Autoresponder & Email Marketing To Get More Customers


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An autoresponder allows you to email your visitors on multiple occasions, building trust, establishing your expertise and, hopefully, creating a likeable persona that the recipients will associate with your website. When used correctly an autoresponder will lead a healthy proportion of your customers to the point where they become the person described in the opening paragraph on this page. They’ll return to your website, convinced that they need your product, and ready to buy.

It's an under utilized method of marketing. Check out this short presentation to see how we use it and be sure to visit us at:

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Autoresponder & Email Marketing To Get More Customers

  1. 1. Autoresponder Crusher The Silent Salesman
  2. 2. What is an autoresponder? A sequence of emails sent to your clients automatically.
  3. 3. WHY CREATE A WHITE PAPER Most people come & go. Capture your prospects’ email address Build trust and rapport Position yourself as an expert These create a law of reciprocity: - you give them something, they accept & give you a micro commitment. Example: The SEO Manifesto
  4. 4. HOW TO CRAFT ONE healthy dog food top adventure spots best theme parks for kids bicyclefriendly cities best companies to work for 2013 Get inside the The key here is to always remember that customer’s head. it’s about them, not you.
  5. 5. Magic numbers: 3, 5, & 7 From a copywriting POV, these are the numbers that seem to stick out for people.
  6. 6. Introduce your business at the end. Remain brief but provide contact information, as well as expectations with regard to future communication. And remember, here at MSS, we treat your business like it’s ours! Work with us and you’ll get the results you’ve always wanted.
  7. 7. Remember the Call to Action. You want to convert people when they’re reading your email/report. Start growing your business. SUBSCRIBE TODAY!
  8. 8. PROMOTE THE HECK OUT OF IT To do this: Develop a system to capture names: you can do it self-hosted or via third party solutions. > SELF-HOSTED: ideal for small businesses with a small group of clients > THIRD PARTY: Make them an offer: “Enter your name and email address to get this free report.” Place a well-designed graphic to draw the client’s eyes to the text. Have a link to it on all pages/ above the fold.
  9. 9. AUTOMATIC SALES MACHINE SEQUENCE Free Report Who We Are Services We Offer Can I help? Testimonials Good Content Make them an offer Keep adding content Get 12 months worth DAYS 1 day 3 days 6 days 7 days 10 days 14 days 18 days Keep it casual. Send something to break the mold of all the messages you’ve sent. You don’t want to keep pitching; you want to make sure you’re providing valuable content. Every couple weeks A series of emails to enable you to get to know your client better.
  10. 10. EMAILS THAT CONVERT How to write emails that convert: > Use multi-modes: text, audio, video, PDF - Everybody consumes data in different ways. Some people are visual, some are auditory, others are kinesthetic. > Write in conversational/personal tone. - Write as if you’re writing to a friend. > Keep it short and to the point. > Read it aloud and then reread it. > Optimize your landing page. - When you’re sending a client to specific links, think about where they’re landing, and make sure there’s something that will guide them/ match your message.
  11. 11. ANATOMY OF AN EMAIL @ From Subject: - Anything that hooks them in. Personalization {firstname} Link at the top, bottom, & middle Call to Action Using “=====” 64 characters long
  12. 12. EXAMPLE Catchy headline Call to Action
  13. 13. DATABASE GOLDMINE Why build a database? It’s where the money is.
  14. 14. Once you’ve got your prospects & buyers, you can: > Survey your list > 4-day cash machine - send 4 emails that come with irresistible offer; could be bonuses or bundled offers. > Hold product launches > Offer affiliate promotion
  15. 15. FIND AN EXPERT OR BE AN EXPERT Set up a blog in the niche Interview the expert Record a seminar at breakeven Get video testimonials on the day itself Create a product Do a product launch - You don’t need high quality products, but that’s only because there’s no competition. Use snippets from the course to promote on YouTube
  16. 16. EXAMPLES Triple Your Trading Profits - Course ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Stuart McPhee Recorded seminar (37 people) Created DVDs Product Launch - Sold 113 copies at $340 each Used snippets of the seminar & uploaded them to YouTube We’re creating a product here & we did it last workshop.
  17. 17. Online Trading Mastermind (OTM) Product Launch Key steps taken: ✓ Building a list or tapping a database ✓ x3 pitch-free content videos ✓ x1 selling the high end product ✓ ✓ Video 1 = 2400 (15% watched through) ✓ Video 2 = 1400 (10% watched through) ✓ Video 4 = 2500 ✓ 22 x $1697
  18. 18. There’s money in creating info-based products.
  19. 19. ACTION PLAN Download our whitepaper and write yours. Set up opt-in Create email series Survey your list. Need help? Visit:
  20. 20. Want to learn more about how autoresponders work? Visit: