg Marie-Josée Cotnoir, Psycho-Ed. Resource Counselor in Child « Therefore, early childhood care and Partners Newslette, January 2014 5
  6. 6. M E M P R É E N M O U V E M E N T & L E S PA R T E N A I R E S P O U R L A P E T I T E E N FA N C E Links and infos Short guide to links that seem interesting. Enjoy your visit! Bien Manger Bien Bouger (BMBB), the Regional Project Supported by Québec en Forme During a press conference last November 21, this regional project promoting healthy lifestyle habits in the Estrie region - by encouraging young people to eat well and get active - was recognized for its achievements. You can view the press release, the video and the pictures on the following link, under “actualités”: http// The tools that were developed as part of the project are also available: - Sport and Recreation Council equipment tools: http://   - Physical Activity tools: http:// - Health Agency tools, including the Directory of healthy lifestyle habits and activities: http:// fr/ Briefs! Social  Media  reminder We will let you know as soon as the tools from the “Eat Well” aspect of the project are available on the Agency’s website.          Facebook                    In  your  browser’s  search  bar,  type  h3ps://                    1-­‐  Click  on  “  I  Like”                  2-­‐    Consult  the  archives  and  arHcles                    3-­‐  Post  comments                    4-­‐  Share  with  your  friends                    5-­‐  Get  your  friends  to  “I  like”  us Editorial Staff Denis Delbois — coordonator-assistant Isabelle Mercieca — coordonator MeM Joël Bolduc — coordonator PPEM Marie-Josée Cotnoir — consultant ressources Contact Memphré en Mouvement 120, rue Bellevue Magog J1X 3H2 Tél. : 819 446 5005 Twitter : @MemenMouvement Partenaires pour la Petite Enfance Memphrémagog 55, rue Cabana Magog J1X 2C4 Tél. : 819 847 3034 6 Partners Newslette, January 2014