DEN UP Newsletter October 2012


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October edition of DEN UP!

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DEN UP Newsletter October 2012

  1. 1. ISSUE NO. 3 DEN UP DISCOVERY EDUCATOR NETWORK / OCTOBER 2012 “TECH” Integration Station: This Out!This month the DEN joins forces with Strategy Spotlight Challenge:Polar Bears International to connect 3 Truths, 1 Liestudents with polar bear and climatechange experts.TUNDRA CONNECTIONS:JOIN US LIVE!!Are you interested in taking yourstudents to the tundra to observepolar bears? Through PBI’s TundraConnections you’re invited to meetand talk with some of the world’sforemost authorities on polar bears You may be familiar with the on the big idea and keyand climate change during PBI’s free game 3 Truths and 1 Lie where takeaways.Tundra Connections broadcasts.Intended for grades 4-8, there are you share 3 factual statements Here is the challenge: find a videomultiple opportunities to interact and 1 fictional statement aboutwith the experts. For more segment, song, image, audio file or yourself. Participants try to guessinformation and to register for the reading passage. Create 3 truths the lie and, in the process,webcasts click HERE. and 1 lie that will help focus everyone learns more about each students attention on what you other. want them to recall about the It is important that we help our content. students strengthen their digital Click HERE for this month’s literacy skills. This strategy strategy spotlight challenge. spotlight well help students focus MUST SEE STUDENT CENTER PARTNERS IN EDUCATION WHAT’S THE 4-1-1? DEN Connects: Habitats We Can Change the WorldIntroducing an exciting new webinar series DEN Connects is heading to the northern Introducing the 5th annual We Can Change“What’s the 4-1-1?” Each month we will host pole and making a splash with humpbacks! the World Challenge. Students are asked toa webinar that highlights 4 integration Explore habitats through a variety of identify environmental problems in theirstrategies for using Discovery Education, 1 activities as your students connect with communities and devise creative solutionseducational program and 1 hot topic. Click classrooms across the country. To join DEN for those problems. All grade levels canHERE for more information and to register. Connects visit: http:// participate for a chance to win exciting prizes! Visit for more information.
  2. 2. DEN STAR The DENSI Experience A POW-TOON REFLECTION After attending the DEN Summer Institute in Bozeman, MT over the summer, DEN STAR Lindsey Cozat-Sipe created this inspiring PowToon on “The DENSI Experience”. Click HERE to watch Lindsey’s video. Thank you Lindsey for sharing your reflections with us!SPOTLIGHTName: Lindsey Cozat-Sipe Do you have something to share with the DEN community? We would love highlight you in our national newsletter. Contact:District: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Ginny Washburne:School: John Motley Ginny_Washburne@discovery.comMorehead STEM AcademyRole: Technology FacilitatorNumber of years ineducation: 5Why I became a STAR: BITS AND BYTES FROM THE DENI became a DEN STAR so Icould have access tovaluable resources at theclick of the mouse and sharethese wonderful resourceswith teachers at MoreheadSTEM Academy. The The DEN Goes Viral with Scott McLeodprofessional resources,networking, virtual and in- professional too-late-3/development that educatorsare able to access is trulyone of a kind. I have met so Who’s on Your Speed Dial? by Jannita Demianmany amazing educatorsthrough the DEN who have many resources with your-speed-dial/me and I have been luckyenough to collaborate with. DEN Open House Series by Ginny Washburne den-open-house-archive/ Getting Quizzy With It by Matt Monjan quizzy-with-it-matts-media-tips-and-tricks-10-1-2012/
  3. 3. Hangin’ Out THE DEN SCRAPBOOK with Gin & Jannita DEN Directors Attend the Fall Virtual Conference ••• October 20th, 2012!!As you “fall” back into the school yearwe are excited to announce severalnew resources to make integratingDiscovery Education and hostingyour own DEN Events a breeze!EVENTS IN A BOXAre you looking for new and creativeways to learn and share with yourcolleagues? We are excited tointroduce a new resource we arecalling “Events in a Box”. We havetaken some of our favorite webinararchives and developed a series ofresources for each, including: a Miami STAR Ambassadors showcase theirplanning checklist, event invite excitement after a powerful day of professionaltemplate, sample agenda and development and networking.discussion guide. They are all postedon the DEN Wiki. We will continue to the background, giving an example, FALL VIRTUAL CONFERENCEdevelop new events as we host our setting the challenge and providing“What’s the 4-1-1?” webinars each you a chance to take it a step further With over 30 in-person events linedmonth. Click HERE to explore Events with a bonus! You can take the up for this month’s Fall Virtualin a Box. challenge by visiting the DEN Blog Conference this is a day you don’t each week and searching for want to miss! Join us for inspiringSTRATEGY SPOTLIGHT “Strategy Spotlight”. Each integration keynotes and engaging sessions allWelcome to a new weekly blog series strategy comes with a PDF handout from the comfort of your own home.where we are putting a spotlight on you can easily share with your For more information click HERE.some of our favorite integration colleagues. Click HERE to take thestrategies. “Strategy Spotlight” strategy spotlight challenge.  introduces one weekly digitalintegration challenge by providing THE DEN: HOW DO I JOIN THE FUN? Share your ideas! Stay Connected!What would you like to see in the next DEN UP The DEN strives to connect educators to their mostNewsletter? Do you have a tip or trick to share with the valuable resource.....each other! To learn more aboutcommunity? Email your suggestions to how to connect with the DEN, or — Gin and Jannita