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iContact Review and why you should use it for special situations for email marketing. using iContact as a basis of segmentation is one of the best ways to speak to different groups of your list.

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iContact review

  1. 1. iContact Review Show Me What It Can Do by Lawrence Tam
  2. 2. Autoresponders Why An Autoresponder? ! Normal email accounts: •You can’t mail to hundreds •Don’t provide opt-out functionality (giving people the option to LEAVE your email list) ! An autoresponder is: •effective and inexpensive •keeps you compliant.
  3. 3. The CAN-SPAM Act covers all commercial messages, 1.Don’t use false or misleading header information 2.Don’t use deceptive subject lines 3.Identify the message as an ad 4.Tell recipients where you’re located 5.Tell recipients how to opt out of receiving future email from you 6.Honor opt-out requests promptly 7.Monitor what others are doing on your behalf Full Reference Business.FTC.Gov ! A violation of the CAN-SPAM Act is subject to penalties of up to $16,000 An autoresponder forces you to: •Leave an address, •Provides a means to opt out of future emails and •Does it on the fly if they click a button. CAN-SPAM Act: Stay Compliant
  4. 4. iContactOverview • An online email marketing service based in North Carolina • Launched in 2003 • Newer than its two primary competitors • Recently listed second of the Top 4 Autoresponders of 2014 in Reviews.com • In the review Aweber vs iContact
 I picked Aweber, but I use iContact for the thousands I have on my buyers lists
  5. 5. TheEmailDashboard Create a Message – Single and scheduled emails My Autoresponders – Automatically email those who sign up
  6. 6. Tip Tip: Don’t stack autoresponder messages
  7. 7. Stats Opened – 36.5% opened my emails ! Clicked – 7% clicked a link
  8. 8. Unsubscribes – Over deliver and people will want to get back IN. ! Complained – Do NOT piss people off. Let hem opt out rather than hit spam. ! If this number spikes, or stays high - 
 it WILL get your account shut down. Stay below
  9. 9. iContactAccountHealth 
  10. 10. VERYlimitedimagehosting I host my images in Pinterest.com: 1.Make sure to have an image link going back to your website 2.Copy the URL and embed into your email ! Thus I: •Offload my image to a faster image server •Have a link back to my website for organic traffic, from Pinterest
  11. 11. Limitedsendaccount There is actually a max send per account level They bill you on the size of the account including how many subscribers AND how much mail you send.. (not an issue in Aweber).
  12. 12. Web-Basedvs.iContact Web-based email providers: 1.Limit the number of your campaigns 2.Limit the number of your subscribers 3.Can sabotage your e-mail list iContact has •No send limits and •Both monthly and annual pricing plans for up to100,000 subscribers.
  13. 13. Features • Create email campaigns, track progress and tweak where needed ! • Create custom surveys. ! • Import existing contact lists ! • Segmentation - splits your list by demographics for targeted campaigns ! • Filtering incoming emails to create various target lists
  14. 14. EaseofUse If you use Facebook or Twitter, iContact enables sharing, publishing and posting messages Social Media Integration • Intuitive setup • Dashboard is easy to use and navigate. • Customizable for coding, HTML with cutting-edge features for programmers.
  15. 15. AnalyticsandStats Available under “Track” tab • Messages sent • Messages forwarded • Bounced emails Data in tables and charts and is exportable Even information on your traffic from Facebook and Twitter is provided. • Opened • Unsubscribers • Click-through rates
  16. 16. Features • A spam test feature tells you how likely it is that your message will end up in a spam folder, based on the wording in the message. ! • Email preview ! • Spell check • Email sign-up support for WordPress and Joomla websites ! • Apps to watch your campaigns from both Apple and Android devices
  17. 17. Advantages • Positive pricing • Flexible sign-up forms • Live Customer Support • HTML editor • Survey creation • Archiving • Supports the creation of autoresponders. • Seamless integration with Salesforce • Segmentation by demographics • Contact manager includes subscription management, history reports and bounceback handling • Supports Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, WordPress and Joomla • 30-day free trial • Unlimited emails
  18. 18. Disadvantages • Slow loading website. • Social media limited to Facebook and Twitter.  • Google Analytics stats and tracking integration for premier level members only. • The support system - not so good, Support community is more of a chat community • English language platforms only. • Image library limited to 5MB - Only small images and low-resolution vector graphics can be stored
  19. 19. OtherFeatures • Mail merge capabilities • Split testing - send 2 versions of a marketing message to a portion of your email list to track effectiveness I teach iContact use: 1.It’s pretty picky about high end volume sends if you ever get a 0.1% spam complaint 2.Image hosting and send max need to be monitored.  ! But the GOLD is being able to SINGLE OPT IN leads you have permission to email. Being able to break off and keep a customers list separate from high traffic leads list.
  20. 20. LawrenceTam Before leads there is traffic and before traffic there is the REASON WHY you are building a business online/ offline. Free systems in the end cost you dearly Full iContact Review Article Here Lawrence Tam 2-Time Laid off Engineer with 3 kids, Cracks The Code online and Generates over $1,000 a day online like clockwork and “Shares How” In 10 Videos Click Here For Instant Access