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How to write awesome emails that customers love


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It's hard to show customers that you care about them through emails. Follow these tips to write awesome emails.

For more tips on how to write an exceptional support email, have a look at this post on our blog -

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How to write awesome emails that customers love

  1. 1. The Art of Writing Awesome Emails That Customers Love
  2. 2. The most important arrow in a support agent’s quiver is ’flair for communication’.
  3. 3. You have to work to prove that you’re a real live human being who cares over email. But Email communications are not that easy…
  4. 4. Supporting through email is harder than supporting through phone or live chat… • Customers only see a wall of text. Not the agent’s empathy. • Customers have to wait longer for solutions to their problems compared to other channels.
  5. 5. Let’s rectify that. We have a few tips on writing awesome emails.
  6. 6. Make sure that a quick skim is all your customers need to know the gist of the email. KEEP IT SHORT
  7. 7. • Be concise and precise in your emails. Don’t dither. • Highlight important words so customers can just skim through. • Use screenshots and videos to explain complicated steps. KEEP IT SHORT
  8. 8. Don’t make your thank you message sound incomplete and insincere. SAY THANKS AND MEAN IT
  9. 9. Personalising your thank you sentence shows your customers that you care. Say “Thank you for using our app”, not “Thank you for writing to us”. SAY THANKS AND MEAN IT
  10. 10. AVOID INFORMATION GLOB If you think that your email has too much information, discard your email and call the customer.
  11. 11. Walk them through the whole process via a screen share. Or better yet, just do it for him. Make life easier for the customer, not harder. AVOID INFORMATION GLOB
  12. 12. No one likes a Jargon Jane or Buzzword Barry! DEJARGONIZE YOUR EMAILS
  13. 13. DEJARGONIZE YOUR EMAILS • Don’t assume that the customer knows the product as much as you do. • Try to understand your customer’s level of expertise through their email and answer accordingly. • Talk to your customer like you are talking to a friend.
  14. 14. AVOID EMOJI OVERLOAD Emojis help break the ice and liven things up.
  15. 15. AVOID EMOJI OVERLOAD But too many emojis will make you seem unprofessional and juvenile.
  16. 16. STAY CLEAR OF COURTESIES ‘My sincere apologies’, does not help you express your ardent apologies.
  17. 17. STAY CLEAR OF COURTESIES Imagine your doctor telling ‘Looking forward to hearing from you again’. So make sure your courtesies are appropriate.
  18. 18. IN SEARCH OF PERFECTION Little things like typos, grammatical errors or forgetting to attach a document makes you look like the world’s most awkward klutz.
  19. 19. Attachment Check Make sure you have attached everything you wanted to attach. Code Check Check if the code you’re copying is correct. Grammar Check Use Grammarly or MS Word to do a grammar check. BEFORE YOU HIT ‘SEND’
  20. 20. Link Check Do not send an email with a broken link. Name Check Triple check to ensure that you have referred to your customer correctly. New Reply Check Check for any new replies from your customer before you respond. Question Check Take time to answer all the questions raised by your customer.
  21. 21. TO SUM UP… • Be polite. • Be concise. • Don’t overload your customers with information. • Always double check before you hit ‘Send’.
  22. 22. It won’t happen overnight. With practice, you will start sending emails that customers love to read.
  23. 23. Read more about the art of writing awesome emails over at Freshdesk blog: “Behind every slideshare is a great blogpost.”